Lumma Design unveils new widebody kit for new Mercedes-AMG G63

Article by Christian A., on March 3, 2018

While Mercedes-Benz is still gearing up to unveil the Mercedes-AMG G63 at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show this month, well-known tuner Lumma Design is already previewing a bespoke tuning program for the new AMG version of the Mercedes G-Class. This preview comes in the form of the new Widebody Lumma G-Class.

As its name indicates, the Widebody Lumma G-Class is fitted with a widebody kit, as complemented by heavy-duty alloy wheels and a number of performance upgrades. It is derived from the AMG G63, which boasts of delivering up to 585 hp of output and up to 850 Nm. While Lumma Design might not be the only tuner that would take on the new AMG G63, its extensive personalization program for the luxurious G-Class performance flagship could be very appealing to those who have extra money to spend.

The new AMG G63 performance flagship is actually a fusion of robustness, near indestructibility, passion, perfection and power. This is why Lumma chose this performance flagship as the base for the Lumma CLR G770 widebody kit. One of Lumma Design’s latest creation, the CLR G770 is composed of different parts and components made from ultra-light carbon fiber. These include carbon fiber body panels as well as a full carbon fiber bonnet that features specially designed vents. The CLR G770 kit also includes carbon fiber wheel arches that extend the width of the AMG 63 by 40mm on each side.

Moreover, the Lumma CLR G770 kit features a sportier front bumper spoiler assembly marked by a carbon fiber center section as well as by twin sets of daytime running lights on each side. Further additions include distinct side skirts, side exiting exhaust pipes as well as square exhaust outlets neatly integrated into the new side panels. Carbon fiber also wraps the door mirror caps, door handles and side moldings, while the new rear bumper boasts of a carbon fiber center section. Also made from carbon fiber are elements like the spare wheel cover, roof spoiler (with additional brake light) and roof bar (with extra daytime running lights).

Meanwhile, the large carbon fiber wheel arches are home to 23- or 24-inch diameter alloy rims, which are in particular, heavy-duty versions of the newly developed Lumma CLR Racing 2 light-alloy wheel. These heavy duty wheels are strong enough to support the weight of the G-Class, and the pieces that comes along with Lumma CLR G770 widebody kit.

The Lumma CLR Racing 2 light-alloy rims -- available in anthracite finish with central locking optics in 11.0J x 23 inches – are shod with 305/35ZR23 tires. For those who are looking for larger and more prominent wheels, Lumma Design is also making available the Lumma CLR 24 RS rims. The Widebody Lumma G-Class is fitted with 10.5J x 24-inch wheels on the front with 295/30ZR24 tires, as well as 13.0J x 24-inch rims on the rear with 355/25ZR24 rubber.

The Widebody Lumma G-Class also features bespoke sports exhaust system (with flap control) that amplifies the audio track of the AMG G63 4.0 liter bi-turbo V8 engine. Interestingly, Lumma Design is working on an engine upgrade as part of the tuning program.

Customers could choose from a wide array of individual interior options for their AMG G63. They could opt for a new trim with finest materials, an aluminum pedal set with non-slip rubber inserts, or the Lumma branded carpet mats with real leather edging. Customers may also avail of an optional suspension lowering kit.

Press Release

LUMMA Design presents their bespoke tuning programme for the new Mercedes-AMG G63

The Mercedes-AMG G63 (585 hp, 850 Nm) celebrates its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in just a few days, and LUMMA Design is one of the first tuners to preview an extensive personalisation programme for the revitalised SUV legend.

“Improved, not changed. Iconic, robust, and almost indestructible." These are words Mercedes-Benz has used to describe the DNA of their new G-Class. Added to this, passion, perfection, and power characterise the Mercedes-AMG G63, the new G-Class performance flagship, which makes it the perfect base for the LUMMA CLR G770.

One thing is for sure; the Widebody LUMMA G-Class will polarise opinion. The big arches of this distinctive carbon-fibre Widebody kit are filled by a choice of 23 or 24-inch diameter alloy wheels, while the revised cabin is enhanced by personalised components. The deep voice of the 4.0 litre bi-turbo V8 is amplified by a bespoke sports exhaust system with flap control, and an engine upgrade path is in the works.

The Ultra light carbon-fibre body panels are the keystones of this latest LUMMA Design creation, the CLR G770. The largest single component is the full carbon-fibre bonnet with vents specially designed for more effective cooling on performance-enhanced vehicles. Meanwhile, the carbon wheel arches extend the vehicle’s width by 40mm per side.

Twin sets of daytime running lights per side and carbon-fibre centre section are distinctive features of the sportier front bumper spoiler assembly. Unique side skirts emphasise the G63’s flanks and give it more visual depth between the big wheels. Side exiting exhaust pipes are a distinctive feature of the G63, and here the square exhaust outlets have been neatly integrated into the new side panels.

The CLR G770’s carbon-fibre fest continues with the dressing of the door mirror caps, door handles and side mouldings in this ultra-light high-tech material. At the rear, the new rear bumper features a carbon-fibre centre section, while above this the spare wheel cover, roof spoiler with additional brake light and roof bar with additional daytime running lights, are also made from carbon-fibre.

LUMMA Design completes the extrovert appearance with impressive 23 and 24-inch versions of the newly developed LUMMA CLR Racing 2 light-alloy wheel. A special heavy-duty version was specially developed to support the weight of the G-Class. The CLR Racing 2 is available in anthracite finish with central locking optics in 11.0J x 23-inch, shod with 305/35ZR23 tyres.

If this is too small you need the LUMMA CLR 24 RS wheel, which comes in 10.5J x 24-inch size with 295/30ZR24 rubber in front, with 13.0J x 24-inch rear wheels wrapped in 355/25ZR24 rubber.

LUMMA Design has a wealth of individual interior options to suit every taste, and while they can completely re-trim the interior with the finest materials in haute couture style, they also offer simple upgrades such as an aluminium pedal set with non-slip rubber inserts, and LUMMA branded carpet mats with real leather edging.

Keen drivers after improved driving dynamics have the option of a suspension lowering kit, and a sport exhaust system with flap control. Engine performance upgrades are in the pipeline and will be announced shortly.

All these components come with full TUV certification and installation instructions. Further information can be obtained directly from LUMMA Design, or at:

Source: Lumma Design

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