Topcar gives Porsche 911 (991) Turbo an exclusive carbon fiber body finish, plus 650 hp power boost

Article by Christian A., on April 5, 2017

In the previous year, the Russian Tuner Topcar announced that it has built a carbon fiber exoskeleton replacement for the Porsche 911 (991) Turbo. And now the tuning company is currently intensifying the curiosity of the public by offering 3 limited edition Carbon Sports Cars. The tuner has added more improvements to the Porsche 911 but reduced its overall weight.

Plenty of third party tuner companies are found in the market, often making their living from clients wanting to further upgrade their vehicles, whether it’s the exterior or the interior part of the automobile. Kahn Design, Startech, Onyx Concept and Arden are currently the most popular players in the tuners league and there's no stopping them from making their passion a reality.

Now TopCar is offering something no one can refuse, by building a set that entirely swaps out every panel of the facelifted Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S for a carbon fiber finish. Carbon fiber parts can have such a large impact in regards to decreasing the weight of a vehicle. Now TopCar is making everybody swoon asthey built a car exoskeleton in pure carbon fiber fashion, excluding the roof and part of the door. Moreover, Topcar decided for the Carbon edition to go unpainted for the public to feast their eyes on the sizeable modifications done.

If you want to obtain this limited edition 17-piece carbon fiber set, it will cost you around £37,500 ($39,600) plus £4,200 if you decide to purchase the GT3 RS style front fenders. The tuner company will also add a set of forged ADV.1 21 inch wheels. For the interior part, the Russian tuner will install brand new leather upholstery and will also install a modified steering wheel with white outlines. Aside from the apparent modified look, the Carbon Edition will gain a power upgrade that takes the engine output from the stock Turbo S of 573 HP (427 kW) to 650 HP (485 kW). Moreover, Topcar didn't reveal the exact changes done, but the modification includes improved exhaust care from Capristo.

With an endless pool of car enthusiasts all over the world eager to get their hands on the modified Porsche 911, it is expected that there is no shortage of buyers for the 3 limited edition Carbon Fiber Porsche 911. Nonetheless, the German automaker Porsche is preparing to produce a more dynamic 911 Turbo that will be coming from their homestead and will be released to their loyal patrons fresh from the factory.

New 911 GT2 is reportedly in the process of production with a 7 speed dual-clutch Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), Company CEO Oliver Blume exclaimed. The GT2's power produced from the 3.8 L bi-turbo flat six is allegedly around 650 HP (485 kW), identical to the Topcar's modified Porsche 911. Sounds like a competition is slowly brewing. The output is channelled to the rear wheels with the Porsche's rear wheel steering system helping with handling. The GT2 is expected to debut at a still-unnamed Auto Show this year.

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