2011 Mercedes-Benz S600 L by Carlsson

Article by Christian A., on July 25, 2011

Owing to the many improvements done, the S-Class guarantees that the interior comes with a high level of luxury. Created using the preferences of customers, Gut Wiesenhof, Mercedes-Benz’s in-house upholsterer, is able to convert the cockpit to meet the needs of individuals, much like a tailor making a suit. The company is offering a basic package starting at 5,290 euros. The package includes leather on the seats on the front, as well as the seat bench in the rear and the head rests, and the four door panels. At no additional charge, customers can select the color for the leather, the stitching, and even the piping.

Engraved on the headrests is the Carlsson logo which also appears as a blue lit-up signature on the door sill. This same logo highlights as well the improvements done on its aluminum pedals and the footrest. The pigmented leather is supplied by the best and experienced upholsterers, who use leather that has a feel similar to a fine leather glove. This is present on the steering wheel, middle arm rest, and dashboard, though available as an option.

Since the S Class Carlsson has indeed been refined, it reinforces its reputation as the authority when it comes to enhancing Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Indeed, the flagship of the company’s product line is being worked on at Gut Wiesenhof and stands out in terms of luxury, sportiness, and exclusivity. Without question, for years now the S-Class has managed to bring new benchmarks when it comes to the premium class. With the Carlsson and the Carlsson S-Class (type W/V 221), it proves how capable it is in offering ultimate luxury, sportiness, and individuality.

This model delivers extreme sportiness is the enhanced performance -- a prowess that has already been acknowledged by the Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Germany. Powering this S-Class is the same bi-turbo 12-cylinder unit in the S 600 L. However, its output has been increased from 517 hp (380 kW) to 600 hp (441kW).

Meanwhile the torque has been limited electronically to 1,024 Nm. The higher power is due to the combination of the sport exhaust system, the sports air filter, and an engine management approach that has been optimized. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kph is at 4.3 seconds though the series production comes in at 4.6 seconds.

Top speed meanwhile is limited to 320 kph. Improved performance was the result of the different test cycles and the company’s years of experience in manufacturing engines. This performance improvement, which has the sport exhaust system as part of it, is offered for the S 600 L at 4,997 euros, which also includes all the applicable taxes.

While the 12-cylinder engine did experience some improvements, the same was done for the 6-cyinder units and the 8-cylinder ones. Even the diesel engines have received improvements. The top version for instance is comparable to the S 63 AMG with output going as high as 685 hp (504 kW). In addition to the performance of the engine, other supportive measures have been fitted in like the aerodynamic package RS, which comes with components that meet the strictest of standards. Take for example the front end, especially the apron and the spoiler lip. It not only gives it that sporty look but also creates the needed extra downforce.

As such, the tread pressure is upped allowing for better road adhesion. The front end manages to shine as well with the Carlsson logo located on the bonnet combined with the characteristic grille inserts that are composed of electro-polished stainless steel. Its flank on the other hand gives a more powerful and dynamic look due to the long wheelbase and its corresponding set of new side skirts. Still on the front, there are for new headlights, which include high beams and fog lights.

Also new are the daytime running lights, which use vertically integrated LEDs. These help with road safety, whether night or day. A new dynamic package is continued with the intelligent lowering kit. With this, vehicles that have the ABC or AIRMTIC suspension system will have the Carlsson C-Tronic SUSPENSION. This system is able to connect with the on-board electronics through the data link and determines, in milliseconds, how the driver is handling the vehicle and the current condition of the road.

Once it does so, it can lower the vehicle by as much as 30 millimeters and then makes the necessary adjustment to the suspension. This is, of course, based on the identified factors to ensure that there is optimum cornering performance while the highest level of comfort is maintained.

Able to outperform even the Mercedes-Benz’s suspension system known as the Active Body Control, the C-Tronic is priced at 1178 euros. There is the light-alloy 20-inch 1/10 Brilliant Edition wheels fitted on which are the Dunlop high-performance tires sized 255/35 for the front with the ones in the rear sized 275/35 ZR 20. A complete set with the 19-inch version is offered at 3,583 euros.

Press Release

Individual Design for the Luxury Sedan: Carlsson refines Mercedes S-Class

In the premium segment, the S-Class has been setting the standard for generations. The automobile manufacturer Carlsson offers with its Carlsson S-Class (type W/V 221) additional sportiness, individuality, and luxury.

Definite proof of the sportive claim of the German manufacturer, who is also recognised by the German Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles, is the increased performance. The 12-cylinder bi-turbo of the top version in the S 600 L now impresses with 600 hp (441kW) instead of the standard 517 hp (380 kW). Its maximum torque is electronically limited to 1024 Newton metres. This increase in power is the result of an optimised engine management approach together with the sports air filter and the sport exhaust system. The tremendous accelerating power brings the Carlsson S-Class in 4.3 seconds from 0 to 100 kph (series: 4.6 seconds) up to the top speed, which is limited to 320 kph. This performance gain is the result of lavish test cycles and many years of experience with the engine of the manufacturer from Stuttgart. The performance enhancement including the sport exhaust system is available for the S 600 L for 4997 Euro including all applicable taxes.

Further performance enhancements are available for 6-, 8-, and 12-cylinder engines as well as for Diesel engines. The top model based on the S 63 AMG allows up to 685 hp (504 kW). The supportive measures for the engine’s performance is accompanied by the aerodynamic package RS consisting of components, which fulfil the highest standards. The front apron and the front spoiler lip not only offer a sporty appearance but also generate additional downforce, which results in an increased tread pressure and therefore more road adhension. Meanwhile the front sparkles with its elegant Carlsson logo on the bonnet and its characteristic grille inserts made of electro-polished stainless steel. The side of the Mercedes appears more dynamic and powerful thanks to the new set of side skirts for the model with long wheelbase.

Four additional headlight (fog lights and high beams) as well as vertically integrated LED daytime running lights ensure for safety on the road by day and night. The rear of the S-Class is completed with its rear apron, crowned with a sporty rear spoiler. The visual promise of the new aerodynamic package is kept by the intelligent lowering kit, Carlsson C-Tronic SUSPENSION for vehicles with AIRMATIC or ABC suspension system. Thanks to its data link the system communicates with the on-board electronics and detects within milliseconds the road condition and the driver's personal handling of the vehicle. The system lowers the car by up to 30 millimetres and adjusts the suspension according to the detected parameters in order to maintain an optimum cornering performance, while at the same time providing the highest degree of comfort. The C-Tronic is available for only 1178 Euro and outperforms even the Active Body Control suspension system by Mercedes-Benz.

High-performance tyres from Dunlop (255/35 front and 275/35 ZR 20 rear) provide contact with the road and cover the elegant 20 inch light alloy wheels 1/10 Brilliant Edition (complete wheel set in 19 inch already available from 3583 Euro).

The refinement of the interior promises a high degree of luxury. Exactly according to customer requirement, the in-house upholsterer at Gut Wiesenhof transform the cockpit to fulfil individual wishes just like ordering a tailored suit. The basic package for 5290 Euro includes leather on both front seats, the rear seat bench including all head rests and all four door panels. The customer chooses the colour of the leather , the stitching, and the piping at no extra cost. The Carlsson logo is embossed into the headrests and can be found as a blue illuminated signature in the door sill. The logo also emphases the refinement on the aluminium pedals and footrest.

The experienced upholsterers provide the pigmented leather, which offers the haptics of a fine leather glove, for the dashboard, the steering wheel and the middle arm rest as an option.
With the improvement of the S Class Carlsson emphasises again its authority in the refinement of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The flagship of the Stuttgart product line is being refined at Gut Wiesenhof in all aspects: sportiness, exclusivity and luxury.


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