2014 Callaway Corvette Stingray Convertible debuts at National Corvette Museum

Article by Christian A., on May 7, 2014

Callaway unveiled a production prototype of its 2014 Callaway Corvette at the NCM Bash, National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, from April 24 to 26, 2014. Callaway employees conducted an in-depth "walk-around" of the features of the new Callaway Corvette on April 25. The Callaway supercharged LT1 engine let out at least 620 hp pf output and at least 600 lb-ft of torque during development testing.

The company will unveil the SAE-corrected horsepower and torque rating after final powertrain management calibration later this month. Before that, the 2014 Callaway Corvette must first undergo durability testing and validation, performance and drivability testing, and emissions compliance testing.

The car’s supercharger engine features a new housing and integrated intake manifold for improved airflow and better charge air cooling capability. Engineers tuned the intake manifold runner cross-section and length for a broad torque band while allowing for an outstanding peak horsepower.

Callaway choose Eaton's 2300cc TVS rotor pack for its high thermal efficiency, OEM-certified quality, and service-proven reliability. Because of the added volume brought by the new internals, the housing extends through the hood.

To remove power-robbing heat from the inlet charge, engineers have to employ conductive and convective heat transfer mechanisms. The 2014 Callaway Corvette features a new 10-rib pulley system that prevents drive belt slippage.

Since 10-rib pulley system boasts of significant new technical features, its utility and design aspects are patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Callaway Corvette is fitted with a new exhaust system that employs a single acoustic chamber to temper harsh frequencies and accentuate low frequency tones.

Callaway's signature Double-D exhaust tips are now larger than previous ones, further complementing the Corvette's center exhaust bezel. To further distinguish the 2014 Callaway Corvette, the company also endowed it with composite manifold base covers, exterior emblems and interior badging. The package has an MSRP of $22,995.

The recently released Chevrolet Corvette Stingray interior fuses fine materials and craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovations that add to a more interlinked and all the more captivating driving experience

Each element and detail in the interior is created to improve the driver's association with the Corvette. It begins with the fighter jet inspired wraparound cockpit; keeps on working with the smaller steering wheel, more solid seats, and high-definition, configurable screens, and is finished in beautiful materials.

The littler, 14.1-inch-diameter (360 mm) steering wheel encourages a more straightforward, close feel to directional inputs. The consideration for the driver stretches out to the littlest details, including the flat, exact stitching on the steering wheel made to give a sleek, steady feel.

Accurate and exquisite stitching is found likewise in the available Napa leather trim of every seat.

Two seating choices will be available: a GT seat for all-around comfortability and a Competition Sport seat with more audacious side bolstering which gives significant help on the track.

Ken Parkinson, Global Design Executive Director, revealed that while the style of the Corvette Stingray’s exterior is indeed aggressive, it remains to be elegant and functional at the same time. He added that while every designer does dream of creating a new Corvette, the reality is that it is not an easy undertaking. While the main objective was to come up with a bold design statement that would adopt the car’s cutting-edge technology, he continued, it was important to improve the overall performance of the model in everything, starting with the wind tunnel and all the way to the track.

Parkinson said that this resulted in the Corvette C7 Stingray, an extraordinary car that is able to break new ground while remaining to be loyal to all the basic elements that make a Corvette a Corvette. In terms of look, everything is new in the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray as not a single detail from the previous models was repeated. However, the unique profile that is defined mainly by the long dash-to-axle ratio is still there.

In addition, the greenhouse which brings to mind a fighter jet’s canopy is present as well. This greenhouse now comes with dual-element taillamps. With this serving as the basis, the designers were able to come up with a form vocabulary coming from two different sources, specifically nature and aerospace. According to Exterior Design Director Tom Peters, since the new Corvette model was to be named as Stingray, it meant that the visual impact needed to be similar to the original 1963 model.

Meaning it needed to be purposeful and remarkable. He added that there’s high visual impact when looking at the Stingray animal and even fighter jets. What makes these two beautiful, he continued, was mainly due to their purpose. That is, they are designed to cut through either water or air in an efficient and quick manner. Peters continued by saying that similar to living things and aircraft, the transition on each of the Corvette Stingray’s surface has a purpose that accomplishes proportion and beauty.

For the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray, the signature element of the design is its lighting, which also reinforces that cutting-edge visual. On the front section, the indirect white LED lamps offer a rather unique daytime styling cue. These lamps are placed in the lamp housing, which comes in black-chrome, and has HID projector lamps as standard. Its turn signals meanwhile have the amber edge-lit LED lighting.

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