ABT Sportsline modifies Audi RS4 to become faster, more dynamic

Article by Anita Panait, on December 18, 2012

ABT Sportsline is now offering a tuned version of the latest Audi RS4 Avant – the ABT RS4. True, since its introduction in 1999, the Audi RS4 has been one of the menacing sports cars in the road, and each new version is updated with a meaner specs. For instance, the RS4 is now powered by a 4.2l V8 with 450 hp (331 kW) and accelerates faster than previous generations.

However, there is one number that did not change through the years – the Audi RS4’s top speed of 250 km/h, no thanks to the factory electronic speed limiter. ABT Sportsline, however, pared down the electronic speed limiter to allow the tuned unit, the ABT RS4, to reach a top speed of almost 290 km/h. This makes any driver fond of the Audi RS4 to be filled with driving excitement as the limit has been uprated. To make the ABT RS4 sound meaner and more menacing, ABT Sportsline has also made available an optional stainless-steel exhaust system.

ABT Sportsline replaced the system from the catalytic converter with optimized components to allow the vehicle’s powerful V-8 engine to make the right sound. The Bavaria-based tuner offers a TÜV approval for this “brass instrument.” While the standard RS4 Avant is definitely an eye-catcher thanks to its stylish looks, ABT Sportsline managed to the tuned more visually captivating through its wheel houses.

The German tuner employed uses one size larger alloy wheels in its ABT DR design in 9 x 20 inches. Aside from their larger sizes, the wheels’ design look very dynamic, as evidenced by the cool gun metal finish and the spokes arranged like a turbine blade. To further underscore the ABT RS4’s muscular appearance, the Bavarian car tuner also installed 25mm wheel spacers on each side. It also fitted the vehicle with the ABT boot mat and the matching set of floor mats.

Audi RS4 Avant’s superiority and top performance are obvious at the first impression. The classy design of its exterior is highlighted by its bold details that modify the exterior proportions in contrast to its volume counterparts. The top model has a length of 4,719 mm (15.48 feet), which is 20 mm greater than the regular A4 Avant. It is also 1,850 mm (6.07 feet) wide, 24 mm wider than the original model, while it is 1,416 mm (4.65 feet) high, 20 mm (0.79 inches) lower.

The single-frame grille with a hexagon shape is placed in a frame that has a matt aluminum finish. Its honeycomb insert is embellished with the RS4 badge and is done in glossy anthracite. Daytime running LED lights also surround the xenon plus units similar to a clasp inside the wedge – it is covered with honeycomb grilles and is divided by angled struts. They are combined to form a boldly shaped bumper that tapers to the splitter edge. The air inlet located in its low center is also separated into three openings.

The side view of the car is ruled by the flared wheel wells and sculpted side sill caps. The broadened side elements are designed with bold flat-lying upper edges to serve as tribute to the Audi quattro, the brand’s first all-wheel drive model in 1980. The trim strips and the housings of the side mirror are also styled with matt aluminum finish. A lengthened roof spoiler with depressed center segment also enhances the downforce on the area of the rear axle.

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Every new generation of the Audi RS4, having been on sale since 1999 and traditionally tuned by ABT Sportsline, has seen an uprating. Incidentally, even its legendary forefather, the RS2 (315 hp/232 kW), is still at a par with many modern sports cars. Although the RS4 is now powered by a 4.2l V8 with 450 hp (331 kW) and accelerates faster than previous generations, one essential number hasn’t changed at all: its top speed of 250 km/h. The reason is its factory electronic speed limiter. But the globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group has filed down the electronic speed chain, as it were, and the ABT RS4 now reaches a top speed of almost 290 km/h.

You could almost think the new car from Bavaria would “roar” out of excitement and joy, but its full bass comes from the optionally available stainless-steel exhaust system. From the catalytic converter, ABT Sportsline replaces the system with optimised components on which the serially very musical V8 always seems to find the right tone. It goes without saying that the Bavarians also offer a TÜV approval for this “brass instrument”.

In visual terms, the standard RS4 Avant is certainly not a nobody, but the tuning company has discovered more potential for a better look in its wheel houses. ABT uses one size larger alloy wheels in its ABT DR design in 9 x 20 inches. These dimensions aside, their design also means more dynamism. There is the cool gun metal finish and the spokes arranged like a turbine blade. To make the car’s muscular appearance perfect, the Bavarian car tuner also installs 25mm wheel spacers on each side. And finally there is the ABT boot mat and the matching set of floor mats. After all, your foot on the pedal should feel comfortable: It will now be able to take the car beyond 250 km/h...

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