Mansory reveals dark yet more powerful version of Mercedes-AMG GLS 63

Article by Christian A., on May 5, 2017

Mansory is one of the aftermarket tuners that could turn a vehicle into an extreme creation. Its makeovers usually don’t only entail dramatic visual modifications but also include performance tweaks. Now, a Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 had such honor to receive one of Mansory’s extreme makeovers, and it looks menacingly splendid.

The Mercedes-AMG GLS63 is easily the S Class of the SUV world. In terms of power, luxury, spaciousness and even technology, the GLS63 could be considered as a dominant model. This is primarily why the GLS 63 premium performance SUV is one of the favorite vehicles that aftermarket tuners like to tweak. Brabus has already released its own turned version of the AMG GLS 63, the Brabus 850 XL. Now, it is Mansory’s turn to showcase its own interpretation of the AMG GLS 63.

Compared to the guise of a typical AMG GLS 63, the appearance of Mansory’s version simply looks more dominant and aggressive. Its more menacing looks aren’t just because of its dark finish, but also thanks to its wider body. Mansory widened the body of the AMG GLS 63 by 25 mm on the front and 40 mm on the rear. Moreover, the side skirts of this tweaked AMG GLS 63 were designed to lend the SUV lower yet more stretched looks.

Interestingly, these new side skirts were also designed to improve airflow along the sides. Mansory’s AMG GLS 63 rides on 22-inch multi-spoke wheels or on the new 23-inch Y5/1 rim. These ultra-light wheels could be paired with a lowering module for the pneumatic suspension. This option could lower the SUV by 30 mm.

Likewise, the more assertive appearance of Mansory’s AMG GLS 63 is brought by its new front end. This premium performance SUV is provided with a new front spoiler with larger air intakes as well as integrated daytime running lights. These details are complemented with a new front lip -- in visible carbon – that help reduce aerodynamic lift. The changes in the front end also include a weight-optimized carbon fiber bonnet designed to enhance engine breathing.

There are also a couple of changes on the rear end – like the fitment of elegant spoiler to the original tailgate and a diffusor rear spoiler.

As usual, Mansory’s works aren’t limited to visual effects as there are sure to be performance tweaks as well. For the AMG GLS 63, its 5.5-liter V8 engine was tuned to feature a sports silencer, a sports air filter and a new motor management system. This allowed the engine to get a boost of power to 840 hp (618 kW) of max output and 848 lb.-ft. (1,150 Nm) of peak torque. Likewise, Mansory removed the electronic top speed limiter (155 mph or 250 kph), enabling the AMG GLS 63 go as fast as 183 mph (295 kph).

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