AC Schnitzer offers upgrade package for Jaguar F-Pace

Article by Christian A., on June 8, 2017

German tuning shop AC Schnitzer is all well-known for tweaking aftermarket vehicles made by BMW and Mini as well as, to some extent, Land Rover. However, that doesn’t mean that this famed German tuner is limited to tuning such vehicle makes. As proof, it recently churned a vehicle from Land Rover’s sister brand, Jaguar.

However, AC Schnitzer’s latest creation is somewhat subdued when compared to its previous works. We are referring to a tweaked version of the Jaguar F-Pace, courtesy, of course, of AC Schnitzer. Nonetheless, the tweaks made on the Jaguar F-Pace are visually enticing as well as performance enhancing. After all the works were done, this F-Pace became the very first Jaguar that AC Schnitzer has tuned.

Up front, the most apparent changes include the installation of a new front fascia with a carbon fiber diffuser – a new aerodynamic component that could be availed on the "R-Sport," "S," "Pure," "Prestige," or "Portfolio" trims of the Jaguar F-Pace. This aerodynamic element on the front is matched on the rear with the addition of a new rear roof wing, thereby allowing the tweaked F-Pace to generate more downforce than its regular counterpart.

But there is more. This tweaked Jaguar F-Pace is provided with new sports exhaust system that makes it roar angrier than a typical model. Clients who owned a Jaguar F-Pace powered by a 2.0-liter diesel engine (2.0d) or a 3.0-liter diesel mill (3.0d) could avail of a set of stainless steel exhaust tips from AC Schnitzer in either "Sport" or "Sport Black" versions. This is complemented by a sound module that allows drivers to choose from and manage six different growls through a remote control.

This visually tweaked Jaguar F-Pace rides on a set of AC Schnitzer AC2 22-inch alloy wheels that could be finished in either black and silver or black and anthracite. These sporty rims are wrapped in 265/40 R22 wheels. Supporting the weight of the SUV is a special suspension kit from AC Schnitzer suspension kit, which lowers the Jaguar F-Pace by 0.8 inches (20 mm) on the front, and an inch (25 mm) on the rear. At a lower ground clearance and height, the tweaked Jaguar F-Pace could now offer greater handling when moving at higher speeds.

Of course, some changes were also implemented in the cabin of the Jaguar F-Pace SUV, although these modifications were subtle. For instance, the floor is hugged by velour mats as matched by a key fob – both AC Schnitzer-branded.

AC Schnitzer didn’t disclose the amount the clients need to shell to have their Jaguar F-Pace fitted with these modifications. However, the German tuning company is expected to publish the prices when the upgrade package becomes available in September 2017.

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