2008 Essen Motor Show: Dodge Challenger SRT8 by Eibach

Article by Christian A., on August 26, 2010

The quarter-mile used to be dominated by American muscle-cars, even though the star cars of the 1960s and 1970s were capable of knocking down the throne just as effortlessly on windy environs. In these instances they had to acknowledge surrender to rivals which had less potency but were high on speed. However, times have changed as demonstrated by the Dodge Challenger Project Car, presented by Eibach at the Essen Motor Show 2008.

This current century have witnessed the recovery of charm of the initial generation and is also more agile, with superb handling and tougher and unmerciful on its rivals. Coming with a brawny form, its orange finish that comes with two black racing stripes, radiator grill that is set-back and the light-band moving around the back, the recent Challenger of the top SRT8 series is a reminder of the initial R/T of '69.

The memorable debut is brought to mind by Eibach with its deliberate selection of number plates. Containing 425 HP the minimal performance of the 6.1 liter V8 engine also matches that of the iconic 426-cid Hemi engine, the most potent typical motor of the initial series.

The potent two-door was imported for Eibach by USCars24.de and modified in keeping with the related German lighting and licensing rules. However, pure power itself is not sufficient on European streets. That's why Eibach has outfitted the Dodge with the Coil-Over Suspension System Multi-Pro-R2 from its US product package, to provide the challenger snappish handling.

Because of adequate outstanding comfort, extended trips can be accomplished in the vehicle without trouble. Courtesy of the incorporated individually adaptable rebound and compression damping with remote tank, everyone can find their own ideal setup and the right alignment for their personal driving style and preferred appearance.

Even in the selection of tires absolutely nothing is left to chance with the driving dynamics. So that the vehicle sticks to the road, wide tyres with extra grip are utilized to make a broader surface contact with the road. The silica-treaded Toyo Proxes T1R offers not just a high amount of grip, but also permits superior curb handling.

The gigantic dimensions of the rubber used is 265/30 R22. This guarantees that the enormous torque of 569Nm is transformed into thrust practically without loss of potency. It would be a total embarrassment, if, when you depressed the pedal and rolls of smoke were to obscure the sight of the Botticelli III 9.5 x 22 inch OZ-rims. 

The Eibach Challenger has also been offered a unique custom-appearance. The outer rims of the three-piece multi-spoke wheels have been painted to perfectly match the surface color of the Dodge, the iconic Hemi-orange. Another extraordinary design is the dark powder-coating of the forged star, although the carbon hub cap, conversely, is also offered in production standard. While flooring the pedal quickly puts the wheels straight into rapture, it also makes an upheaval characteristic of American cars. However, the pedal is not only the source of wonderful music, the Eibach Challenger also comes with a multimedia component from Alpine Electronics, which has been fitted by the experts of XTON of Dortmund, Germany.

The core of the skilled instruments is the 2-DIN moniceiver IVA-W505R, a striking blend of a DVD-capable car radio and a flat screen. Action films such as the Vanishing point, the film which stands as a memorial to the initial Dodge Challenger 1971, ideally matches the system. Installed also is the portable Blackbird navigation unit PMD-B200P with its docking concept.

The 16-cm R-series loud speakers fitted into massive steel rings provide appropriate crash, boom and bang in wonderful accord, a 25cm subwoofer in the boot functions as an assistant for the low range. The overall configuration is powered by one highly potent amplifier, the PDX-5. The ground-breaking IMPRINT processor PXA-H100 ensures unity in the sound spectrum. After the installation of the hi-fi unit it automatically adapts the sound parameters to the insides. All in all, the Eibach Dodge Challenger is not only a muscle car that has left its predecessors inhaling its dust, but also has what it takes to surprise contemporary vehicles.

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