2010 Bmw X6 M refined by Mansory

Article by Christian A., on November 14, 2010

The tuning experts at Mansory have launched a “full-throttle” tuning program for the BMX X6 M. Just last September, Mansory debuted a similar modification package for the BMX X5 M. The tuner has fitted a new exhaust system to the X6’s 4.4-liter biturbo V8 powerplant. The X6 also received an ECU remap.

The stock unit has an output of 555 hp and a peak torque of 680 Nm but with Mansory’s modifications, it can deliver up to 670 hp and a maximum torque of 950 Nm.

As a result, the X6 is able to accelerate from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.2 seconds. Those who like speed would be delighted to know that the tuner has overridden the electronic top speed limiter and the car now be driven past the 186 mph (300 km/h) mark.

To handle the extra power, the vehicle has received a sports suspension that lowers it by 40 mm (1.57 inch). The car sits on 23-inch M10 cast, monoblock rims that are wrapped in 315/25R23 tires. Mansory also has given this car a high-performance braking system.

This tuning package also includes an aggressive body kit, which makes it wider (70mm at the front and 80 mm at the rear) and it now has LED daytime running lights.

Numerous elements are featured on this aerodynamic package, including a redesigned front bumper with large air intake and a rear diffuser that surrounds four stainless steel exhaust pipes.

Mansory took extra care to ensure that each part of the BMW X6, like the previous models before it, has a precise fit and that it will be able to retain its distinct and sporty design. The details are perfectly harmonized to make sure that the demand for the MANSORY and its products become a reality and allow this wide-bodied Bavarian to be transformed to an eye-catcher.

The front spoiler now has larger air intakes and with the bonnet made lighter due to the use of carbon and the ventilation channels, the air flow to the engine is optimized. This also makes sure that the MANSORY X6 has a muscular appearance especially when seen from a rear-view mirror.

This particular impression is strengthened with the widened wings that flow to the newly-designed side skirts. This also gave the vehicle an additional 70 millimeters on width of the front and an additional 80 millimeters on the rear.

The skirt on the rear has an integrated diffuser, allowing space for four stainless steel exhaust pipes from MANSORY’s sports exhaust system. Its roof spoiler ensured that there is more contact pressure while the rear spoiler lip allowed the MANSORY X6 better stability when at high speeds.

Most of the aerodynamic components were made by engineers using high-tensile polyurethane and prepreg autoclave carbon, a unique characteristic of MANSONRY. What happened is that preformed carbon-fibre parts are put in autoclaves and the permanent shape are all due to the vacuum and heat which also guaranteed that it would have low weight and perfect surface finish.

Press Release

MANSORY Switzerland upgrades the BMW X6 M

Soon after the presentation of the individualised BMW X5, MANSORY Switzerland AG, with its sister model the BMW X6, presents in society the second Bavarian automobile to be the fortunate object of a comprehensive revamp. An exclusive bodywork, performance and interior programme has been developed and gives the SUV coupé a definitely more sporty appearance.

Just as with all previous vehicles, with the BMW X6, MANSORY has paid close attention to the precise fit of parts while at the same time bearing in mind a sporty, individual design. The perfectly harmonising details turn the high demands which MANSORY makes on itself and on its products into reality and transform the wide-bodied Bavarian into a real eye-catcher. Due to a new front spoiler with larger air intakes and an extra light bonnet made entirely of carbon which, with its ventilation channels, optimises air flow to the front engine, the MANSORY X6 already looks a lot more brawny when you catch sight of it in the rear-view mirror. This impression is reinforced even more by the widened wings which flow into the newly designed side skirts and give the vehicle around 70 millimetres more width at the front and 80 millimetres at the rear.

At the back a newly designed skirt comes into play using an integrated diffuser which has room for four stainless steel exhaust pipes from the MANSORY sports exhaust system. A roof spoiler for additional contact pressure and a rear spoiler lip give the MANSORY X6 more stability at high speeds. Nearly all the aerodynamic components are fabricated by the engineers from high-tensile polyurethane (PU-RIM) and from prepreg autoclave carbon, characteristic of MANSORY. In the process, the preformed carbon-fibre parts are given a permanent shape in autoclaves by the effects of vacuum and heat which guarantees a perfect surface finish with low weight.

So that the overwhelming visual presence is given appropriate backup, MANSORY treats the BMW X6 M's production engine to a performance upgrade. At around 670 HP / 493 kW and a huge torque of 950 Nm at 5900 rpm, the MANSORY X6 surpasses the original figures by a long chalk (production engine: 555 HP / 408 kW and 680 Nm at 1500 - 5650 rpm). This leap in performance is made possible by using an entirely new exhaust system complete with exhaust manifold and perfected engine electronics. The performance, too, benefits from these modifications. In a mere 4.2 seconds, the MANSORY X6 makes it from a standing start to main road speed and thanks to a Vmax override reaches a top speed of 300 kms/h.

Contact with the road is via distinctive MANSORY light alloy rims. These improve the handling and highlight the vehicle's appearance. The M10 silver-finished, cast, monoblock wheels are equipped with 315/25R23 tyres which make for the right surface grip. With progressively wound sports suspension and an adapted height adjustment, at the same time the vehicle's centre of gravity is lowered by around 40 millimetres so that the 23" wheels fill the wheel arches. Larger brake discs and a multi-piston brake system to improve the deceleration values of the MANSORY X6 are already at the trial stage.

With the ergonomically, newly designed MANSORY Sports steering wheel, MANSORY Switzerland offers customers a special feature for the vehicle interior. Just as for all other MANSORY vehicles the same applies to the BMW X6: the customer can compose his own quite personal vehicle interior from the practically endless combinations of leather, Alcantara, wood, carbon or aluminium trim and just about any technical gadget imaginable. The in-house MANSORY leather workshop is always available to turn the customer's wishes into reality.

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