2009 Essen Motor Show: Wimmer RS Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

At the Essen Motor Show, be on the lookout for the Ferrari F430 Scuderia that the tuners at Wimmer RS have been working on. Wimmer's refinement program is said to take the famous red sports car to a whole new level due to its striking sport characteristics and dynamics. Wimmer gave the car a specially developed power kit, which can be heard and felt.

The package consists of new Wimmer engine control software and sport valve exhaust system with remote control.

Fitted with the new power pack, the Wimmer Scuderia's 4.3L V8 petrol engine generates 38 hp more than the stock output of 483 hp. This makes the car achieve a top speed increase to 321 km/h.

Ferrari's F430 Scuderia is able to accelerate form zero to 100 km/h in just 3.84 seconds, to 200 km/h in 11.03 seconds and to 300 km/h in 34.9 seconds.

The refined Ferrari also has the KW HLS system (Hydraulic Lift System) that lifts up the front axle with 45 mm if needed.

To reinforce the F430's ultimate sport appeal, the car was given 19-inch BBS FI alloy rims wrapped in speed tires from Dunlop in dimensions 225/35 R 19 on the front axle and 305/30 R19 on the rear one.

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia has undergone several exterior and interior revamps to further improve and maintain its top-performance and sporty character, strengthening its personality on the racetrack even further.

The main changes on the exterior include the increased downforce. The production team worked on reducing the Ferrari 430 Scuderia’s weight. Part of the efforts included the use of carbon fiber for some of its bodywork components. Everything was geared towards weight reduction.

Hence, all possible materials to support the efforts were utilized. On the other hand, the “Super Racing” seat had an all-carbon fiber structure. They came in various sizes and there were also those that can be adjusted manually— including a backseat recline adjustment.

Moreover, the Carrozzeria Scaglietti Personalization programme has also been modified to meet the car’s requirements and complement its specifications. The Racing and Track area, for example, now has carbon fiber kits to highlight the vehicle’s track-focused features.

Aside from this, the engine cover, headlamp assembly, side sill kick panels, front spoiler, and diffuser were all enhanced for better performance and delivery as well. Customers may also choose from a wide variety of wheel rim colors and avail of a customized carbon fiber helmet.

Press Release

Wimmmer Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Wimmmer presents its Program for making modern Ferrari F430 Scuderia appearance unique. The individualized sports car from Italy unites sport characteristics and dynamics, thus one more time expressing the basic principle of all Wimmer products: safety is guaranteed!

Wimmer Ferrari Scuderia Performance Kit is topical at the Essen Motor Show. For Ferrari F430 Wimmer RS has developed a Power Packet that can be heared and felt. The kit includes new Wimmer engine control software and sport valve exhaust system. With the use of remote control a driver can choose between nearly serial sport sound and racing sound. In addition the handbuilt high grade steel exhaust system that optimizes dynamic pressure contains two welded high grade steel exhaust manifolds as well as two sport catalytic converters and an exhaust valves control unit. Upon the whole the new performance kit provides for the sensible increase of 38 hp in engine power what corresponds to the speed increase of about 11km/h, with maximum speed reaching 312 km/h. For acceleration up to 100 km/h F430 Scuderia needs now just 3.84 seconds. 200 kph speed is reached within 11.03 seconds and 300 kph – within 34.9 seconds.

Now the program includes also new KW HLS system (Hydraulic Lift System): when you push the button, the vehicle equipped with KW HLS is adjusted by up to 45 mm on the front axle. Thus the obstacles that cannot be overcome with low ground clearance, can be driven over without any problems. The hydraulic unit is mounted on the coilovers between spring cups and springs. The advantage of the hydraulic system consists in the fact that no compression (movement) of moving-out cylinder unit (thus no undesired additional elastic deflection) occurs while driving.

19” BBS FI alloy rims (7.6 kg each front axle rim and 8.8 kg each rear axle rim) onу more time emphasize its sport characteristics. High class super light BBS alloy rims in black are comleted by 8.75x19 with 225/35 R 19 tyres on the front axle and 11.25x19 with 305/30 R19 tyres on the rear axle. High speed tyres are presented by the technology partner Dunlop.

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