TECHART unveils fourth generation of Magnum refinement for Porsche Cayenne models

Article by Christian A., on December 2, 2015

The Porsche Cayenne is already a beauty by itself. But to find a more refined, more powerful and more breathtaking Porsche Cayenne, it would be better to approach TECHART Automobildesign GmbH.

TECHART is unveiling the latest refinement offering for the fourth generation Cayenne – the Measure of Things in terms of Premium Refinement for the 4th Cayenne Generation.

This transforms a Porsche Cayenne into the vaunted TECHART Magnum. TECHART Magnum was first launched in 2004, and it then became a renowned brand name.

Basically an extensive modification of the Cayenne body, TECHART Magnum is not only limited to exterior styling, since the company is also offering performance kits designed to boost the vehicle's operations.

Now on its fourth generation, TECHART Magnums now number over 1,200 units around the world – from the first to third generations. TECHART Magnum individualization range boasts of an emotional yet dynamic design line and the seemingly unlimited array of customization options.

This is basically the reason why TECHART is investing its money on OE-quality materials and precision tooling as well as production processes. Thus, TECHART has become more than able to produce not only high quality products but also easy-to-install refinements.

Not only that, TECHART Magnum is still easy to maintain despite its slew of sophisticated design details. Additionally, all components of the TECHART Magnum are perfectly compatible with the feature options of the Porsche Cayenne models.

Along with the TECHART Magnum body kit, Cayenne owners seeking further personalization and refinement could avail of the complete TECHART program, which includes chassis options like the TECHART Air Suspension Module »Sport« that favors more agile ride height as well as the Automatic Parking Level that lowers the vehicle after the owner locks it to provide a low imposing appearance when parked.

Magnum customers could also avail of the lightweight 22-inch TECHART Formula IV wheel as well as of the option to customize the paint colors or finishes of the TECHART components. Moreover, they could also avail of TECHART handcrafted interiors that are known not only for their quality, but also for their design and craftsmanship.

They may likewise opt for TECHART carbon fiber surfaces, TECHART sport steering wheels, personalized instrument dials, sports pedals or customized door entry guards. No matter what Magnum customers want for the exterior or interior of their cars, TECHART will surely have plenty to offer them.

Exterior Design

While the latest iteration of the vehicle features a new design, the styling is unmistakably a TECHART Magnum.

First off, the TECHART Magnum features a front laden with tightly shaped surfaces. Likewise, the vehicle's bumper and front spoiler as well as side air intakes are seamlessly surrounded by the TECHART shape. Additionally, the front apron design and the splitter – which could be availed in carbon fiber – make the Cayenne appear lower, thus creating the impression of a wide stance and a solid appearance.

The stance of the Cayenne is made even wider by the wheel arch extensions and side skirts. On the other hand, the central radiator grill merges with the side air intakes, which have airframes that include the TECHART daytime running light units. These Airframes feature a shape similar to that of aircraft engine intake systems.

Since the entire Magnum front apron features a modular construction, it has become possible to seamlessly add new elements into the vehicle. Meanwhile, the carbon fiber TECHART Aero Engine Lid features a unique and dynamic styling.

This lid features two air outlets and it can be availed in body color, in matt or in high-gloss carbon fiber finish. On the rear, the TECHART Magnum features side air outlets that reinterpret the Airframes of the front apron.

This part of the vehicle also features a rear diffusor, which can be availed in contrasted color or carbon fiber finish as options. Not to be missed are the new TECHART sports tailpipes in a hybrid structure design. These tailpipes -- made of carbon fiber and surrounds inner stainless steel pipes -- are installed in concave ducts found in the Magnum rear apron. Moreover, the rear hatch features a spoiler trim with an aerodynamic edge. It also boasts of an impressive roof spoiler.

All of the parts and components installed on the TECHART Magnum are made from high materials and have undergone an intricate manufacturing process – resulting to full technical compatibility and flawless surfaces. Thus all these parts are very easy to install and can be detailed in prime paintwork.

Likewise, the Magnum bodykit, if possible, employs original mounting points of the Cayenne’s body structure, thereby making sure all parts fuse seamlessly with the series bodyshell.

To allow easy access and maintenance, the vehicle front apron features service lids at its underbody. While air intakes greatly enhance the looks of the TECHART Magnum, they really help cool the engine through the ducts and air passages on the front apron.

In short these air intakes also help improve air flow and optimum heat dissipation. Moreover, TECHART has taken into account the fact that the Cayenne could be availed with a wide variety of feature options like assistance systems or equipment.

Thus, everything on the TECHART Magnum is pre-installed and the available parts -- position lamps, the radar sensor of the adaptive cruise control system or ParkAssist sensors – are ready for safe installation. For Cayenne models with a towbar system, the available Magnum rear diffusor can be detached sans any tools to access the towbar unit.

For Cayenne models with the optional electrically deployed towball, the vehicle features an electronic safety locking system that won't let go of the towball as long as the TECHART Magnum diffusor is attached.


Customers could avail of any of the three available engine kits. The power kit for the engine of the Cayenne S Diesel (TA058/SD1) increases its output by 26 kW (35 hp) while the package for the engine for Cayenne Turbo (TA058/T1) hikes its output by 59 kW (80 hp).

Meanwhile, another enhancement kit for the engine of the Cayenne Turbo (TA058/T2) hikes its output by 132 kW (180 hp). When installed, the TA058/T2 enhancement kit hikes engine output and torque of the Cayenne Turbo from 520 hp to 700 hp and 750 Nm to 920 Nm. The engine delivers the needed power in two stages.

First, under normal driving operations, a maximum of 640 hp can be tapped on full load. Second, when the Sport button is pressed -- standard in all Cayenne Turbo models -- the full 700 hp is delivered between 5,400 and 6,000 rpm. Likewise, the maximum torque becomes available at just 4,400 rpm.

With this amount of power, the TECHART Magnum derived from the Cayenne Turbo could accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds and reach a max track speed of 295 km/h.

TA058/T2 features TECHART’s intelligent engine management system -- TECHTRONIC – that works along with the standard engine control unit of the Cayenne Turbo, thereby harmonizing the interaction of the engine and the new TECHART components.

The power enhancement kit also includes TECHART high performance exhaust manifolds and TECHART turbochargers with ball bearing compressor/turbine shafts – all effectively using the exhaust energy. TECHART's turbochargers work by hiking the air throughput. These turbochargers feature a dynamic response with a quick boost pressure upsurge and high stability.

To further increase the performance level of the TECHART Magnum, the company installed optimized oil and water pipes as well as sport air filters for an un-throttled intake. Moreover, TECHART used a specific wiring for data communication with the motor sensors.

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