Give your McLaren 570S Coupé, 570GT, or 570S Spider a meaner sound by installing MSO titanium exhaust

Article by Christian A., on February 15, 2018

British automaker McLaren developed their MSO (McLaren Special Operations) division to make their already exclusive vehicles a little more bespoke. And today, we are going to discuss some of their newest and coolest products that indicate the company’s expertise in style and performance to the Sports Series range.

For instance, if you own a 570S Coupe, 570GT and 570S Spider, and you want to achieve a meaner sound, you can always order the new titanium exhaust. It is actually lighter than the stock unit by 11 pounds (5 kilograms). Best of all, it makes the sound it produces five decibels louder. MSO claims that the car’s new tone sounds cleaner and crisper, and that this comes from the rear end of the vehicle.

Today, the titanium exhaust runs 4,750 pounds ($6,570 at current exchange rates), and this part can be had in a Nano Black finish, instead of the standard Nano Clear colour. The good news here is that these add-ons will not only be available as an option for new cars, as later this year, MSO will be offering these as an upgrade to already existing Sports Series owners.

Apart from the new exhausts, the 570S Coupe and 570GT will be getting upgrades from MSO known as the Defined Black Pack. These replace the standard Dark Palladium grey exterior trim on the front splitter, aero blades, side skirts, side air intakes, door inserts, rear diffuser, spoiler and bumper. The waist finisher as well as the rear deck will also get the same darkened appearance in the 570S Coupe.

That’s not all that MSO has for the 540C Coupe, 570S Coupe, 570GT and 570S Spider, as they are now offering a new set of carbon fiber door sill covers for these as well. As for performance, MSO has nothing to offer for this, but the branding definitely adds some visual niceties when people step into the car.

Lastly, McLaren Special Operations Division gives special treatment to the smallest detail. They can turn your key into a fashion accessory, which they will paint in either Black or the automaker’s signature shade of orange.

Ansar Ali, MSO managing director, said that the main goal of this division is to give opportunities for McLaren owners to personalize their cars by selecting from a portfolio that is tailor made for each McLaren Series. MSO surely has the customer’s back when it comes to customizing their vehicles and making them even more impressive.

Press Release

McLaren Special Operations extends range of MSO Defined options for Sports Series with new Black Pack and Titanium SuperSports Exhaust

New MSO Defined Black Pack for 570S Coupé and 570GT as an alternative to standard Dark Palladium grey finish exterior components

New MSO Defined Titanium SuperSports Exhaust has louder, crisper note and is 5kg lighter than standard exhaust

New MSO Defined Extended Carbon Fibre Sill Covers and MSO Defined painted ignition keys in Black or McLaren Orange also now available

McLaren Sports Series buyers now have even more opportunity to personalise their new car, as McLaren Special Operations (MSO) significantly extends the range of components available for the McLaren luxury sports car family.

New additions to the MSO Defined portfolio include a Titanium SuperSports Exhaust; Black Pack body features; Extended Carbon Fibre Sill Covers with McLaren Branding and the choice of Black or McLaren Orange painted ignition keys. MSO Defined options are designed to further enhance both the appearance and technical credentials of McLaren cars, providing greater choice of material finishes and in many instances delivering significant weight reduction compared to standard components.

The MSO Defined Titanium SuperSports exhaust, newly available for the 570S Coupé, 570GT and 570S Spider, is 5kg lighter than the standard Sports Series exhaust. The reduction in system weight is enabled – as the name suggests – by extensive use of titanium, a material more commonly associated with aerospace and motorsport. Of equal if not greater importance and considerably more obvious is the cleaner, crisper exhaust tone that has a pronounced crescendo above 5,000rpm and peaks at 5dB louder than the standard Sports Series system.

The Titanium SuperSports Exhaust costs £4,750 when specified on a new McLaren Sports Series vehicle at time of purchase. The system will also become available for retro-fitment from mid-2018 as part of the McLaren Aftersales range.

“The MSO Defined option range from McLaren Special Operations allows McLaren owners to personalise their cars by selecting from a portfolio that is tailor-made for each McLaren Series and so perfectly complements their vehicle,” explains Ansar Ali, Managing Director, McLaren Special Operations. “With the 570S Spider now available and customer interest in our Sports Series continuing to grow, these new MSO Defined products provide even greater choice and opportunity for customers to create their own special McLaren.”

The Black Pack gives buyers of a 570S Coupé or 570GT the opportunity to specify exterior body parts finished in black as a replacement for standard-fit Dark Palladium grey components. The MSO Defined Black Pack comprises front splitter; front aero blades; side skirts and side air intakes; door inserts; rear diffuser; rear spoiler and rear bumper. A waist finisher, rear deck and service cover are also included on the 570S Coupé Black Pack. Separately, a Nano Black Exhaust Finisher that complements the Black Pack can be specified for the new Titanium SuperSports Exhaust, which has a Nano Clear Exhaust Finisher as standard.

Devotees of carbon fibre can additionally opt for MSO Defined Extended Carbon Fibre Sill Covers with McLaren Branding in satin finish Visual Carbon Fibre, available on 540C and 570S Coupé, 570GT and 570S Spider. As well as emphasising McLaren’s commitment to lightweight components, the extended sill covers deliver a striking visual effect and protect the tub carpet underneath the cover. For Sports Series owners to whom the smallest details are important, McLaren Special Operations is also now offering MSO Defined Ignition Keys, painted in either Black or McLaren Orange.

The full range of MSO Defined options for all McLaren cars can be explored digitally using the configurators at McLaren retailers or on the McLaren Automotive website, at

Source: McLaren

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