Mansory offer wide body kit and performance upgrades for Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Article by Christian A., on December 28, 2016

With the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class expected to be unveiled sometime in 2017, a lot of people are already getting thrilled and excited on how the next-gen would work and look like. This could be mainly because the current generation of the G Class has been so well-accepted and well-liked. In fact, the current generation of the G Class has been in existence since 1990 and a replacement model has yet to be unveiled by Mercedes-Benz. Since then, the G Class has been one of the favorite vehicles that aftermarket tuners have wanted to modify.

One of these tuners is Germany-based tuning company Mansory. This known tuner was able to create a wide body chassis program for the Mercedes-Benz G Class, making the SUV look more aggressive yet ruggedly handsome on the road and off the road. This wide body chassis program includes extensions and carbon fiber components, as complemented by dynamic alloy wheels, an elegant interior and a significant bump in performance. All of these improvements could also be fitted on the Mercedes G350, G500, G63, and G65.

So, what do we specifically get? Well, the G wide body kit from Mansory includes carbon fiber fender flares, front and rear bumper as well as door skins. Once fitted, the G wide body kit – available at a starting price of EUR18,900 excluding value added tax -- extends the serial chassis of the G Class by around 40 mm (or 20 mm on each side). For those who think that the kit isn’t good enough, they could have their G Class fitted with carbon fiber hood, roof panel and a roof spoiler. They could also choose between two or four position lights. These carbon fiber elements could be further complemented by carbon fiber rear-view mirror housing, headlight covers, door handles, and A pillar paneling.

If these are not enough, customers could have their G Class ride on large alloy wheels measuring 21 inches, 22 inches, or 23 inches. For discerning clients, Mansory is offering special 23-inch M8 double-spoke light alloy wheels with a wheel hub cover that is always horizontally aligned. These wheels could be wrapped in 305/35R23 tires.

Of course, the interior of the G Class could be customized by Mansory according to the wishes of customers. Masonry employs the finest materials in carbon and Alcantara leather to make the interior of the G Class more suitable to customers’ taste, like on its seats, dashboard, headliner and carpet fittings.

The changes are of course not complete without any revisions to the engine of the G Class. For instance, Masonry tuned the bi-turbo 5.5-liter V8 engine in the AMG G63 to develop more power than its usual output of 563 hp (420 kW) and torque of 560 lb.-ft. (760 Nm). In particular, Masonry fitted racing elements on the V8 engine like racing engine pistons, cylinder head, connecting rod bearings, connecting rods and crankshaft. Moreover, this engine is provided with a newly designed exhaust system with double stainless-steel tailpipes. These upgrades allowed the V8 engine to deliver an output of 840 hp (618 kW) and an electronically restricted torque of 848 lb-ft (1,150 Nm).

Press Release

New MANSORY Wide body Kit for the Mercedes-Benz G-class

When Kourosh Mansory and his team undertake to refine a premium car, then you can expect spectacular results. This is also the case with the new wide-body chassis program for the current Mercedes-Benz G-class, with versions for the model series G63, G65, G350 and G500. Striking extensions and noble carbon-fibre components now complement the proven MANSORY product range, consisting of elegant alloy wheels, powerful performance enhancements and superb interior finishing.

As soon as the Mercedes-Benz G-class leaves the factory, it is already an impressive eye-catcher. However, MANSORY manages to confer a masculine, as well as elegant, carbon dress to the edgy off-roader´s serial chassis. Under the collective term, G wide body kit, MANSORY offers an extensive set, consisting of fender flares, door skins, as well as a front and rear bumper. This set, entirely produced from carbon, as well as partially consisting of carbon fibre, extends the serial chassis by 40 millimetres. The price starts at 18.900,- euros, plus value added tax. As if that were not enough, the enthusiastic G customer can complete his carbon-fibre upgrade with a lightweight hood, a roof panel and a roof spoiler, with either two - or four position lights. Door handles, rear-view mirror housing, headlight covers and panelling of the A-pillar, complement the carbon splendour.

Various 21-, 22 -, or 23-inch-wide alloy wheels, on the customer's request, additionally enhance the impressive appearance of the refined MANSORY SUV sustainably, and at the same time, skilfully complete the wider wheel arches. The exclusive 23-inch M8 double-spoke wheel presents you with a sporty-looking light-alloy wheel with a wheel hub cover, which is constantly horizontally aligned, as a special feature. MANSORY mounted 305/35R23 tyres on the mono-block cast wheels, for excellent adherence.

To complement the optical performance, the refining specialist also offers the matching performance enhancements. The MANSORY engine division completely revised the eight-cylinder Biturbo of the AMG G63, adding authentic racing components: engine pistons, connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft, cylinder head and many more features, which meet company owner Kourosh Mansory's high standards. The newly designed exhaust set, from the manifold up to the double stainless-steel tailpipes, which exude their bewitching sound on the flanks, ensure superior performance data. Instead of 544 HP (400 kW), the G63, revised by MANSORY, achieves an impressive 840 HP (618 kW), while the maximum torque increases to the electronically limited 1.150 Newton metres.

On demand, the G-model´s customisation extends to the interior. The entire interior fittings can be restyled in the in-house saddlery: from the dashboard, across the seats, headliner and carpet fittings: the team thereby demonstrates that MANSORY processes only the very best, flawless top-quality Alcantara leather, and, of course, only perfectly manufactured carbon.

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