Honda to bring Civic Type R, FCV fuel-cell production unit to Tokyo Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on October 15, 2015

Honda will be displaying a large number of concepts, production cars and motorcycles at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, which will be open to the public from October 30 to November 8, 2015. Honda has so much to display -- show cars, motorcycles, concepts and even mobility solutions – that its stand covers the largest floor area at the show.

Overall, Honda’s portfolio models aimed at improving the lives of its customers are married into the brand global slogan “The Power of Dreams.” One of the highlights of Honda’s display at Tokyo will be its innovative production fuel cell vehicle, tentatively named Honda FCV.

FCV is technically a Honda saloon powered by a fuel-cell powertrain that is placed on the space where the engine and the transmission are usually lodged. Thanks to this powertrain layout, the FCV features a full cabin that could comfortably seat five adults.

The full potential of the Honda FCV does not only depend on the fact that it runs on clean fuel but also on its ability to cover over 700 km of exciting and dynamic driving.

On the other hand, a Japanese spec FCV could function as a mobile power plant as it features an external power feeding inverter that allows it to generate and distribute electricity in case of an emergency.

Honda is also displaying a number of conventional-powered production models specified for the Japanese market. One of these is the all-new Civic Type R, which will have its Japanese debut at the Tokyo motor show, and will be sold in the country later this year.

Likewise, Honda will unveil the all-new for-Japan-only S660 open-top sports mini-vehicle, which has been designed to offer the same pleasure that drivers can have from driving as a sports car.

Honda’s stand at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show will also include several concept models like the Honda Project 2&4 powered by RC213V that was recently unveiled to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Honda Project 2&4 powered by RC213V features a design and technology that allows driver to enjoy the maneuverability of a car and the freedom of a motorbike. Other mobility concepts that will be showcased in Tokyo include Honda’s WANDER STAND and WANDER WALKER.

Philip Crossman, Managing Director at Honda UK, remarked that since the Tokyo Motor Show is the Honda’s home turf, the public can expect exciting displays from the Japanese carmaker.

He noted that Honda is unique in a way that it does not focus on a single product or industry, but offers machines and devices that range from a leaf blower to a business jet.

Press Release


Honda has announced a wide range of concepts, production cars and motorcycles that it will present at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show (press days: 28 - 29 October, 2015, public days: 30 October – 8 November 2015).

Covering the largest floor area of any single brand at the show, Honda’s stand highlights the diversity of its current product line-up and includes innovative mobility solutions designed to improve the day-to-day lives of Honda’s customers. This broad portfolio of models is united by its global brand slogan – The Power of Dreams. Highlights include the first chance to see its all-new fuel cell vehicle, provisionally called the FCV, the all-new NSX hybrid supercar and a range of racing machines from a range of international race series.

Honda FCV
Honda’s original technologies have made the tentatively-named FCV, the world’s first production model of a fuel-cell powered saloon to house the entire fuel-cell powertrain in the space normally occupied by the engine and transmission. This powertrain layout has enabled a full cabin package that seats five adults comfortably. Moreover, the all-new FCV features a cruising range of more than 700 km while exhilarating driving is made possible by the high-output motors. The Japanese specification FCV can also act as a mobile power plant thanks to its external power feeding inverter, meaning that it will generate and provide electricity to communities in the case of an emergency.

New models for Japan
Following strong sales in Europe this summer, the all-new Civic Type R will make its Japanese debut at the show. Produced at Honda of the (UK) Manufacturing in Swindon, sales in Japan of the all-new CivicType R will commence later this year.

Honda will also be displaying the all-new S660 open-top sports mini-vehicle. The S660, which is sold exclusively in Japan, has been designed to deliver the same excitement as a fully-fledged sports car in a compact and efficient package.

Innovative modern concepts
Honda will be exhibiting several concept models, including Honda Project 2&4 powered by RC213V, which made its global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Designed to deliver an immersive driving environment, Honda Project 2&4 utilises Honda’s experience to provide the freedom of a motorcycle and the manoeuvrability of a car.

Other concepts on display that address the challenge of future mobility are Honda’s WANDER STAND and WANDER WALKER. Both have been designed to explore the joy and freedom of mobility, and the WANDER WALKER was specifically designed to manoeuvre freely among pedestrians.

Philip Crossman, Managing Director at Honda UK, commented: “The Tokyo Motor Show is the Honda brand’s home turf and we can expect to see some fantastic products on the biggest stand in the show. Honda is unique in that we manufacture everything from a 25cc leaf blower to a $4.5m business jet and it is this depth and breadth of our offering that makes us stand out.

“We’ve had a fantastic year for new products and innovation and look forward to the next wave arriving into the UK, including the new FCV and all-new NSX.”

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