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Article by Christian A., on August 25, 2010

As you may know already, the Audi A4 is the most popular model from the German manufacturer and that's why, STaSIS, an American tuner decided to make it a little more powerful in order to show some difference on the road. The power yield of its 2.0T 4-cylinder engine was raised to 255 hp and 294 lb-ft with an acceleration rate of 5.3 seconds from standstill to 60 mph.

STaSIS claims this is faster than the Bmw and Mercedes-Benz. It can finish the quarter-mile in 14 seconds at 97.8 mph (157km/h). These performance numbers are off the company's modified B7 A4's own but due to the European CO2 requirements this is still within normal.

To handle the new power the B8 A4's suspensions, wheels and tires were also upgraded. The next level, the Challenge Edition, gets all the improvements of the Signature Series, but comes with 20x9 wheels in high-grip Yokohama Advan street rubber in combination with STaSIS tuning on the Ohlins SL coilovers that can produce 0.99 g on the skidpad.

Stopping power comes from Alcon Monobloc calipers equipped with two-piece 370mm rotors that assist in shutting down the car from 60mph in just 119ft.

A more comfortable, daily driving set of modifications is provided by a Touring model with upgraded brakes and a tougher rear anti-roller bar. The price for all of these upgrades is $5,999 for the Touring version, but no price for the Challenge model yet.

The fascinating character of new Audi A4 is conveyed by the outlines of its elegant body. These highly precise outlines highlight the leadership role that Audi has been playing in the field of automotive design.

Its firm, muscular on-the-road stance and spacious body is made possible its dimensions. With a length of 4,703 mm and width of 1,826 mm, the new Audi A4 is longer and wider than its core rivals, as developed using sporty dynamics as its guiding principle.

Compared to its predecessor, the new Audi A4 boasts of proportions with a new balance – it has shorter front body overhang but longer bonnet and wheelbase. The new A4 also features a long, coupe-style roof line that help underscore its flowing silhouette. Interestingly, the roof of the new A4 meets with the sides at an almost invisible zero-gap joint, highlighting the high technical precision of this new model.

Meanwhile, the new Audi A4 features completely new outer body panels marked by curving surfaces and sharply defined outlines. It features a 'dynamic line' above the door sills that subtly climbs to the rear, while a 'tornado line' – located just below the windows -- slants downward. This allows these two contours to reinforce the profile and bring dynamic balance to the flanks. This also creates an impression of focused energy, as emphasized by boldly styled wheel arches and large wheels.

Thanks to its broad and low 'single-frame' radiator grille, the new Audi A4 exudes confidence on the road. This grille could be flanked by optional extra xenon headlights, as accented visually by their electrodeposited chrome wings and standard daytime driving lights. The design of the lights differs depending on the lighting technology used. For instance, when the xenon plus headlights are specified, each daytime driving light features 14 white LED units.

Press Release

Signature Series A4: The Gloves Come Off

Complete with the performance to back the bold styling of Audi's next generation sedan, the Signature Series A4 is now available at stasis-authorized dealerships nationwide.

Equipped in Touring or Challenge Edition trim the Signature Series A4 uses technology from the highest echelons of Motorsports to drive the performance and style of Audi's everyday sedan to a new level.

"For the B8 A4, the engineers in Ingolstadt set a new benchmark in performance and style, as" said Henry Hsu, Director of Engineering at stasis. "Starting with this strong platform, we've created one of the best Signature Series cars to date. The balance of everyday street car and fine-tuned track star results in a car That requires no compromise. "

Sprinting to 60 under 5.2 seconds the Signature Series A4 bests the likes of the Infiniti G37, Lexus GS350 and Mercedes-Benz C350 Sport. Stasis engineers partnered with GIAC to pump up the power of the 2.0T engine to 255hp and an astounding 294lbft of torque, enough to beat the factory equipped 2.0T by 1.5 seconds. to 60.

When the road begins to bend the Challenge Edition A4 is capable of .99g worth of grip and bests competitors zoals the BMW M3, Lexus IS-F and Mercedes C63 AMG.

Touring Edition models feature retuned engine management, stainless steel exhaust, suspension tuning, 20 × 9 alloy wheels, upgraded brake lines and pads, and a stiffer rear anti-roll bar. The Touring Edition offers a convenient and affordable package to enthusiasts looking for an aggressive stance and enlivened performance fromtheir daily driver.

The Challenge Edition Expands on thesis offerings with the renowned Ohlins SL coilover suspension, Alcon Mono6 Calipers with 370mm two-piece floating rotors and 20 x 9 Monolite © forged wheels with ultra-high performance Yokohama Advan rubber. The Challenge Edition A4 biedt the performance of a purpose built track car in a Package That excels on both road and track.

Pricing starts at $ 5.999 for Touring Challenge with pricing to-be-determined. Available at dealerships across the country, the Signature Series is the no-compromise solution for Those seeking aftermarket performance coupled with the security of a four-year / 50,000 mile warranty. Stasis Engineering's Signature Series line-up biedt performance enhancements for A3, A4, S4, A5, TT and S5 models.

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