AC Schnitzer squeezes a 3.0-liter tri-turbo diesel into the BMW 1-Series

Article by Christian A., on December 7, 2015

The BMW 1-Series may not look like a vehicle that could dish out a dynamic performance. But now, the 1-series could, thanks to the tuning experts at AC Schnitzer.

To power up the BMW 1-series, AC Schnitzer took an engine that powers the 5-series and further tuned how the vehicle performs. The new core of the BMW 1-series was afforded with the "Diesel M-Technik" that is originally designed for the 5-series.

Now, the BMW 1-series has become the ACS1 5.0d. This engine develops up to 294 kW (400 hp) in output and 800 Nm of torque, allowing the ACS1 5.0d to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and from 80 km/h to 180 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

Likewise, AC Schnitzer upgraded the output of the engine of the 114i by 52 hp to 154 hp and the four-cylinder petrol engine of the 116i from 136 hp to 204 hp. AC Schnitzer also upgraded the output of the engine of the 118i from 170 hp to 204 hp.

On the other hand, BMW M135i's engine – fitted with optional charge cooler and sports catalyst – can develop between 360 hp and 380 hp. AC Schnitzer upgraded the outputs of the engines for the BMW 116d (to 139 hp), 118d (to 171 hp), 120d (218 hp) and 125d (258 hp).

AC Schnitzer was able to optimize the performance of the 125d's engine to churn out 40 hp more output. The power upgrade was made possible by the addition of AC Schnitzer chargecoolers and sports catalysts -- with 200 cells per inch – that work by cooling the compressed intake air and reducing the back pressure.

These upgrades, aside from making the 1-series more powerful on the road, are offered on a two-year warranty. Boosting the power profile of the M135i is a wonderful sound produced by a sports silencer and two chromed tailpipes. Customers can avail of these tailpipes in any of the four styles: "Racing," "Racing Evo," "Sport," and "Sport Black."

For other 1-series, customers can avail of "Racing," "Racing Evo," "Sport," and "Sport Black" tailpipe designs. For better stability and comfort during cornering, M135i customers should go for the AC Schnitzer racing suspension, which could be adjusted in height and in compression and rebound stages.

AC Schnitzer's racing suspension lowers the M135i by between 35 mm and 45 mm at the front and between 40 mm and 50 mm at the rear.

For those who prefer to have their 1-series lowered by just 30 mm both at the front and rear, they could avail of AC Schnitzer sports suspension and suspension spring kit. Of course, the BMW 1-series would not be completely upgraded if it doesn’t feature corresponding aerodynamic components from AC Schnitzer.

Available are two-piece AC Schnitzer front spoiler elements (with M-Technik) and front spoiler (not for LCI without M-Technik). Also available are chromed front grille in the export version as well as a rear roof wing. Customers could also avail of the rear skirt protective film and carbon mirror cover. For a more imposing exterior, the BMW 1-series could be specified with AC Schnitzer design stripes.

Accentuating the exterior of the BMW 1-series are AC Schnitzer wheels -- available in three sizes: 18 inches, 19 inches and 20 inches – wrapped in their respective tires. The alloy rims are available in different types: Type VIII (BiColor Black), Type VIII (BiColor Black, BiColor Silver or Anthracite) and Type IV (BiColor Black or Silver).

Also available are new AC1 alloy rims in BiColor or Anthracite. Interestingly, the upgrades are not only found on the engines and on the exterior, but also inside the cabin. Featured inside the cabin are the "Black Line" aluminium cover for the "i-Drive" system controller for BMW 1-series without i-Touch controller) and AC Schnitzer keyholder.

Also featured are the following: a gear knob with digital gear display, a "Black Line" aluminum gear knob or a leather gear knob. Completing the upgrades inside are the "Black Line" aluminum handbrake handle, foot rest and newly styled aluminum pedal as well as foot mats in velours.

Press Release

Compact and incredibly powerful: The 1-series by AC Schnitzer with impressive motorsport quality

At first sight, you do not expect brute force from the BMW 1-series. So the performance of the compact Bavarian after the AC Schnitzer tuning experts have equipped it with the M50d power plant and impressive performance upgrade, is even more incredible.

Originally designed for the 5-series, the "Diesel M-Technik" pack propels the 1-series a long way forward. The smallest BMW series now has an impressive drive concept from AC Schnitzer. After the performance upgrade, the concept engine of the ACS1 5.0d delivers 294 kW/400 hp and 800 Nm torque for generous thrust. Equipped in this way, it takes just 4.5 seconds to sprint from 0-100 km/h. The acceleration from 80-180 km/h is even more impressive: the ACS1 5.0d takes just 7.9 second for this.

The smallest of the compacts, the 114i, is already impressive thanks to a power increase by 52 hp to 154 hp. The four-cylinder petrol engine of the 116i, thanks to motorsport technology, now delivers 204 hp instead of 136 hp. The same figure is also achieved by the 118i, which previously had 170 horses under the bonnet. A stunning 360 hp or even 380 hp can be achieved with the BMW M135i with optional chargecooler and sports catalyst. Among the diesels, the BMW 116d, 118d, 120d and 125d all astonish with power upgrades to 139, 171, 218 and 258 hp respectively. For the latter, the Aachen-based tuners have been able to add a solid 40 hp.

AC Schnitzer chargecoolers and sports catalysts with 200 cells per inch, by cooling the compressed intake air and reducing the back pressure, help convert the BMW 1-series into a car to set your pulse racing. A glance under the bonnet with the AC Schnitzer engine styling tells you whom to thank for the increase in power and speed.

All these performance upgrades make the 1-series an even more impressive vehicle, and all come with a 2-year warranty. And once again, the readers of "sport auto" magazine have voted AC Schnitzer currently the best engine tuner across marques, confirming the company's position as a competent partner for performance tuning.

Acoustically, the M135i makes its presence felt with a sports silencer and 2 chromed tailpipes in "Racing", "Racing Evo", "Sport" or "Sport Black" styles, in right and left combination. For all other 1-series, there is a choice of tailpipes in "Racing", "Racing Evo", "Sport" or "Sport Black" designs.

Sporting driving fun and maximum "cornering comfort" are provided by the AC Schnitzer racing suspension for the M135i, which is fully adjustable in height and also in compression and rebound stages. It provides lowering by 35 - 45 mm at the front and 40 - 50 mm at the rear. If you prefer not to go this low, the AC Schnitzer sports suspension and suspension spring kit (30 mm lowering front and rear) are available for all the 1-series models. Full control and maximum agility and dynamics are of course guaranteed!

Naturally Aachen also offers corresponding aerodynamic components for the BMW 1-series. In combination with the two-piece AC Schnitzer front spoiler elements (with M-Technik), the front spoiler (not for LCI without M-Technik), chromed front grille in the export version, and rear roof wing achieve driving dynamics which will quicken the pulse of every BMW and tuning fan. The rear skirt protective film and carbon mirror cover, and the AC Schnitzer design stripes, complete the overall bodywork package in AC Schnitzer look.

AC Schnitzer also presents dynamics in the interior of the 1-series BMW. The "Black Line" aluminium cover for the "i-Drive" system controller (for vehicles without i-Touch controller), AC Schnitzer keyholder, a gear knob with digital gear display, the "Black Line" aluminium gear knob or a leather gear knob (illuminated and unilluminated) are available for sophisticated 1-series customers. And if that weren't enough: the "Black Line" aluminium handbrake handle, foot rest and aluminium pedal set in the new style, and foot mats in velours, offer plenty of choice for custom styling of the interior.

The wheelarches of the 1-series by AC Schnitzer can be filled just as individually. There is a choice of wheels in sizes 8.5 x 18" or 19" and 20" with suitable tyres: Type VIII forged alloys in BiColor Black, Type VIII rims in BiColor Black, BiColor Silver or Anthracite, and Type IV wheels in BiColor Black or Silver.

And of course the wheelset range wouldn't be complete without the new AC1 alloys in BiColor or Anthracite with their aura of masculinity and sophistication. A combination of elegant design with tremendous strength - just like the BMW 1-series by AC Schnitzer.

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