Carlsson presents minty-green Diospyros version of Mercedes-Benz S 500 Convertible

Article by Christian A., on December 13, 2016

How would a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet look like once German tuner Carlsson does its work over this premium car? Well, the people at Carlsson got a Mercedes S 500 Convertible and gave it a number of modifications that it referred to as the Diospyros package.

One of the most glaring revisions made on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet is the exterior color wrapping its metal sheet. Diospyros is wrapped in a light mint green color that Carlsson has dubbed as "Carlsson Heritage Green." This modern mono-color paint, which was developed by Carlsson in collaboration with Standox color specialists, produces a golden shimmer when it is exposed to sunlight.

This Carlsson Heritage Green is accentuated by a piano lacquer finish in multiple parts like the car’s grille and bars. Another visual revision made on the Diospyros could be seen on the front end of the car – a diamond grille with Carlsson’s stallion logo.

On the rear, the Diospyros features flat LED taillights that help visually emphasize the car’s width. Exterior revisions aren’t complete without fitting new rims onto the new Diospyros. This revised S 500 Convertible sports especially developed Carlsson 1/12 EVO wheels with short spokes, measuring 9Jx20 on the front axle and 10,5Jx20 on the rear axle.

If you are wondering how the Diospyros got its moniker, well, it was derived from name of the ultra-fine wood used throughout the cabriolet’s interior. Diospyros Crassiflora is the scientific name for West African ebony or Gabon ebony, a low-lad rainforest tree that is endemic to Western Africa.

This wood is not only hard and durable, but also features very fine pores and can be polished to a high luster. The interior also extensive employs high-quality nappa leather in "Vintage Cognac" color. Together, the highly refined wood from the West African ebony and the high-quality nappa leather creates a certain harmony that makes the interior more elegant.

Typically, the bi-turbo V8 engine in the S 500 Convertible delivers 448 hp (455 PS) of output and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque. However, Carlsson was able to tune this engine to deliver 542 hp (550 PS) of output and 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) of torque for the Diospyros. Such increase should make the Diospyros quicker and faster when sprinting from zero to 100 km/h. While Carlsson is silent about any improvements in performance, we still could expect the Diospyros to provide an exhilarating yet elegant ride.

For those interested in availing of the Diospyros, clients have to shell out between EUR214,000 (without VAT) and EUR336,000 (without VAT). Prices vary depending on the engine and equipment picked by customers.

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