2011 Audi A1 1.4 TSI by HS Motorsport

Article by Christian A., on November 13, 2010

The latest tuning package from Audi A1 1.4 TSI is the result of the collaboration between HS Motorsport and Autohaus Kempen. The car was given a silver finish, a design that was outsourced to CFC Styling Station.

Furthermore, the car features a Fox Sport exhaust system with Golf R-like tailpipes and contained in a rear diffuser topped by a modified rear bumper.

As a result, the car emits a throaty sound. The stock car is powered by a 1.4 liter TSI engine that has a standard output of 122 PS (90 kW) and 200 Nm. But with this package, it receives a boost to 147 PS (108 kW) and 250 Nm of torque.

For the handling to be sportier, H&R has installed a coilover suspension kit that allows for the ride height of the A1 to be lowered by 55 mm at the front and 60 mm at the back. Buyers are faced with two options for the new set of 18-inch wheels.

The ASA GT1 rims have a black silk matte finish and a silver ring. Meanwhile, the seven double spoke ASA GT2 are offered in either a black silk matte or anthracite shine finish.

The 8.5 x 18-inch rims are covered in 215/35R18 tires from either Hankook or Vredestein. For its interior, the HS Motorsport has fitted Recaro Sportster CS lightweight bucket seats. Buyers may also opt for an Alpine sound and navigation system.

The new Audi A1 boasts of a confident stance on the road. Considered as both the premium option and the athlete in its class, the new A1 is powerful and distinctive. This new three-door offers a recognizable profile defined by sharply sloping C-pillars, pronounced shoulder line and color-contrasted roof arch. In terms of dimensions, the new A1 measures 3.95 meters (12.96 feet) in length, 1.74 meters (5.71 feet) in width, 1.42 meters (4.66 feet) in height and 2.47 meters (8.10 feet) of wheelbase, with short front and rear overhangs.

Since Audi designed the new A1 according to the brand’s distinct design language, the car is able to distinguish itself in the compact segment through its bold, emotional and progressive styling. The new A1 is a further evidence of Audi’s reputation for adopting ideas and innovations from its concept cars into series production. In particular, the new A1 borrows quite a number of elements and details from the 2007 Audi A1 project quattro concept.

Typical Audi signatures on the front end make the new A1 easily recognizable as part of the family, although it does boast of distinct accents and innovations in the details. For instance, the single-frame grille has been elegantly featured on the front, with its angled top corners evolving further in terms of design. As braces are arranged horizontally, they help underscore the width of the front end. The sportiness of the new A1 is reinforced up front by large, plastically modeled air intakes with horizontal bars. Fog lights are placed the outer corners of these intakes.

The new Audi A1 is provided with three-dimensional headlights that make the car look confident and focused. Featuring strongly curved wing in their interior, the headlights are complemented by daytime running lights. These DRLs are specified as LED units with light guide when the A1 is equipped with optional xenon plus units. These LED units appear as a homogenous strip tracing the curved wing.

When viewed from the side, the new Audi A1 reveals exciting details. For instance, the exterior lines take a straight, slightly upward course to visually stretch the car. In addition, the upper edge of the bonnet extends just below the side windows to the rear section of the new A1. Just like on the Audi TT sports car, the point where bonnet meets the fenders also serves as the point of origin for the Audi signature tornado line. From that point, the tornado continues in the door and the rear flank, running precisely just above the wheel wells.

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