Roush’s first foray into truck market is an insanely jacked-up 2018 Ford Super Duty F-250

Article by Christian A., on April 24, 2018

Aftermarket tuner Roush is largely known in the automotive industry for turning Ford Mustangs into monsters that produce insane amounts of horsepower. Now guess what? The tuner has entered the super duty truck market and has recently unveiled the 2018 Roush Ford Super Duty F-250, and this thing looks pretty sick!

Taylor Bloor, vice president for global sales for Roush Performance, said that this is the perfect car for drivers who want an aggressive, no-compromise look for their pickup truck, making it an ideal entry into the Super Duty market. This 2018 Roush Super Duty F-250 doesn’t only look intimidating with its offroad stance, but it also is not afraid to get dirt on it. It is reliable and functional, and it is cool too.

Similar to most Roush tuned cars out there, the Roush F-250 gets a number of added pieces that make it look tough. Firstly, it had been given a Fox 2.0 Performance suspension system along with a 1.5 inch leveling kit. The body sits on a set of 20 inch wheels with integrated bead protection. During Roush’s press release, they said that the capped chrome wheels can withstand Ford’s factory towing capabilities. These are wrapped in BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain 35.3 inch tires that provide all the traction you will need. It also has a new exhaust system that can be heard around your neighbourhood.

To really get people’s attention, Roush didn’t only give it an aggressive stance, but also added a number of visual upgrades - from a prominent Roush grille, a new front bumper cover that can host adaptive cruise capabilities, to body colour fender flares that help complete the truck’s larger than life appearance. Of course, the cabin also gets Roush branded niceties like embroidered headrests, a serialized console badge, as well as branded and molded floor liners by WeatherTech.

To get this package, you will have to part with $13,880 at the very least. There still are several options available for an additional price. You can already configure your truck at Roush’s website. On the site, you will also see tuning possibilities for models like the F-150 and the Mustang.

Speaking of Roush, there had been reports about a 2018 Ford Mustang that the tuners modified. And what did they do to this? Well, Roush gave it a little bit of an extra push, with a supercharger that increases its output by as much as 700 horsepower and 610 pound feet of torque that comes from the GT’s 5.0 liter V8 engine.

The same upgrade is also available in the Ford F-150 pickup trucks, but it only gets a maximum horsepower of 640 and 600 pound-feet of torque, which still makes it very potent.

Press Release

Roush Performance Introduces First-Ever Super Duty F-250 to its Line-Up

Roush Performance entered the Super Duty truck market today with the availability of their 2018 Roush Super Duty F-250, a truck designed with aggressive, off-road styling.

Equipped with bold flares, off-road capable wheels and tires, suspension and a powerful exhaust system, the new Roush F-250 features an intimidating package for drivers who want to make a statement on or off the road. To make this package even better, Roush has ensured that their trucks maintain Ford’s best-in-class towing and payload capacity. Thanks to rigorous testing and durability standards, Ford’s factory warranty remains intact and modifications from Roush are backed by a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

“Roush’s entry into the Super Duty market is a game-changer for drivers who crave an aggressive, no-compromise look,” said Taylor Bloor, vice president of global sales for Roush Performance. “The 2018 Roush Super Duty F-250 looks incredibly intimidating with an off-road stance and isn’t afraid to get dirty. It’s reliable, functional and just plain cool.”

The pre-titled Roush Super Duty F-250 features an aggressive Roush grille with integrated accent lighting, front-bumper cover with adaptive cruise compatibility, and body color-matched fender flares that give this truck an extra-large presence. These components, when combined with the option of several Roush graphics packages, allow each driver to customize the look of their F-250 on or off the road. Drivers can also use Roush Performance’s vehicle configurator to choose different options.

The included Roush / Fox 2.0 Performance Series suspension system and 1.5-inch leveling kit ensure a smooth ride, aggressive stance and a high level off-road clearance. The Roush 20-inch wheels come with integrated bead protection and are equipped with capped chrome lug nuts and washer-bearing surface to maintain Ford’s factory towing capabilities.

BFGoodrich KO2 All-Terrain 35.3-inch tires are a significant upgrade from stock, with 20-percent tougher sidewalls and extreme off-road capability.

Inside the truck, custom Roush-embroidered headrests and serialized console badge dress-up the interior, along with branded and molded floor liners by WeatherTech.

“Whether you’re hauling materials to a job site or trailing your boat to the lake, the Roush Super Duty F-250 truck is bigger, badder and louder,” Bloor said.

The 2018 Roush Super Duty F-250 is certified to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for safety and handling. The package is available with Ford’s gas and diesel powertrain options. Contact your local authorized Roush Performance dealership or visit for more information.

Source: Roush Performance

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