Honda motorcycle line bound for Tokyo includes super sport concept, 3-wheeled hybrid

Article by Christian A., on October 15, 2015

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has revealed the production and concept models it plans to display at its booth at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show in 2015. Honda’s booth – expected to be the largest among carmakers at the show – features its global brand slogan “The Power of Dreams.”

Already involved in a number of manufacturing industries, the Japanese manufacturer will display a wide range of products such as groundbreaking mobility solutions useful for everyday living, racing machines offering excellent road performance, and motorcycle concepts showing the future of mobility.

One of these motorcycle concepts is Light Weight Super Sports Concept that previews the Honda CBR250RR. This concept has been designed guided by the key phrase “strong presence,” resulting to an imposing speed-hinted figure thanks to its long nose and low crouching position.

Its imposing profile is further highlighted by sharp edges and surfaces that create a sense of hardness and solidity. The concept’s aggressive look is also underscored by an exterior that features matte-black-based low-contrast graphics.

Another motorcycle concept bound for the Tokyo Motor Show is NEOWING, a three-wheeled vehicle that corners and rides like a large motorbike while offering outstanding stability at low speeds.

NEOWING is powered by a hybrid unit that features horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engine and electric motors that provide ample force to allow potent acceleration.

NEOWING’s front wheel features the original Honda linkage mechanism, giving with to an advanced styling that highlights the mechanical features of a two-wheeled motorcycle.

On the other hand, the EV-Cub Concept is a personal commuter ideal for short-distance commuting. EV-Cub Concept is guided by the “easy-to-handle and economical motorcycle” concept that Honda has been working at since launching the first-generation Super Cub.

EV-Cub Concept features a battery placed at a low position in the middle of the body, allowing riders to easily mount and dismount on the commuter.

Likewise, the riders will find the EV-Cub Concept as very easy to handle, thanks to the concentrated mass and lowered center of gravity. Additionally, the battery can be detached and can be recharged using a standard home wall socket.

Press Release

Original Honda Mobility Products Under the Concept of “The Power of Dreams” -

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced its line-up of production and concept models as well as other highlights for its exhibit at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015. (Public days: October 30 – November 8, 2015).

Using its global brand slogan – The Power of Dreams – as the booth concept, Honda will exhibit a broad range of items including innovative mobility products that are useful in people’s daily lives as well as a line-up of mobility products topped by racing machines that pursue excellence in driving and riding performance.

Included among the exhibits are a number of innovative motorcycle concept models:

Light Weight Super Sports Concept: Designed with the key phrase “strong presence”, this next-generation super sport concept model features a look possessing a sense of speed derived from its long nose and low crouching position. The combination of surfaces – creating a sense of hardness and solidity - and sharp edges, emphasise the aggressive look. Moreover, the exterior featuring matte-black-based low-contrast graphics underlines its beauty and eye-catching form.

NEOWING: NEOWING is an unprecedented three-wheeled vehicle that offers the cornering feel and sporty ride of a large-sized motorcycle while realising excellent stability at low speeds. This vehicle is equipped with a hybrid system that combines a horizontally-opposed 4-cylinder engine and electric motors to generate plentiful torque for powerful acceleration. With the adoption of an original Honda linkage mechanism on its front wheel, this concept model proposes new values with advanced styling that emphasises the mechanical fascination of a two-wheeled motorcycle model.

EV-Cub Concept: A personal commuter model for short-distance commuting that follows the concept of an “easy-to-handle and economical motorcycle” that Honda has been pursuing since the creation of the first-generation Super Cub. Placing the battery, a heavy component, at a low position in the middle of the body, allows easy mounting and dismounting. Moreover, ease-of-handling was pursued through concentration of mass and lowering of the centre of gravity. In consideration of ease-of-use in a broader range of environments, the battery itself was made detachable, and rechargeable using a standard home wall socket.

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