2016 Ford Mustang powered by Sutton tuning kit raises output to 700bhp

Article by Christian A., on May 26, 2016

Clive Sutton, one of the most prominent supercar dealers, has introduced its Sutton Bespoke tuning programme for the latest right-hand drive model of the Ford Mustang, increasing its power to 700bhp and turning it from a standard car into an actual muscle car. This special customisation package improves not just power but also the drivability, style and overall performance.

In contrast to most American upgrade packages, Clive Sutton not only improves straight-line quarter-mile performance but also tailors their systems packages for British and European Mustang owners. A main feature is the improved suspension system, which enables better handling and maintains comfort even on broken roads and at the limits of the car’s capabilities.

There are three available specifications in the Sutton Bespoke Power Packages: CS350, CS500 and the supercharged CS700. The CS350 is specific for the 2.3-litre EcoBoost variant. The others are customised for Ford’s 5.0-litre V8 to enable exhilarating response and performance improvements.

The top-of-the-line CS700 Power Package enables a remarkable increase of 55% from 416bhp to 645bhp in the power capability of the Mustang’s standard V8 engine, thanks to a Whipple supercharger, enhanced intercooler and quad-pipe active exhaust upgrade. A 68% increase in power output to 700bhp is actually possible with a bigger throttle body, higher rate fuel injectors and a new pulley – all of which are options in this package. Clive Sutton collaborated with Fresno, CA-based Whipple Superchargers to develop the supercharger for this package and assist in engine priming to ensure performance and dependability.

The CS500 Power Package features an enhanced cold-air inlet that contributes to increase power to up to 440bhp. Meanwhile, the CS350 Power Package improves the 2.3-litre EcoBoost power output to 330bhp. Both packages include the customised rear valance and quad-pipe active exhaust system also found in the CS700.

Active Exhaust Control, a feature common to the three packages, is controlled by a centre console-located switch. It enables the modification of the exhaust sound characteristics, with a Sport, Track, Touring and Custom settings. The latter mode can be set through Wi-Fi with an Apple iOS app.

Customers can have a hand in optimising handling modifications to suit the power increases with the Sutton Bespoke Ride Package. This consists of forward KW coil overs and adjustable springs, and rear matched dampers. Together, the ride height reduction of 30mm is attained.

An Appearance Package is another option for all models. This includes a carbon fibre deck lid panel, painted side mirrors, front spoilers, rear wing and side skirts and a high-gloss black pony symbol. On the V8, this pony symbol also has ‘5.0’ wing details. Another option is the Brake Package which includes improved discs and two-piece rotors for lighter weight and better heat control. The new 20-inch Vossen wheels have special glossy black alloy 10-spoke rims.

Additional customisation is possible with the Individual Options list. Included are a special carbon fibre bonnet with functional ram air intake and matching carbon fibre rear window slats for the exterior and an attractive four-piece carbon fibre dashboard and a more powerful audio system for the interior.

Lastly, Sutton Bespoke can specifically individualise their service for customers desiring to put an individual stamp to their Ford Mustangs. The packages are available for current owners and as service options for buyers, with purchase facilitation for their base Mustang car. Conveniently integrated car and upgrade service funding options are also available.

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Renowned supercar dealer Clive Sutton has revealed its Sutton Bespoke tuning programme for the new right-hand drive Ford Mustang, transforming the standard model into a true muscle car with up to 700bhp. The programme comprises a suite of packages that enhance the car’s performance, handling and styling.

While the focus with many American upgrade programmes is on straight-line performance and quarter-mile times, Clive Sutton has carefully engineered its packages to appeal specifically to UK and European buyers. The upgraded suspension is a particular highlight, which delivers sharper on-the-limit handling without compromising comfort over broken road surfaces.

The Sutton Bespoke Power Packages are offered in CS350, CS500 and supercharged CS700 specification. The first applies only to the 2.3-litre EcoBoost model, while the latter two are for Ford’s 5.0-litre V8, delivering thrilling levels of performance and response.

The range-topping CS700 Power Package delivers a dramatic increase in the peak power of the standard car’s V8, lifting it from 416bhp to 645bhp – a rise of 55%. This is achieved through the addition of a Whipple supercharger, upgraded intercooler and a new quad-tailpipe active exhaust system. Performance can be taken to an even higher level by specifying a larger throttle body, uprated injectors and a different pulley – which together take peak power to over 700bhp, a 68% increase over the standard car. Clive Sutton worked hand-in-hand with Whipple Superchargers, based in Fresno, CA, to develop the supercharger and tune the engine for optimal reliability and performance.

The CS500 Power Package incorporates an upgraded cold-air intake, helping to lift peak power to 440bhp. For buyers of the 2.3-litre EcoBoost, the Sutton Mustang CS350 Power Package improves the standard figures to 330bhp. These packages also share the CS700’s quad-tailpipe active exhaust system and bespoke rear valance.

All of the Power Packages feature Active Exhaust Control. Activated by a switch located on the centre console, the system allows the driver to adjust the volume and tone of the exhaust sound, choosing from Touring, Sport, Track and Custom settings. The Custom mode is programmable via a built-in WiFi module and an associated Apple iOS app.

Customers can specify handling modifications that complement the power upgrades. These include a Sutton Bespoke Ride Package that includes KW coilovers and adjustable springs at the front, with matched dampers at the rear, reducing ride height by 30mm.

Available on all models, the optional Appearance Package includes a carbon fibre decklid panel, chin spoiler, rear wing and side skirts; painted wing mirrors, gloss black ‘Pony’ emblem and – for the V8 – gloss black ‘5.0’ wing motifs. A Brake Package with uprated discs is also offered, featuring two-piece rotors that reduce mass and improve heat management. New 20-inch, 10-spoke custom finished gloss black alloy rims supplied by Vossen fill the wheel arches.

Further personalisation can be achieved through the Individual Options list, which includes a bespoke carbon fibre bonnet with functional ‘ram air’ scoop and carbon fibre rear window louvres. For the interior the options include an eye-catching four-piece carbon fibre dashboard and a high-power audio system.

Sutton Bespoke will also be offering a 'tailor-made' service, giving customers the chance to create their own unique Ford Mustang. The packages can be supplied either to existing owners or as a complete service, with the base Ford Mustang vehicle sourced for the client. Attractive funding options are available to enable the car and the upgrade package to be financed together.

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