TopCar Inferno based on 2017 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63

Article by Christian A., on October 26, 2016

At the get go, the GLE 63 from Mercedes-Benz comes with a commanding appearance. This is true especially under the AMG style. Now here comes the TopCar version, called Inferno. There have been a number of takes on this mid-sized luxury crossover but with the Inferno package, TopCar has managed to come up with its own version of the GLE to give it a look that is more aggressive.

This aggressiveness is likely due to the fact that one look at this particular offering and it immediately brings to mind the Star Wars universe, particularly Stormtroopers or even Shoretroopers.

Russia-based tuning company had previously released a GLE Coupe with the Inferno where components of the exterior have been infused with carbon. Indeed, TopCar managed to put carbon fiber on each component of the body kit and all of these at a starting price of €20,205 ($22,580). These components include, among others, the bonnet, grille, side skirts, door handles, front bumper, rear diffuser, and trunk lid. TopCar is even offering to place a customized logo to replace the three-pointed star with a shark.

For those with something extra to spare, TopCar is offering enhancements not only on the exterior but even on the interior. These improvements are seen to complement everything done on the exterior. Among many improvements, these include perforated Nappa leather and carbon detailing.

The leather covering meanwhile follows a diamond pattern and is present not only on the seats’ middle section but can be seen on the armrest and a portion of the door panels.

In terms of performance though, TopCar did not mention any changes. However, the GLE 63 has an output of 123 HP (125 PS) with peak torque of 110 lb.-ft. (149 Nm). Meanwhile the GLE 63 S delivers output of 129 HP (131 PS) and top torque at 117 lb.-ft. (159 Nm).

Exterior Design

While the latest offering comes with add-ons similar to the ones being offered previously, one difference is that this time around, the tuning company utilized a standard kit. For those who want to avail all of the 23 add-ons being offered, one would need to shell out, at the very least, €17,395 ($18,935).

At this price, TopCar is offering a new design for the exterior with the bumpers for both the front area and the rear section having a new design as well. While the bumpers will have extra inserts and lips, the bumper in the rear comes with a new diffuser.

New as well are the spoiler and the side skirts with the fenders not only redesigned but even extended. Rounding up this package are the HRE 22-inch wheels with a brake system in carbon ceramic housed inside. It should be noted though that at the price mentioned, no changes are done with respect to the painting and installation, the grille, or even the hood.

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