Posaidon boosts output of Mercedes-AMG G63 to 850 HP

Article by Christian A., on October 18, 2017

We all know about the Mercedes-AMG G63 and its capabilities, and we must say that it is one powerful SUV. However, it seems like one tuning company is still not satisfied with what it could already offer, so it decided to beef it up with an even bigger powertrain. But we have to say that German aftermarket tuner Posaidon did the right thing when it decided to upgrade the G63 in terms of looks and performance.

Now called the Posaidon G63 RS 850, it continues to have the same 5.5 liter biturbo V8 engine under its hood, except it has been tweaked to carry out as much as 850 horsepower (633 kilowatts) and 995 pound-feet (1,350 Newton-metres) of torque. This allows for a 3.6 second time when doing the 0-62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) sprint. The boosted engine now has quite an impressive top speed of 285 kmh (177 mph). For the sake of comparison, the G63’s original 5.5 liter engine only gave out 571 horsepower (425 kW) and 560 pound-feet (760 Nm) of torque from the factory.

Thanks to a remapped ECU with upgraded internals to the seven speed AMG Speedshift G-Tronic gearbox that made the performance upgrade possible. Other than that, the chassis also got a little bit of an upgrade, which now features an adaptive damping system with three varying settings. The modified Mercedes-AMG G63 now comes with a set of 10.5 x 22 inch alloy wheels that wear 285/40R22 high performance tires. It comes with gold-painted brake calipers just like that of the less powerful S63 AMG.

Moving into the cabin, one would be reminded of the exterior with the carbon fiber trim and contrasting yellow stitching. The exterior’s Solar Beam Yellow paint comes from the “Crazy Color Edition”, paired with a set of blacked out wheels and contrasting gold brake calipers. This was selected to assure that the vehicle stands out of the parking lot, and in traffic. The tuner also gave the Posaidon G63 RS 850 its in-house speed camera update that can easily be installed into the Command online navigation system.

Though Posaidon did not mention how much it would cost to get this level of upgrade, expect to pay a hefty amount for that much extra horsepower. Regardless of how much this update would cost, we do think that Posaidon’s modifications are pretty solid, and that they really know what they are doing. What we do know is that a standard G63 has an asking price of $141,300 for the base model.

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A car that accelerates to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds, with a 285 km/h top speed is normally a sports car or super saloon. However, when these numbers relate to 2.6 tons of big and bold Mercedes G-Class, people sit up and take notice.

With 571 hp and 760 Nm from its M157 bi-turbo V8 engine the standard G63 AMG on which POSAIDON base their G RS 850 conversion is certainly no wimp. However, the POSAIDON modifications of uprated intake and intercooling system, in-house upgraded turbochargers and stainless steel sport exhaust system with sound damper control and free-flow sport catalytic converters realize a power increase to 850 hp. Torque and top speed are electronically limited to 1,350 Nm and 285 km/h.

Optimisation with all the new hardware is carried out with bespoke remapping of the ECU protocols, and the AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic gearbox also receives uprated internals as well as a software remap to perfectly match the more powerful motor.

Such a significant power increase requires a commensurate improvement in chassis performance, and POSAIDON equips the G-chassis with an adaptive damping system featuring three possible settings.

Mechanical grip is enhanced with the fitment of 10.5x22-inch alloy wheels shod with 285/40R22 high performance tires. These black Y-spoke wheels present a stark contrast to the luminous AMG Solarbeam paintwork and the big gold painted brake calipers behind them. The S63 AMG high performance brake system adapted for life on the G RS 850 uses six-pot calipers clamping 420 mm carbon-ceramic discs in front, and 360 mm ceramic discs with four-pot calipers at the rear.

The special factory leather interior of this "Crazy Color" special edition G features contrasting yellow seams and carbon-fibre trim. POSAIDON also offers their in-house speed camera update, which integrates comfortably into the COMAND Online-System.

Source: Posaidon

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