ABT Sportsline upgrades the 2012 Vw Beetle

Article by Christian A., on April 30, 2012

ABT Sportsline’s latest tuning project based on the Beetle features distinctive design elements and improved power from its 2 litre turbo engine, with an output of 240 hp (176 kW). The new Beetle is a lot better than its predecessor. Formerly, the Beetle was a mass-consumption vehicle that was powerful and reliable. It also had a unique look.

ABT has actually been tuning Beetles for several decades now. What the ABT Beetle offers is an additional power of 40 PS (29 kW) compared to the standard car. The Beetle can be driven fast and it has been given an exhaust system that includes two oval ABT rear mufflers.

An ABT Beetle makes driving very enjoyable. It received several design elements that make it appear as a dynamic sports car. The Beetle from Kempten is a car that could be driven daily and has a resemblance to movie character Herbie. Its carbon-look deco set has both retro and modern elements that play up the model’s individuality.

Its headlight covers give the appearance of aggression. The features, which include rear light covers and a license plate insert lend the rear end, make the car seem more original.

The front spoiler indicates that this sports car won’t ever be produced. The Beetle’s appearance is enhanced with a set of ABT wheels in their robust DR or CR designs, which are in line with the Beetle's silhouette and contours. ABT offers wheels with sizes of from 18'' to 20'' that also come with the corresponding sport tires.

Many well-known brands are known for their design. Examples of these include Ray Ban, the Coke bottle, Aviator, and Apple’s iPhone. In the automotive industry, that honor belongs to none other than Volkswagen and its Beetle.

The question on everyone’s mind was how does one go about reinventing a classic design, one that has not only become independent but easily recognizable as well? Well, it is in fact a simple answer in that all one needs to do is to understand both the brand and the product.

This was the same idea that Volkswagen Group Design Chief Walter de Silva and Volkswagen Brand Klaus Bischoff came up with and seeing that the two do “understand” the brand and product, this resulted in them setting the “Design a new original!” aim for the Beetle. What made the project even more exciting was the fact that some of the team members actually had their very own Beetles.

In addition, for many of the young designers at the brand, the Beetle itself had become a cult car. For the team, this was both a challenge and a thrill and the project started under Bischoff. Inspired with the task of designing a new Beetle, the design team knew that the upcoming model would have a more prominent profile when compared to the 1998 New Beetle.

The final design that would come out of Wolfsburg would be the 2011 Beetle, a model that is truly apt for the present while having a design that pays homage to the automotive seed that is Volkswagen. Indeed, when placed side-by-side with the original Beetle, there are some similarities. In particular, when looking at it from its side and with a light just above the roof, the lines that are on the 2011 Beetle’s rear end are almost the same as that of the original Beetle.

Even with this observation, the design team is proud to say that each part was in fact remade. Compared to the 1998 New Beetle, everything is truly new. It has more muscles, more dynamics, and even bolder. Bischoff explains that the defining features of the new Beetle are its prevailing athleticism, increased self-confidence, and clean lines.

Despite having a lower profile, the 2011 Beetle is wide with its front bonnet being longer, he continues. In addition, the incline has been made to be steeper with its windscreen in the front being moved further back, he adds. According to Bischoff, all of these resulted in a new dynamism. Further, the profile of the roof is lower. One can even say that it continues the concept first shown with the Ragster during the 2005 Detroit Auto Show. The Ragster was a hot rod where the New Beetle served as the inspiration.

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