Watch out for ‘Suzuki Next 100’ exhibit at 44th Tokyo Motor Show

Article by Christian A., on October 12, 2015

Suzuki Motor Corporation revealed that it will have an exhibit at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015. The event is organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association and will be open to the public from October 30 to November 8.

In 2020, Suzuki will be marking its 100th anniversary and this will be reflected in the theme for its booth which is “SUZUKI NEXT 100”. This exhibit will show the different proposals for the technologies and products that hopefully will give a sense of how the brand is preparing for success for the next 100 years.

A wide range of different concept models will be displayed during the exhibit and will show just how the brand can deliver to drivers and their riders more enjoyment and wonder.

One of the concept models that will be shown is the IGNIS which shapes the company’s venture into the new compact crossover segment.

Another concept car is the MIGHTY DECK which the brand believes will offer a new kind of fun for the minicar segment. Other highlights of the booth are the featured technologies as well as the cutaway models of its newly developed engines.

The MIGHTY DECK is a minicar that is fun-oriented, featuring a canvas on the top with an open load deck which can be repositioned depending on the purpose.

The “urban/outdoor” concept is exemplified by the features that allow people to move in between opposing mind sets and situations: home and away; city and nature; relaxed and playful; or work and leisure. It has a wide range of functionalities that include the automatic raise/lower function for its open deck in order to accommodate different lifestyle situations that can range from day-to-day life to recreation.

Air Triser: recently conceived, this is a three-row compact minivan with its own private lounge.

The Air Triser is a new-concept model in the form of a three-row compact minivan that has a manageable body size. It has a cabin that has smart seat configurability and roominess that represent what a private lounge is all about. The seats can be configured in two modes while the Air Triser is parked.

The first is the relaxation mode where the sets are able to face each other. Meanwhile, the second is called the lounge mode and enables the seats to form what appears to be a U-shaped sofa.

Users are also able to enjoy any media content from a smartphone through a large format display extending from one of its B-pillars all the way to the roof line. The ability of the Air Triser to allow users to enjoy the time they have together whether on the move or while stationary is unmatched in the minivan segment.

IGNIS: a versatile compact-crossover for leisure and daily life. The IGNIS displays how a compact car can blur the boundary between leisure and daily life. With a high eye point and lot of ground clearance, it ensures convenience on a daily basis.

Since it allows confident driving whether on rough tracks or snowy roads, weekends offer a lot more opportunities to be able to enjoy the outdoors. The credentials of the IGNIS as it seeks to succeed in the compact crossover genre are emphasized by the visually and compact striking body with a highly practical yet simple interior design.

IGNIS - Trail Concept: provides even greater enjoyment for the compact-crossover. Expanding on IGNIS’ concept of outdoor and urban versatility, the IGNIS-Trail Concept offers even better rough-road ruggedness.

The outdoor credentials of the IGNIS-Trail Concept are highlighted by the bold wheel-arch mouldings and large diameter of the wheels which are all part of a package that increases compact-crossover enjoyment.

Baleno: a new compact hatchback that is able to mix elegant and dynamic styling with a high performance and optimal packaging. The Baleno is Suzuki’s offering for the B-segment hatchback and has refined everything expected from that of a compact car like fuel economy, performance, practicality, and style.

Suzuki combined all of these in an amazing new way. It offers plenty of space not just for passengers but for luggage as well, meaning that up to four adults can enjoy very long journeys comfortably even if they are carrying a full range of gear. It has new powertrain technologies including a 1.2-liter DUALJET engine and direct-injection 1.0-liter turbocharged BOOSTERJET engine. Customers from the UK can expect the Baleno to go on sale early next summer.

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