Third-generation Toyota Century is revealed ahead of 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on October 8, 2017

To some, the Toyota Century may appear like a vintage model. Incidentally, the Century had been Toyota’s flagship luxury sedan for 30 years beginning in 1967. It was only in 1997 that Toyota followed up the first generation with the second-generation model. Now on its third generation or twenty years after since its second iteration was launched, Toyota Japan’s regal four-door limousine is preparing to grace 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

What can we confirm so far? The 2018 Toyota Century will take the same classic shape of its predecessors, but this time, it gets a longer wheel base and wider body. The boxy shape and minimalistic design only adds up to the vehicle’s very unique and stately charm.

Sitting on a larger wheelbase of 121 inches (3,090mm), the new Century measures 210 inches (5,335mm) long, 76 inches (1,930mm) wide, and 59 inches (1,505mm) tall. Getting in and out of the vehicle will be so much easier thanks to the additional length and height of the door opening. It may look every inch a classic but the car already features Toyota’s wide range of safety systems and the latest technologies including a hybrid powertrain and adaptive LED headlights.

While the previous generation bears a v12 powertrain, Toyota’s third iteration of the luxury sedan has been downgraded to a 5.0-liter V8 engine. This time however, it comes with Toyota’s Hybrid System II technology that helps in providing the vehicle with first-rate fuel consumption. Other features include a two-stage motor speed reduction unit for a quieter ride experience. Beyond that, Toyota isn’t revealing too much details particularly with the engine. But since the combustion engine is bearing the 2UR-FSE code, we can assume it has the former Lexus’ LS600h unit which more or less could pull out an impressive 394hp (290kW) and 383 (520Nm) lb-ft of powerful torque.

In order for it to provide a smooth ride, the Japanese marque has equipped the luxury sedan with specially-developed tires that produce less noise and reduced road vibrations. This goes along with Toyota’s active noise control system for a more premium ride quality.

Considering the sedan’s larger dimensions, higher ceiling and wider seats, we can also expect a bigger head room space to go with it. The interior should offer ample legroom especially for its passengers seated at the rear

The 2018 Century should have every little thing you need when it comes to luxury such as a rear entertainment system with 20-inch speaker and LCD panel with direct functions to the vehicle’s climate control or audio control. For superior comfort, the base model should get 100% wool seat cover while the top of the line model will be receiving premium leather seats. The rear seats will feature an adjustable massage function plus a electronically powered leg rest to keep its passengers more relaxed during long trips.

Press Release

Toyota to Debut Next-generation Century at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is scheduled to showcase the new Century (to be released in the middle of 2018) at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017*1, taking place from October 25 through November 5 at Tokyo Big Sight. The theme of this year's show is "Beyond the Motor."

The new 3rd generation Century carries on the tradition of master craftsmanship and high-quality monozukuri (all-encompassing manufacturing) while realizing high-demand environmental performance and a design layout that pursues passenger comfort. The interior and exterior design injects new charm into the Century in line with its heritage. Moreover, the new Century features advanced equipment and comfort amenities only suitable for a luxury limousine.

Specifically, the Century is now powered by a 5.0-liter V8 hybrid system for outstanding fuel efficiency. In addition, the wheelbase has lengthened, the height difference between the scuff plate and floor has decreased, and the height of the door opening has increased, all of which are refinements improving the rear seat riding experience. The intricately glamorous and chic exterior is highlighted by traditional Japanese design elements used throughout the car including the grille and black trim on the rear combination lamps. The interior features a raised ceiling*2 design and exclusive fabric while the adjustable rear seats (with massage function), are upgraded with a power leg rest for first-class comfort and a sophisticated riding experience.

*1The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 is to be held at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo's waterfront area from October 25 through November 5, with press days on October 25 and 26, a special-invitation day on October 26, a preview day on October 27, and general public days from October 28 to November 5.

*2The raised ceiling is an architectural ceiling design with additional height in the center area.

Main Features
Regal presence suitable for a representative Japanese luxury sedan embodying the concepts of legacy and evolution
Increase in vehicle length, wheelbase, and tread exudes a roomy and dignified style.
Ample comfort is provided to rear seat passengers through the increased space created by the expanded wheelbase. Additionally, the rear seat riding experience has been improved through the decreased height difference between the scuff plate and the floor and the increased height of the door opening.
Exterior design
The heritage of the Century can be seen at first glance from the front of the vehicle where the grille, lamps, and other elements blend seamlessly together creating a simple and modern aesthetic.
The grille has a dual structure with a crown pattern applied behind the vertical grid and clearance lamps.
The combination of three projector headlamps and LED Array AHS*1 produce a clear and distinctive appearance.
While maintaining elegance in a horizontal foundational posture, the underbody, which dips slightly rearward, combined with the ascending rear cabin, secures the rear seat space and creates a supple movement when viewed from the side.
By straightening the slope of the C pillar, the design focus of the cabin shifts to the rear, heightening the importance of the rear in appearance.
A refined sense of unity is evoked through the blackening of the of the trim of the rear combination lamps
Glamor is evoked from the three-dimensional lens of the rear combination lamps that emit a light of harmony.
Interior design
A raised ceiling and the application of a traditional pattern befitting a vehicle of the highest class
In the rear seat area, heather-patterned upholstery is applied from the backs of the front seats to the door panel trim, emphasizing horizontal space. The seat upholstery is made of high-quality materials, including 100% wool that is extremely flexible and soft. Models with leather interiors offer high-end, soft-textured upholstery.
Similar to the rear seat area, the front seats utilize horizontal heather-patterned upholstery that emphasizes space. The black heather-patterned decoration in the center of the instrument panel expresses a noble and sophisticated interior.
The step-less, adjustable power leg rest and adjustable rear seats (with a massage function) ensure a comfortable ride.
A multi-operational LCD panel located in the central armrest enables passenger control of all seats, air conditioning, and audio controls.
Equipped with furnishings that can be used for business or pleasure such as a writing table, reading light, rear seat entertainment system with a large-sized display, and a 20-speaker premium audio system
Basic performance for the ultimate riding experience
In addition to a specially-tuned suspension and high rigidity body, both driving stability and premium ride comfort are realized by the use of newly developed tires specialized for ride comfort and reduced road vibration.
Optimization of the engine mount and the active noise control system reduces noise and vibration when the engine starts and achieves smooth acceleration and overwhelming serenity in the cabin.
The 5.0-liter 2UR-FSE V8 engine using "D-4S*2" direct injection technology for low fuel consumption and high output is installed in combination with hybrid system (THS II*3) in pursuit of the lowest fuel consumption in its class. In addition, a two-stage motor speed reduction device realizes quiet and smooth driving.
Safety features suitable for a limousine such as Toyota Safety Sense P collision avoidance support, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert are adopted.
Main Specifications
Length × width × height (mm) 5,335 × 1,930 × 1,505
Wheelbase (mm) 3,090
Tread (front / rear) (mm) 1,615 / 1,615
Engine Model 2UR-FSE
Displacement (cc) 4,968
Battery Nickel hydride

Adaptive High Beam System

Direct Injection 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine Superior Version

TOYOTA Hybrid System II

Source: Toyota

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