ABT upgrades the Vw Up! Or is it a downgrade?

Article by Christian A., on February 24, 2012

Several photos of the package prepared by German tuning company ABT for the Volkswagen Up! were released days before the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Typically, the conversions get a DIY bolt-on look that leaves majority of the car unaffected but ABT goes the entire way as all the panels were modified.

Hans Jurgen ABT said that the new Up! will be a pleasure to drive through the town streets and even more so on the narrow roads. It’s quite reminiscent of the small Abarths that the previous generation used to drive. The Up! was tuned with a combination of modern and retro styling.

ABT said that window frames and side skirts are the “common thread” that go directly to the prominent back of the ABT up!, where a unit is formed by rear masks, an exhaust pipe tunnel and the sporty double exhaust pipe.

There’s no denying that this little car is for the “consumer market” but then it’s also highly stylish. It’s unclear if there would be a boost in power but if it is part of the plan, it’s not likely to get here anytime soon as the Up! has a brand new engine that has not been tuned even once before.

The up! appears from the front to be smiling. This comes from its bumper lines. It is an intentional smile. A black, slender band goes in the middle of the headlamps that come with combined daytime running lights. The Volkswagen logo is integrated as the only element in chrome found at the front. The up! does not need big air intakes since it uses small gas and natural gas engines, with an electric motor to follow. Even though they are quite small compared to other Volkswagens, the headlights are still very visually dominant.

Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design of the Volkswagen Brand commented that all designs of the front-end from the up! to the Phaeton meet the same guidelines to styling. They are connected by stylistic touches like a stringent stress of lateral shapes, the grille joined to the headlights, and the concise, short angles. Nevertheless, even with their distinct brand resemblances, every Volkswagen is distinctive from each other. What is vital for this are the variances in the dimensions of each element. This creates extremely unique vehicles that range across the model offerings, from the friendly up! to the refined Phaeton.

up! profile

From the side, the dominant flared surfaces and alternating convex and concave shapes express the vehicle’s style. A slight recessed furrow over the side sill produces an emphasis along the flowing surface. The profile has no signs of seams or edges, except for side windows and the wheel housings. The wheels are positioned in strong housings that have lateral surfaces, the so-called wheel mirrors, that are very big, making the small wheel diameters (14 to 16 inch) seem to have a visually larger appearance.

The windows’ appearances create for the Volkswagen up! an undeniable visage too. The front’s short angles produce a formalised link from the bonnet to the lower window edge. A long rising line in the car’s back third equals that created by the rear wheel and the C-pillar.

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