Toyota Supra hybrid successor coming at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show!

Article by Christian A., on August 26, 2010

The production of the Toyota Supra ended in 2002 leaving fans and tuning specialists with only the SC Soarer or the MR-S to toy with. That's about to change with talks of a new successor to the Supra about to make an entrance, besides the 086A that's reportedly still in development. It has been discovered that the successor to the Supra continued its development in silence, giving priority to the 086A.

The report says that almost all of the features of the Supra successor has come out of the design stage and has now entered development and will most probably be finished by the end of this year.

It is speculated that power under the hood for the successor car will be the 3.51 V6 from the Lexus 450H and will most likely be joined with the present Toyota Crown hybrid system that generates 400hp and channels them to the wheels at the rear.

Although this successor car is quite distinct from the preceding generation Supra, it has been revealed that the Japanese carmaker will be coming out with a non-green variant of the car to target sports car aficionados.

For users who want more than the Eco package, the carmaker will be providing a Sports variant without hybrid components.

Price for the car has been estimated to be in the neighborhood of 3 or 4 million Japanese Yen. Although details are not clear yet, the car will be introduced at the Tokyo event this year and will be released by 2011 as scheduled.

1996 Toyota Supra

Since the Supra offers a performance that is at par or even a cut above a number of the most exotic sports cars in the world, Toyota engineers would have forgotten that this creation is a Toyota at heart. Thanks to the fact that the Supra is a Toyota, engineers were able to fuse style and speed, dependability and quality as well as the carmaker’s legendary reliability.

Serving as the core of the new Toyota Surpra is a high-performance, twin-cam, 24-valve, in-line six-cylinder, electronically fuel-injected engine. In its normally aspirated version, this mill could deliver 220 hp of max output at 5,800 rpm and a 210 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 4,800 rpm. This engine employs a specially tuned intake system and split-exhaust manifolds, thereby reducing engine back pressure for better levels of output and fuel economy. This engine is mated to either a five-speed manual gearbox or a four-speed automatic transmission.

In its turbocharged guise, the engine could generate 320 hp of max output at 5,600 rpm and 315 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 4,000 rpm. This twin-sequential intercooled turbocharged engine is tuned to quickly respond at low engine speeds as well as deliver high-volume output at higher engine speeds. In low-speed operation, only one of the turbochargers is active, which means the less exhaust energy is used for improved levels of response and torque from a standing start. In middle-speed operations, the second turbocharger comes to idle at a pre-set exhaust pressure – allowing for a smooth transition from the primary to the secondary turbo. In high-speed range, both turbochargers operate at full boost.

Because of emission requirements, Toyota had to discontinue mating the turbocharged engine to a six-speed manual transmission. Instead, Toyota developed a four-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, featuring a system that could adjusts shift timing, hydraulic pressure for the clutch and brake, lock-up timing, as well as engine torque for deliver smooth gearshifts. A console button allows the driver to select manual mode, which allows for very quick transmission shifts – even quicker than in fully automatic mode.

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