2014 Audi S8 Facelift by ABT Sportsline

Article by Christian A., on May 8, 2014

The Audi S8 is my kind of flagship sedan and honestly to tell you, I didn’t like any tuning kit for it… until today, when ABT Sportsline revealed its customization programme for the German sedan. The tuning company focused its efforts on the 4.0-liter biturbo V8 engine and boosted its performances from 520 hp (382 kW) and 650 Nm of torque, to an impressive 640 hp (471 kW) and 780 Nm of torque.

As a result, the ABT Sportsline Audi S8 has now a top speed electronically limited at 280 km/h or 174 mph. The exterior design remains untouched, but ABT added a new set of their DR alloy wheels as well as a new four-pipe ABT muffler system made of stainless steel.

If you don’t like the wheels, ABT also offers 20-inch ER-C wheels in silver-bullet of Gun-Metal color. Still not enough? Then you should get the ABT Level Control suspension which lowers the Audi S8 by up to 25 mm.

Through the A8, Audi has managed to become one of the innovation leaders in the luxury segment around the world. This is significant as this segment has long been considered as the most demanding there is. In coming up with the new A8, the brand made sure to focus on the acoustics. Thus while the noise level on the interior is already low, adding noise damping measures reduced this further.

The dimension of the new A8 though remained the same with a total length of 16.86 feet (5.14 meters) and a wheelbase of 9.81 feet (2.99 meters). Width measures 6.40 feet (1.95 meters) with a height at 4.79 feet (1.46 meters). All of these mean that the A8 has the sportiest appearance in the segment. It is different though with the A8 L as this variant experienced an increase in the overall length and wheelbase of 5.12 inches (13 centimeters). Regardless, both versions have been equipped with the TDI engine and have a coefficient of drag measuring 0.26.

For the TFSI engine though this figure is 0.27. Despite being a big sedan, the greatest advantage of the A8 is the low weight. For the A8 fitted with the TFSI 3.0-liter engine and having the normal wheelbase, the curb weight is 4,034.46 pounds (1,830 kilograms). This weight is truly the best-in-class especially for models equipped with the all-wheel drive.

The main reason for the low weight is the lightweight construction used for the body. Indeed, with the exception of the B-pillar, the whole body is composed of aluminum. Compared to using steel, utilizing the Audi Space Frame design, or ASF, only brings in 509.27 pounds (231 kilograms), around 40% lighter.

Because of the ASF, it became possible for Audi to lower the weight in other areas from the fuel tank to the brakes. The trunk of the A8 has also been revised as it now offers maximum space of 520 liters (18.36 cubic feet). This new layout means as well that the trunk can now be loaded substantially. A power trunk closing assist is offered as an option and if so chosen, allows the whole vehicle to be locked by merely pressing a button.

Press Release

Audi S8 ABT Sportsline

Bavarian King Ludwig II loved architectural extravaganzas, as you can tell by his fairytale castles. But if he were alive and drive a car he would certainly not only like Neuschwanstein but also the excellent “wagon maker” ABT Sportsline, the globally leading tuner of vehicles produced by the Volkswagen Group, which would be able to sell the King a newly tuned Audi S8, based on the latest facelift variant.

ABT Power “New Generation“, the premium uprating with a separately developed control unit, ups this car’s performance from 520 hp/382 kW to 640 hp/471 kW, with the 4.0 TFSI’s torque increased from 650 to 780 Nm. With so many “horses”, Ludwig II would have been in Herrenchiemsee or any other of his castles in a jiffy, especially if you consider the new top speed of 280 km/h.

And who would need fanfares if your ride were to be accompanied by the sound and looks of a four-pipe ABT muffler system made of stainless steel? The legendary fairytale king, by the way, didn’t only love music but was overall artistically inclined. The 21’’ ABT DR alloy wheels, so monumentally looking on the car in the photo, certainly would have impressed him with their contrasting colours of Mystic Black and a machine-relieved well. But His Majesty could also have chosen something smaller or, alternatively, the Gun-Metal finish. Or perhaps an entirely different design? In which case, ABT would have 20’’ ER-C wheels – in silver-bulllet or Gun-Metal color. And you can lower this sporty Audi luxury car with the ABT Level Control; by 25mm each on both the front and rear axle. 

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