MTM works with DIRKS to launch VW Amarok V8 DESERT edition

Article by Christian A., on May 31, 2016

MTM has partnered with the DIRKS group to release the Volkswagen Amarok V8 DESERT edition. The launch of this double-cab pick-up comes at the heels of the cruising-oriented STREET model and is powered by the TDi 4.2-litre V8 engine the delivers a maximum power of 410 hp (302 kW) and peak torque of 930 Nm with just around 2,000 rpm to 3,000 rpm. With these figures, it is clear that even the desert itself would tremble at the prospect of facing the V8 Passion DESERT.

Maximum speed, subject to the type of the tire, can go as high as 240 km/h with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in merely 6 seconds. With this performance, it was necessary to upgrade the brakes with the one on the front axle measuring 405mm x 36mm while the rear axle has 356 x 22mm. It carries the BBS 10 x 20” rims with the Cooper off-road tyres sized 305/50 ZR 20. This makes the V8 DESERT appear to be ready for anything, even the wilderness.

Meanwhile the Volkswagen Amarok will be introduced under three different equipment lines. The first is of course the Amarok which relies mainly on having pieces that are tough yet purely mechanical. One can expect therefore that operations like window lifts, mirror adjustment, and door locking mechanisms, are all manually done. For this particular line, the mirrors and door handles are unpainted.

Even the front bumper is unpainted as well. This makes the Amarok perfect for heavy duty use. It also has a very special feature. That is, the navigation and radio system antennas have been fully integrated with its door mirrors. The standard features are what you would expect like the truck bed lighting, locking glove box, variable folding rear bench seat, and height-adjustable front seats. Next is the Volkswagen Amarok Trendline which offers convenience features. For the Trendline, the mirror housings, door handles, and front bumper, are painted in the same color as that of the body.

While the Amarok relied mainly on being mechanical, the Trendline has features that are powered electronically like the mirror adjusters, window lifts, and door locks. Other standard equipment includes the front fog lights, multi-functional display, cruise control system, Climatic semi-automatic climate control system, and the radio that comes equipped with a CD player. Its strong image is highlighted by the 16-inch alloy wheels. Finally there is the Volkswagen Amarok Highline. Compared to the first two, this particular line has features exclusive to it. While it builds on the equipment line of the Trendline, some have been upgraded for the Highline.

The interior and exterior for example have different chrome highlights. Even the mirror housing is partly in chrome. It is equipped with alloy 17-inch wheels and fender flares, also in the same color as its body. The top equipment line has a colour contrasting instrument panel, though this may depend on how the vehicle is configurated. The interior also has a sound system that delivers high performance while the fabric seat covers have a classy feel to them.

Ensuring that passengers get exceptional comfort is the Climatronic automatic climate control system. Amarok though will not only be offering a host of standard features but will also have a wide-ranging accessories program. These extensive accessories range from its styling bar up to the running boards, and even cargo cover. There is also the versatile Multi-Connect mounting system, standard with the Trendline.

It even offers large options for alloy wheels. Because of its excellent interior dimensions, the Amarok offer the best space for its class. As one may expect from the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and even the Amarok, the ergonomics of the vehicle has indeed been finely tuned. This results in a generous seating layout, easy entry, and lots of headroom especially for the driver. When there’s only the driver and the front passenger occupying the vehicle, there is the option of folding the rear seats to have more cargo space for the interior. Even if there are passengers, the rear bench has the right amount of leg room to ensure that the Amarok is a comfortable five-seater.

The Volkswagen Amarok Double Cab has these dimensions: 1,620 mm wide and 1,555 mm long. This results in a truck bed area totalling 2.52 square meters, the largest for its class. The maximum load width between wheel wells measures 1,222 mm, which like the truck bed, makes it the "best in class.” It is now also possible to stock up on Euro pallets that measure 1.2m x 0.8 m, provided it is done sideways.

The new space saving feature and large dimensions allow it to easily load sports equipment or even large machinery. Payload capacity for instance can reach 1.15 metric tons while load sill height is at 780 millimeters. It can even pull a trailer load weighing as much as 2.8 metric tons. Tie-down eyes have been placed at each of the truck bed’s four corners in order to protect the cargo being transported. The dimensions are not the only aspects that make the Amarok the best in the pickup segment but it manages to set new standards when it comes to safety.

While the airbags for the driver and the front passenger are standard, unlike those in its class, the Amarok also includes head/thorax airbags. The head restraints are height-adjustable while the outer seating positions all have the three-point safety belts. In particular the seat belts on the front have belt tensioners. The one on the driver even has an acoustic and visual belt warning system. The actual equipment features however will depend on the country.

There are other features that ensure the Amarok has a high level of active safety. The one being marketed in Europe for instance has as standard equipment the electronic stabilization program. However, all models that have the trailer prep will include the electronic stabilization program and even the trailer stabilization system. There is also the "Off-Road Mode", which is available once the vehicle reaches speeds of 100 km/h.

This setting can be activated by simply pressing a button and what it does is tune the electronic stabilization program, anti-lock braking system, anti-slip regulation, and electronic differential locks in order to meet the challenges presented by off-road conditions. The anti-lock braking system for example can lower the braking distance when driving on gravel or off-road. It can adjust to match the current road composition.

When the "Off-Road Mode" is triggered but the Amarok is running at a speed that is slower than 30 km/h, that system also activates the Hill Descent Assist. What it does is use targeted brake actuations to make sure that driving speed is maintained especially when the vehicle is undergoing a steep descent. When the Hill Descent Assist is turned on, it also allows the driver to personally adjust the speed of the vehicle by either braking or accelerating in order to match the driving situation.

This is a first for the pickup segment. For vehicles that do not have the electronic stabilization program, the "Off-Road Mode" generally comprise the Off-Road anti-lock braking system and the anti-slip regulation.

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