Schropp Tuning transforms Ford Mustang GT into 807 hp monster

Article by Christian A., on May 27, 2017

It’s no wonder that the Ford Mustang has been conquering other auto markets aside from the United States. This muscle car boasts of an epic yet modern design as underpinned by a powerful engine and a horde of new technologies. Even in Europe, the Ford Mustang has been raking sales after sales, with over 15,000 units delivered to customers in its first full-year of sales.

With the Mustang’s rising popularity in Europe, tuning companies would surely try their luck to modifying this epic muscle car. One of them is German tuning firm Schropp Tuning owned by Peter Schropp. Their choice of car was the current version of the Ford Mustang GT, and the result was astonishing.

Powered by a 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine that delivers 421 hp of max output, the Ford Mustang GT is definitely an ideal car to tune. Of course, the amount of power emanating from its V8 mill isn’t a joke, as this allows the Mustang GT to sprint and speed in outstanding levels. But the Schropp Tuning team probably thinks that this level of power isn’t enough, so it centered its tuning scheme – in two stages -- on the already dynamic naturally aspirated V8 engine of the Ford Mustang GT. Some visual tweaks were also implemented to the now more powerful Schropp Mustang.

In the first stage, Schropp Tuning employed a so-called SF600 engine conversion to increase the power output of the V8 unit. This conversion entailed the use of a supercharger to increase the output to around 600 hp. It also employed an ECU remap to tweak the engine’s fuelling, ignition and boost curves. To show the results of the SF600 engine conversion, Schropp Tuning employed dyno plots -- before and after the process. Schropp Tuning also provided clients with an SCT-X4- Flasher with the standard ECU map to serve as a backup.

In the second stage, Schropp Tuning offers the SF600R engine conversion that brings the power potential of the Schropp Mustang to supercar territory. Yes, the second stage of Mustang GT tuning offered by Schropp Tuning allows the V8 engine to deliver 807 hp of max output and 950 Nm of peak torque – which is basically lurking on the power range provided by supercars.

To achieve this level of power, the SF600R engine conversion entailed the employment of a new Coyote engine block with uprated cylinder liners as well as of race-grade low-compression pistons linked to a steel billet crankshaft by stronger connecting rods. Likewise, the SF600R engine conversion features high flow oil pump with appropriate fuel, spark and boost curves mapped into the ECU.

The Schropp Mustang with SF600R also features Schropp valve control sports exhaust system with four branch manifolds, HJS 200-cell free flow sport catalytic convertors and 76 mm diameter pipes. The suspension system, meanwhile, employs KW V3 coilover suspension, a propshaft, driveshafts, and a carbon-fiber front suspension tower brace.

Completing the transformation of the Mustang GT into the Schropp Mustang are visual tweaks courtesy of WRAPworks. The Schropp Mustang is wrapped in white-green- grey color scheme with ‘Schropp Tuning’ lettering on the flanks. It also features an open grille, a carbon fiber front splitter and an FM-05- R rear wing as well as Osram daytime running lights and bonnet lifters. The Schropp Mustang rides on 9.0 and 10.5x21-inches alloy wheels finished in black as wrapped in 255/30R21 tires on the front and 285/30R21 at the rear.

Inside, the Schropp Mustang features an Alcantara-covered Mustang GT350R steering wheel with a yellow band at 12 o’clock.

Press Release

Schropp Tuning SF600R - A wild Mustang with 807 hp / 950 Nm

A powerful bent-crank V8 installed in a car that evokes the image of its legendary ancestor. These are the main ingredients of the current Ford Mustang GT, whose sales success is going from strength to strength.

Now Peter Schropp and his Schropp Tuning team have taken the Mustang GT Coupé and created their own interpretation of a modern American muscle car, centred on a major rework of the 421 hp naturally aspirated 5.0 litre, 32-valve V8 motor.

Their SF600 engine conversion uses a supercharger to lift the engine’s output to 600 hp along with an ECU remap to look after the bespoke fuelling, ignition and boost curves. The conversion comes complete with before and after dyno plots to show the improvements in power and torque, and the customer also receives an SCT-X4- Flasher with the standard ECU map as a backup.

If this is still not enough for a power hungry owner, Schropp Tuning have an SF600R version that guarantees major league supercar performance. This conversion requires significant internal upgrades such as a new Coyote engine block with uprated cylinder liners, race grade low compression pistons connected to a steel billet crankshaft by stronger connecting rods, high flow oil pump and other modifications. Appropriate fuel, spark and boost curves are mapped into the ECU for a whopping 807 hp, with 950 Nm of torque.

The exhaust gases are expelled more rapidly by the Schropp valve control sports exhaust system. Featuring four branch manifolds, HJS 200-cell free flow sport catalytic convertors and 76 mm diameter pipes this system significantly reduces backpressure and gives the car its deep, powerful voice.

To help deliver this humungous power to the tarmac safely and with minimal drama Schropp installs an propshaft and driveshafts, KW V3 coilover suspension, and a carbon-fibre front suspension tower brace. The cross-drilled and slotted StopTech vented high performance brakes are a recommended option.

WRAPworks turned the Schropp Mustang into a real eye-catcher with a dramatic white-green- grey colour scheme with ‘Schropp Tuning’ script on the cars flanks. Physical modifications include a carbon- fibre front splitter and open grille, while an FM-05- R rear wing reduces lift over the rear axle at speed. Osram daytime running lights and bonnet lifters complete the conversion.

Black finished 9.0 and 10.5x21-inches alloy wheels wrapped in 255/30R21 and 285/30R21 tyres are fitted all round, the front wheels using 15 mm spacers in front to bring them to the edge of the wheel arches.

A nice finishing touch in the cabin is the Alcantara covered Mustang GT350R steering wheel, complete with a yellow band at 12 o'clock.

Source: Schropp Tuning

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