O.CT Tuning converts Lamborghini Huracán into 805hp Huracán O.CT800

Article by Christian A., on March 22, 2016

O.CT Tuning has turned the Lamborghini Huracán into a substantially faster hurricane on the road. This tuned version of the Lamborghini Huracán – the Huracán O.CT800 – is now able to eke out a performance level previously unreached by the vehicle, thanks to the expertise of O.CT Tuning in the field of compressor technology.

The now uprated V10 engine of the Huracán is now able to reach up to 805 HP of output and 810 Nm of torque, thanks to a compressor kit that is now around 20 kgs lighter. Moreover, the Huracán O.CT800 is fitted with an exhaust system that further boosts its driving performance and already powerful sound.

Accentuating the dynamic performance of the Huracán O.CT800 are its especially made rims -- 9x20 inches on the front and 12.5x21 inches on the rear. In terms of numbers, the Huracán O.CT800 could accelerate from zero to 100 kph in just 2.5 seconds and from nil to 200 kph in 8.3 seconds – lower than the vehicle it was based on -- but could go beyond 325 kmph (200 mph).

This compressor kit for the V10 engine could also be fitted on the new Audi R8, allowing it to achieve performance figures similar to those on the Huracán O.CT800. Interested clients could arrange to drive a test car with O.CT Tuning. Established in 1994 and based in Lustenau, Austria and Widnau, Switzerland, O.CT Tuning is focused on power uprating development, particularly in the areas of hardware and software.

With its IPRO (Intelligent Programming System), O.CT Tuning was able to program command devices through OBD-II diagnostics interface. The second-generation IPRO system is currently available on the market. O.CT Tuning is also focused on compressor technology, allowing it to offer powerful performance uprating packets for cars of the VAG as well as for Chrysler group vehicles in the United States.

The Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 features an arrow-shaped front end that angles steeply downward – just like that of a shark’s nose – marked by two pleats providing contour to the hood. Its front end is also marked with flat angular LED headlamps, with light guides producing the daytime running light and forming two Y-shaped contours in each headlamp.

Since the LED light has a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin (close to that of daylight), it provides outstanding illumination while placing little stress on the eyes. Moreover, LEDs are both energy efficient and are durable enough to last the lifetime of the Huracan. Furthermore, the front end is marked by a massive air intake stretching across its full width.

Its lower contours jut forward to form a splitter with fins in body color that cut strong diagonal lines through it. Moreover, the Huracán LP 610-4 comes fitted with aluminum cladding wrapping its large 20-inch wheels. Additionally, the vehicle features a single line flowing from the front end over the roof to the rear.

Its roof arcs slightly over the heads of the driver and co-driver, and then continues onto the compartment lid and through the C-pillars. Also, a line flows from the headlamp over the front fender, defining a wide, angled edge on the door. The rising door edge as well as the flat dropping roof arc form the basis for a 3D frame for the side windows.

These lines converge at an acute angle on the upper air intake. The lower air intake, meanwhile, appears from the sill in front of the rear wheel arch. Just like the Gallardo, the Huracán LP 610-4 doesn’t have a large, vertical air intake – helping bring athletic tension and dynamic flow to its flank.

As standard, the engine cover consists of three large, matte-black polymer fins as a tribute to the classic Miura. However, an optional transparent cover – which allows the public to have a clear view of its V10 engine – is optional. This cover is made from visible carbon fiber, crafted using Lamborghini's patented Forged Composite Technology.

On the other hand, the broad meshed outlet for engine bay ventilation is cut deep into the rear. Placed above are narrow rear LED lights, taking on a Y-shaped contour similar to that of the front headlamps. Meanwhile, a large rear diffuser is flanked by the four end pipes of the exhaust system and comes with chromed and perforated elliptical fairings.

Press Release

“Now it IS going wild” - HURACÁN O.CT800 SUPERCHARGED by O.CT TUNING

The founded in 1985 Oberscheider Company has become an enterprise with about 50 members of staff meanwhile. One of the passions of the enterprise is the founded in 1994 O.CT Tuning with head quarter at Lustenau (A) and Widnau (CH). One of the focuses of this company is the development of power uprating, especially in fields of hardware and software. With its IPRO (Intelligent Programming System) O.CT Tuning made furore inside the tuning branch. At that time, IPRO allowed the programming of command devices via OBD-II diagnostics interface in a very simple way. In the meantime, the IPRO system is on the market already in its second generation.

Another core theme of O.CT Tuning activities is the compressor technology, so that the company can now offer powerful performance uprating packets for cars of the VAG and for Chrysler group US vehicles.
A bull driven really wild – Huracán O.CT800 with 805 HP / 810 Nm
As specialist for compressor conversion, the O.CT Tuning team dared the “bull” from Italy, bringing it out of its shell. With compressor kit, the tuner lends the Lamborghini with the rightful serial designation Huracán the predicate Huracán plus, because now it has become really such one! With driving performances beyond good and evil, the bull stirs wind with the force of a hurricane inside the tuning scene. The exhaust system, matching to the compressor kit 20 kgs lighter and attuned to the compressor, does the rest. This way, driving performance and the powerful sound become, what one imagines under the notion of an extreme storm front. The especially manufactured rims in dimensions 9x20 in front and 12.5x21 in rear perfectly round out the phantasmagoric Lamborghini tuning packet.

The acceleration values of 2.5 s from 0-100 kmph (0-60 mph) and 0-200 kmph (0-120 mph) in 8.3 s are sensibly below the manufacturer defaults of the Lambo. And the final speed is now somewhere beyond 325 kmph (200 mph). The developed for V10 compressor kit, by the way, matches also for the new Audi R8, lending him similar values as to his battle-tried “relative”. A test car for interested in clients is allocated by O.CT Tuning after date arrangement.

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