AC Schnitzer program for new BMW i8 Roadster I15 results to meaner open-seater

Article by Christian A., on July 25, 2018

With a starting price of around $163,000, the new BMW i8 Roadster (I15) is one of the most expensive offerings on the market from the premium German carmaker carmaker. It is around $20,000 more expensive from its hard-roofed twin, the i8 Coupe. Yet, such a high price doesn’t mean more elements can be added. In fact, renowned German tuner AC Schnitzer have a number of things to offer for the new i8 Roadster.

To sum up the overall effect of these add-ons and to provide clients a good picture of how their BMW i8 Roadster (I15) would like when the extra components have been installed, AC Schnitzer built a sample car. This i8 (I15) by AC Schnitzer looks meaner and more aggressive than a typical i8 Roadster, thanks to the number of added aerodynamic elements, new wheels, lower ride height and a sportier interior.

Finished in white with some black accents, the i8 Roadster (I15) by AC Schnitzer is marked up front with the AC Schnitzer front grille for BMW kidney, which is also known as the hot climate version. The face of this i8 Roadster is also defined by AC Schnitzer carbon front spoiler elements and AC Schnitzer carbon middle front spoiler. Likewise, the AC Schnitzer has crafted carbon front side wings, carbon mirror cover and carbon door handle panels for the new i8 Roadster.

The i8 Roadster (I15) by AC Schnitzer also features carbon front air outlet and carbon rear air outlet rear as well as AC Schnitzer carbon “Racing” rear wing. Both the left and right carbon side skirts of this BMW i8 Roadster are also crafted by AC Schnitzer. AC Schnitzer emblems – measuring 160 mm – are found both on the left and right.

The program that AC Schnitzer created for the BMW i8 Roadster (I15) also includes a suspension system that makes use of AC Schnitzer spring kit. Compared to the standard suspension, this kit lowers the i8 Roadster (I15) by between 20 mm and 25 mm on the front, as well as between 20 mm and 25 mm at the rear. The i8 Roadster (I15) by AC Schnitzer rides on AC1 Lightweight Forged Wheels (BiColor or Anthracite) measuring 8.5J x 21 inches on the front (245/35 R 21 tires) and 9.5J x 21inches (285/30 R 21 rubbers).

Inside, this meaning looking BMW i8 Roadster (I15) features AC Schnitzer aluminum pedals, AC Schnitzer aluminum footrest and AC Schnitzer velours floor mats. It also features AC Schnitzer aluminum cover “Black Line” for the iDrive controller.

AC Schnitzer says nothing about tuning the power system of the BMW i8 Roadster (I15) plug-in hybrid roadster. This means the combined system output by the gasoline engine and electric motor remains at 369 hp. This power level allows the new i8 Roadster to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and reach an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

Source: BMW

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