Afzal Kahn tunes 2012 Range Rover Evoque to attract female market

Article by Anita Panait, on January 21, 2012

When Afzal Kahn fashioned his first Range Rover Evoque in December, he was praised profusely for his work. Just recently, Kahn completed another edition of the Kahn Evoque. The vehicle is expected to gain attention just like the previous ones. In fact, Afzal Kahn's latest work on the Evoque is something that should be anticipated as the latest edition of the vehicle is expected to be in a whole new dimension.

Finished in lovely red, the Evoque features a smooth contour that is very noticeable thanks to a styling package that includes a lowered suspension (35mm), yellow calipers, aluminum pedals, privacy glass, touch screen sat nav and adaptive front headlamps. Likewise, full body color coding and detailing are available.

As for the cabin of the latest Kahn Evoque, Afzal Kahn offers customers the opportunity to personalize the interior, as well as the exterior. For instance, Afzal Kahn could come with a personalized vehicle design that includes an interior and an exterior finished in the colors preferred by the customers. Afzal Kahn would be very willing to exact any changes in the cabin – seats and clock, etc. – that would suit the taste of its customers.

With the beauty of the Kahn Evoque and the personalization service that comes with it, it is not a wonder that the vehicle is expected to attract younger, more urban customers as well as a bigger share of the female population.

Likewise, it is expected that over 90 percent of buyers will be 'newcomers' to the product. In fact, one of the first customers for the Kahn Evoque is glamour model Katie Price's protégé, Amy Willerton.

The latest edition of the Kahn Evoque comes with distinct RS600 wheels, which are available in three sizes -- 20”, 21”, and 22” -- although additional wheels can also be availed. All of these products and services are a testament to A. Kahn Design’s reputation of creating something unique but refined enough to both complement and enhance each vehicle.

When Land Rover first unveiled the LRX concept car, it received warm praises due to the way it interpreted the standard design cues of the Range Rover. Using this as an inspiration, the company has come out with the Range Rover Evoque. Its interior shows customers just how perfectly crafted the cabin truly is. What made this possible is the use of high-quality materials and the design many have come to expect from the company.

What makes the new Range Rover Evoque stand out from those in the same compact SUV segment is that it allows customers to choose an appointed cabin that is remarkably tailored with twin-needle stitching and soft and premium leather. This allows many parts in the interior to have a luxurious finish like the seats, doors, and instrument plan. Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern shared that the use of strong vertical lines for the center console and combined with the instrument panel’s solid horizontal elements highlight the cabin’s strong yet simply architecture.

On its exterior, with the wheels being pushed to the outer corners, it allows the Range Rover Evoque to have a stance that is more purposeful. Though the wheel arches may indeed be wide, it has been integrated softly to the body. Joining this with the fact that the Range Rover Evoque has carefully sculpted corners, it lowers the visual overhang of the new model, for both the front and the rear sections.

Director McGovern continued by saying that the new Range Rover Evoque shows an evolution of the brand’s design DNA by merely adopting a more modern interpretation of the design cues of the classic Range Rover. Nonetheless, they made sure that it remains true to the brand’s core values.

McGovern added that with the unique way that the tapering is seen on the floating roofline plus the muscular shoulder on the model’s side and rising beltline, the Evoque gets a dynamic profile while having a sporty and powerful stance.

Indeed, by utilizing meticulous engineering working with a smart design, the concept first presented under the LRX has been built while maintaining the important core values of the brand like all-terrain capability, refined performance, and a luxurious interior.

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Afzal Kahn received much acclaim for fashioning his first Range Rover Evoque in December. And the latest edition of the Kahn Evoque does not disappoint.

And with over 90 percent of Evoque buyers are set to be 'newcomers' to the product, and younger, more urban and a great deal more female than traditional customers – hence this vehicle has already been snapped up by glamour model Katie Price's protégé - Amy Willerton.

Afzal Kahn's latest dalliance with the Evoque offers a whole new breadth of excitement, taking the vehicle to a whole new dimension.

The red Evoque's smooth contour is immediately recognisable with an outstanding styling package consisting of a lowered suspension (35mm), yellow calipers, aluminum pedals, (full body colour coding/detailing available), privacy glass, touch screen sat nav and adaptive front headlamps all draw you in like a guiding light.

Inside is the bespoke touch: we provide our customers with the opportunity to express one's individuality. And they can have whatever they want. Afzal Kahn could, for example, design for you a vehicle with an exterior the colour of your jeans and an interior with seats the same shade of lets say, a grey T-shirt. Customers could change the colour of the clock, or ask for anything else, the world is their oyster, so to speak.

Evolved through artistic innovation and state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology: our unique RS600 wheels, (available in 20” 21” 22” although additional wheels are also available), exemplify what A. Kahn Design is all about: creating something that is unique but refined enough to both complement and enhance each and every vehicle.

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