2014 Range Rover Sport by Overfinch

Article by Christian A., on June 19, 2014

Overfinch unveiled its new tuning program developed for the 2014 Range Rover Sport. The new carbon fiber styling package includes a new front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights, wide sills, a new rear roof spoiler as well as a new rear bumper with integrated air diffuser and new exhaust tailpipes.

The design is completed by the new alloy wheels that have a diameter of 21- to 23-inches. Thanks to some ECU remapping, an new exhaust system and an upgraded supercharger, the total output of the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine was boosted from 510 hp to 552 hp.

Overfinch offers a Bluetooth-controlled ‘track mode’ exhaust valve that enhances the sound of the big V8 engine. According to the well-known tuning company, only 100 Overfinch Range Rover Sport models will be build each year in order to make the vehicle more exclusive.

Pricing starts at £87,995 (110,000 euros or $150,000) but each car will be bespoke and the price determined by individual design preferences.

Overfinch, a builder of bespoke Land Rover vehicles, added more luxury and comfort into the interior of the Range Rover Sport. The Range Rover Sport by Overfinch features a cabin built to the highest standards, with customers given the chance to select from a range of fine wood veneers for a more luxurious interior befitting their personal taste. Customers could also avail of a real carbon fiber trim with a wide selection of weave colors from understated charcoal to bronze or green.

Once a customer has selected a certain trim, Overfinch would mirror-match it for visual symmetry inside the cabin. Overfinch’s interior finishes are completed by carefully crafted upholstery in Bridge of Weir leather. Customers will be given the option to personalize the interior to their preference – whether for a contemporary or a traditional feel.

To achieve this, Overfinch has made available a host of seat design, stitch patterning and hide color to select from. Overfinch will be able to turn into reality any cabin ideas that customers have, from diamond stitch black leather with carbon fiber trim to two-tone green and tan leather with seat piping and burr walnut. While the Overfinch Range Rover Sport is certainly a vehicle that many will admire, for Overfinch, the vehicle is an important product that would satisfy the wants of its owner.

The progressive exterior design of the new Range Rover Sport makes the SUV easily identifiable as part of the latest Range Rover line-up. Donning a reinterpreted version of the strong design genes of the current model, the new Range Rover Sport now comes with a sleeker and more contemporary look as well as distinctive sporting character made possible by its sloping roofline.

When compared to its predecessor, new Sport – as at length of 4850 mm -- is around 62 mm longer, but remains shorter than other seven-seat SUVs and most E segment sedans. This makes the new Sport easier to maneuver and park. Furthermore, the new Sport has a wheelbase that is longer by 178 mm, resulting to more space inside the SUV as well as to better access to the rear cabin. When compared to the new Range Rover from which it was derived, the new Sport is 149 mm shorter, 55 mm lower and 45 kg lighter.

The new SUV comes with a number of freshly interpreted Range Rover Sport design cues like the signature clamshell bonnet, side fender vents and floating roof. The new Sport also dons new versions of the dynamic wheel arch graphic, characteristic rocker moldings and horizontal body feature lines.

Although the new SUV managed to retain the dynamic character of the Range Rover Sport, its front end now dons a more modern streamlined look, as made possible by its rearward sloping grille, slimmer lights, and more sculpted corners.

Press Release

The New Overfinch Sport

The Range Rover Sport has long been the choice of the SUV owner looking for a performance edge and now the exclusive Overfinch conversion adds bespoke design, luxury and exclusivity to the mix. With its assertive stance and distinctive styling features it commands attention, while the exquisite detailing of the interior is a tactile and visual delight.

Adding to its driver appeal is a unique Overfinch performance package, including a Bluetooth-controlled ‘track mode’ exhaust valve liberating the full sound of the supercharged 5-litre V8 engine.

With production limited to just 100 Overfinch Range Rover Sport models per annum in the UK, the result is as exclusive as it is desirable. Prices start from £87,995 but each car will be bespoke and the price determined by individual design preferences and the base vehicle specification.

Overfinch exterior enhancements are designed by the renowned Overfinch in-house team, led by Tony Fox and produced to standards that match or exceed original equipment with the aim being to accentuate the Range Rover Sport’s imposing stance. The Overfinch Body Styling Package is executed in carbon-fibre for strength and lightness, with different weaves chosen for their visual or structural quality. To achieve this, apertures such as the front air intakes and rear diffuser are subtly flared, catching the light and visually widening the car.

At the front, a larger front splitter and LED lights in the carbon-fibre air intakes maximise the vehicle’s road presence. Even without the distinctive Overfinch badge across the bonnet, one would know this is no ordinary Range Rover Sport. At the rear, the shape and profile of the rear spoiler has been designed to mirror that of the rear bumper with its carbon-fibre diffuser, creating an ‘X’ graphic when the Overfinch Range Rover Sport is viewed from the rear. Cast and polished Overfinch tail-pipes are neatly integrated within the diffuser.

Exclusive, beautifully-finished alloy wheels designed in-house and carrying the brand name are a hallmark of every Overfinch conversion.

For the Range Rover Sport, the company offers a number of striking designs, including a 21” lightweight forged alloy wheel that minimises un-sprung weight and enhances agility. Overfinch forged and cast alloy wheels are also available in 22” and 23” diameters and a wide range of finishes to accentuate the dominant sporting stance of the vehicle.

Overfinch interiors are crafted to the highest standards and customers can choose from a wide range of fine wood veneers to realise their personal vision of bespoke sporting luxury.

Alternatively, real carbon fibre trim is available in a wide selection of weave colours, from understated charcoal to bronze or green. Whatever the chosen trim, the result is carefully mirror-matched to create visual symmetry within the cabin.

Complementing the Overfinch range of finishes is the exquisite craftsmanship of upholstery in Bridge of Weir leather. Multiple bespoke options of seat design, stitch patterning and hide colour enable each customer to create an interior that makes a dramatic personal statement – from the contemporary to the traditional. Whether a customer’s taste runs to diamond stitch black leather with carbon fibre trim or two-tone green and tan leather with seat piping and burr walnut, the meticulous craftsmanship of Overfinch can turn their dream into reality.

Overfinch Performance Package:
For the 5.0 Supercharged engine – consists of an ECU digital remap, upgraded supercharger and Overfinch exhaust system, providing an additional 42 BHP* Owners of the Overfinch Range Rover Sport will be keen drivers who love the backbeat of a tuned V8 engine.

The Overfinch performance package enables them to enjoy the exhilaration of spirited driving to the full. Among its features is an innovative Bluetooth-controlled ‘track mode’ button on the Overfinch key fob (itself crafted in aerospace-grade aluminium).

The performance package includes a stainless steel Overfinch exhaust system with quad outlet pipes and a unique ‘X’ pipe acoustic feature. At a touch of the key fob button, Twin Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controlled electronic valves open to liberate the ‘track mode’ sound – a V8 snarl guaranteed to raise goose bumps.

Exclusivity and attention to detail:
All enhancements both inside and out are executed to the Overfinch standard of perfectionist craftsmanship.

The Overfinch Range Rover Sport is a vehicle that others will certainly admire and aspire to – but for Overfinch, it’s more important that it satisfies the vision of its owner.

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