Petty’s Garage releases modified 2016 Ford Mustang GT King Edition

Article by Christian A., on October 28, 2015

Petty’s Garage is once again showing everyone why it is the best with its release of the 2016 Mustang GT King edition. Boasting of 727 horsepower, the performance of this modified Mustang is the work of none other than Richard “The King” Petty, a NASCAR legend.

In fact, Petty’s Garage is the King’s own in-house speed shop. Richard Petty shares that he had always appreciated the appearance of the Mustang and when the 2016 model came out, it served as the foundation for its eventual modification.

Petty relates that this new edition Mustang is just how he would develop it for his own use. The King edition, Petty adds, is truly a great ride and can be identified with its trademark single exhaust. The new paint on this modified Mustang GT gives it a distinct look ensuring that customers know it was from Petty’s Garage, Petty concludes.

A number of dealerships that Petty’s Garage has worked with over the years have been very successful. Petty’s Garage Chief Operating Officer Jeff Whaley says that they are looking forward to having more of an impact this year by partnering with more dealerships.

Whaley adds that this limited edition Petty Mustang GT is indeed a must-have for enthusiasts who want to own a unique car.

Three editions will be made available and each will have its own small production number. There is the 14 King Premier convertibles, the 43 King Premier, and 243 King models.

All of them can be ordered through the different Ford dealerships. The first thing that Petty’s Garage did to the 2016 Ford Mustang GT was to equip the 5.0-liter V8 engine with the brand’s own Ford Performance supercharger.

This allowed the engine to have an extra 235 horsepower resulting in a 670 horsepower final output. Furthermore, the powertrain has a 36,000-mile and three-year limited warranty.

Once that was done, Petty’s Garage went to work putting in a customized engine calibration, MagnaFlow exhaust, and even a cold-air intake to allow better circulation.

Even with all these modifications, Petty’s Garage was not done. Upgrades were done for the rear axle and the TrakPak Ford Performance halfshafts. Even the front and rear sway bars, with its three-way adjustability, were also upgraded.

Included with this King edition is Petty’s Garage’s own HRE staggered wheels in matte-black. The wheels measure 20x9 inches on the front and 20x10 inches for the rear. It goes without saying that its Continental Extreme summer Performance tires are stunning.

A number of changes have also been made on its appearance to give it that Petty’s Garage look. The custom rear diffuser for instance has the center-mounted exhaust that was designed by Richard Petty himself. Other inclusions are the embroidered head restraints, floor mats, shift knob, and sill plates for interior with the rear spoiler on the outside.

Each car that they put out will also have the King’s signature placed on a dash plate. Aside from their very own HRE wheels, the interior has been trimmed with custom leather.

A big brake upgrade kit is part of the package which has six pistons on the front while the rear has four pistons that have been placed on two-piece rotors.

This Mustang GT King edition also has the custom BASF tri-color stripe package which uses the trademark Petty blue, white and red stripes which are then covered in clear coat made from tumbled and crushed glass.

The blue cover of the body also gets the clear coat treatment as well. For the three models that they will put out, Petty’s Garage will give customers the choice to have different wheel bushings that are aimed at minimizing the wheel hop.

It will also have as an option a supercharger upgrade and coil-over racing suspension. If availed, all of these combined have the effect of adding to the power output giving it a final 727 horsepower total. The King edition is expected to be sold at a suggested retail price of $67,495 while the King Premier is priced at $90,495.

Press Release


Featuring up to 727 horsepower, the new Petty’s Garage 2016 Mustang GT King edition means that Ford’s pony will be hell for some cats.

Petty’s Garage – the in-house speed shop of NASCAR legend Richard “The King” Petty – returns with a limited number of highly modified Mustang GTs built to the specifications of The King himself.

“I’ve always liked the look of the Mustang, and the 2016 model gives us a great base car to work with,” said Richard Petty. “These new King edition Mustangs are pretty much the way I’d build my own. They are great fun to drive, and have a signature single exhaust.

“With the new paint on the Premier edition,” he added, “that’s how you know we built it. They look pretty sharp.”

The dealerships Petty’s Garage has worked with are enjoying a good amount of success. “We’re looking forward to having an even bigger footprint in more locations this year,” said Jeff Whaley, chief operating officer, Petty’s Garage. “This is such a good opportunity for enthusiasts to own a serialized limited-production Petty Mustang GT.”

The modified Mustang GT will come in three editions with small production numbers – 243 King models, 43 King Premier and 14 King Premier convertibles. Customers can order the cars through their local Ford dealership.

Starting with a factory Ford Mustang GT, Petty’s Garage adds a Ford Performance supercharger to the stock 5.0-liter V8 engine. The supercharger adds 235 horsepower, for a total output of 670 horsepower, backed by a three-year, 36,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. Other powertrain modifications include custom engine calibration, a cold-air intake for better breathing and a MagnaFlow exhaust.

Backing up that power are extreme-duty TrakPak Ford Performance halfshafts, three-way adjustable front and rear sway bars, and a rear axle upgrade.

Custom matte-black Petty’s Garage/HRE staggered 20- x 9-inch front wheels and 20- x 10-inch rear wheels with Continental Extreme Performance summer tires are standard.

In addition to the go-fast pieces, the cars are worked over with a number of Petty’s Garage appearance parts – including custom rear diffuser with Richard Petty-designed center-mounted exhaust, shift knob, sill plates, floor mats, embroidered head restraints and rear spoiler. The King signs every model on a special dash plate.

The King Premier edition features different HRE/Petty’s Garage wheels, a big brake upgrade kit that includes six-piston front brakes and four-piston rears over two-piece rotors, and custom leather trimmed interior. Other highlights include a complete Petty’s Garage/BASF custom tri-color stripe package featuring iconic Petty blue, red and white stripes covered in crushed and tumbled glass in clear coat. Petty blue body cladding gets the clear coat crushed and tumbled glass as well.

Options for all three editions include different wheel bushings to minimize wheel hop, a coil-over racing suspension and a supercharger upgrade that results in a total of 727 horsepower.

Starting suggested retail prices are $67,495 for the King edition and $90,495 for King Premier.

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