Mountune offers performance kit to new Ford Focus ST, boosts engine to 275 PS

Article by Christian A., on October 8, 2015

Engine tuning expert Mountune is offering a performance upgrade for those who own a Ford Focus ST in the UK. With this kit, there is an increase in the power output of the Ford Focus ST’s 2.0 EcoBoost engine from 250 to 275 PS.

But don’t worry about the warranty because it won’t be voided if a Ford dealer adds this upgrade. Included in Mountune’s upgrade package are a large capacity alloy intercooler, high-flow dual-entry air filter, low-loss cast crossover duct with silicone hose, and performance-map calibration that was specifically developed for the model.

This kit improves the power output by 10% to 5,500rpm as well as boosts the torque from 345Nm to 400Nm at 2,750rpm. Ford of Britain sales director Kevin Griffin said that this modification kit on the 2015 Ford Focus ST 275PS is the newest addition to Ford dealers’ offering of parts and accessories.

With the aid of this kit, those who own a Focus ST will get an even better performance from their vehicles while getting the assurance that warranties will not affected. It only takes two hours to fit the Mountune MP275 upgrade kit on the vehicle and it is priced at just £1,195, which includes VAT as well as the installation cost.

Priced at £22,495, the Ford Focus ST 5-door with 2.0 EcoBoost engine in ST-1 specification has the following features: a set of 18-inch alloy wheels, Recaro sports front seats with DAB radio, ST body styling, and Ford SYNC (which includes Bluetooth and voice control).

The goal of the Focus ST’s development team, a member of the global Ford Performance organisation, is to enhance the driving experience. At the core of these improvements is the reinforced body structure of the new Focus ST.

Its front-end body has been improved to be stiffer, attained by making the two structural brackets in the engine bay thicker. Mountune also used a stronger metal arc welding technique, which results to decreased body flex when cornering.

This technique makes this car become more agile and offer sharper handling. The modifications are also evident in its sports suspension, which now gets all-new front springs and sportier new shock absorber tuning front and rear. It has also now been fitted with stiffer suspension bushes on its front lower control arm and rear spring links.

Because of these improvements, the ST’s performance is sharper and more dynamic. However, it has retained the model-specific anti-roll bars and rear springs from the generation ST of the prior generation.

Furthermore, revisions were made on the calibration of the Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) and electronic vehicle control systems so that they may comply with the detailed sporting needs of the new Focus ST.

A major highlight of this upgrade kit is its Enhanced Transitional Stability (ETS) system that’s included in its advanced Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – a first in the industry. ETS is able to detect the driver’s inputs as well as how stable the vehicle is.

Because this system can predict if the car will skid or if the driver will lose control, it intervenes by braking with individual wheels to keep it precise and so that control is maintained with quick directional changes as the car is speeding up. One example is when the car is changing lanes.

The Electronic Torque Vectoring Control settings have been modified by Ford Performance engineers to enhance wheel torque distribution, to optimize traction even further through corners, lessen understeer, and to make it more agile. There are three ESC system modes available for Focus ST drivers depending on the conditions of the track or road.

These are: (1) Standard Mode – which means that ESC and traction control are fully active; (2) Sport Mode – No decrease in engine torque from traction control and ESC systems, and lessened ESC brake interventions to encourage sportier sporty driving; ETS is turned off; (3) Off Mode – No engine torque reduction from traction control and ESC systems, and no ESC brake interventions (Torque Vectoring stays active); ETS is off.

However, a newly added high-performance brake option may also be activated by customers. This consists of the use of bigger 335 mm diameter front discs (bigger than the standard 320 mm). These larger brakes are offered together with the 19-inch alloy wheels (optional).

They offer better stopping power and fade resistance in continuous hard road or track driving. This kit also comes with engine mounts that were built just to accommodate the Focus ST’s performance. These mounts help with refining power delivery during hard acceleration, especially with front wheel traction and gear shift quality.

In addition, Ford has been cooperating with Michelin to create a new 19‑inch tyre that is a good fit to the driving dynamics, specifically with optimizing lateral grip. Bakaj added that Ford has maintained its image of offering performance hatchbacks with exceptional driving dynamics.

He believes that the new Focus ST “more than lives up to that pedigree.” He explained that regardless of the powertrain that’s chosen, the Ford ST is more responsive, more agile, and more precise while offering an amazing driving experience particularly because of the improvements to the suspension, steering and electronic control systems.

Press Release


Ford Focus ST buyers in the UK now have the option of more adrenalin from a new performance upgrade from engine tuners Mountune.

Mountune’s kit increases the power output of the Ford Focus ST’s 2.0 EcoBoost engine from 250 to 275PS and, when fitted by a Ford dealer, does not affect the vehicle warranty.

The Mountune upgrade kit comprises a large capacity alloy intercooler, low-loss cast crossover duct with silicone hose, high-flow dual-entry air filter and specially developed performance-map calibration. Its fitment not only produces a 10 per cent increase in maximum power output at 5,500rpm, but also an improvement in torque from 345Nm to 400Nm at 2,750rpm.

“The 2015 Focus ST 275PS upgrade is the latest addition to a wide range of Ford Performance parts and accessories from Ford dealers,” said Kevin Griffin, Ford of Britain sales director. “It enables Focus ST owners to experience even more impressive performance, while offering the reassurance that the upgrade will not affect warranties.”

Mountune’s MP275 upgrade kit costs £1,195 including VAT plus fitting, which takes two hours.

The Ford Focus ST 5-door with 2.0 EcoBoost engine at £22,495 in ST-1 specification includes 18-inch alloy wheels, ST body styling, Recaro sports front seats with DAB radio and Ford SYNC including Bluetooth and voice control.

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