Tokyo Preview: Toyota FT-EV II Concept

Article by Christian A., on August 26, 2010

After the spiritual successor of AE86, the Toyota FT-86 Concept, the Japanese manufacturer also revealed the FT-EV II Concept a.k.a. Future Toyota Electric Vehicle which will be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show. This represents the second part of the FT-EV Concept trilogy unveiled at this year's North American International Auto Show.

Designed to be a vehicle used for short distances, the new car is even shorter than the current version of the iQ minicar, measuring 2730 mm in length, 1680 mm in width and 1490 mm height.

Capable to carry four people, the new car features twin electric sliding doors and represents the plans for the upcoming small city electric vehicle that the Japanese manufacturer aims to bring it on the market by 2012.

The FT-EV II is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack found under the floor capable to offer a range of 56 miles and a top speed around 62 mph, enough we´d say for a crowded city.

The most interesting fact is that the car comes without pedals for acceleration and braking, everything is solved now using a joystick, featuring drive-by-wire technology.

If there’s a design that can best be described as holistic and driver-centric, that would be the FT-EV II. Designed to fit in a world where drivers no longer rely on fossil fuels for propulsion, the FT-EV II has a host of features that are designed specifically for the comfort and convenience of the individual driver. These include communications functions that curate information that is tailor-made according to the preferences of the individual driver.

These functions, of course, include the normal car navigation and traffic data. However, the FT-EV II’s features also go the extra mile to recommend information that could be of interest to the individual driver. These include movies, and music.

In fact the FT-EV II can act as a mobile information and data storage – a function that’s already futuristic enough on its own. Indeed, the FT-EV II concept represents an opportunity that will bring together a link between people, their vehicles and the information that they need or are interested in.

Press Release

FT-EV II Electric Vehicle that Envisions the Future Mobility Society

The FT-EV II, which stands for "Future Toyota Electric Vehicle II", is a concept car that was created from the core technology of the Toyota Hybrid System in the pursuit of the ultimate environmentally-considerate vehicle.

Its lithium-ion battery provides a cruising range in excess of 90km on a full charge, which is more than enough for everyday use, and a maximum speed in excess of 100km/h. Since it is an electric vehicle, naturally it is an environmentally-considerate vehicle that produces absolutely no CO2 emissions while driving. A distinctive, compact body with bright exterior colors has been designed in accordance with Vibrant Clarity, Toyota-brand design philosophy. The compact exterior and retro-futuristic interior feature designs that evoke images of the future.

The vehicle has no steering wheel or foot pedals-symbols of vehicle performance. In addition, it has not been designed simply as a means of transport, but instead based on the premise of collaboration with communications functions, a concept that differs from earlier vehicles. The console incorporates communications functions to achieve a more seamless link with information, expressing the new vehicle concept of the electric vehicle as an information device.

Enhanced communications functions enable the linking of individual drivers' information on a network, allowing the vehicle to connect with services that go beyond car navigation, such as recommending information tailored to the individual's preferences and downloading music and movie content. Furthermore, the vehicle can connect to home networks to play a role in storing energy and saving large volumes of data, making the vehicle a new information device in the networked society of the future.

The FT-EV II is not simply an electric vehicle designed for a post-fossil fuel era, but is a sustainable concept car that focuses on the relationship between cars, people and society of the future. The FT-EV II is primarily designed for short-distance travel and is positioned as a commuter vehicle for urban use, but as it integrates communications, it will become a device that can provide completely new links between vehicles and people.

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