The nastiest-looking Bentley Bentayga in Verdant Green dons a Startech body kit

Article by Christian A., on February 2, 2017

On the surface, a luxurious Bentley with a Startech body kit may seem to be an unlikely combination. But on second thought, a heavily customized Bentley Bentayga in special Verdant Green body color ticks all the boxes of what you’d look for in an unconventional high performance vehicle.

Startech is a subsidiary of the more popular Brabus after-market tuning company. Brabus has been specializing in high end brands such as Maybach and Mercedes-Benz. The company has also ventured into tuning Smart Automobiles which is the compact car division of Daimler AG. On the other side, Startech has been known for customizing off-road vehicles like those coming from Range Rover, Land Rover and Jaguar. The Bentley Bentayga as we know is the most expensive and luxurious sport utility vehicle in the UK.

In case you’re wondering how it all went, the odd combination of a Bentley in green color and Startech’s exterior upgrades has turned into something marvelous. By all means, the owner of this Verdant Green Bentayga would be more than pleased to see the final result.

As you can see, Startech has made this particular Bentagya more menacing than any ABT Sportsline-tuned Audi Q7 model. The Startech Bentayga bundle consists of carbon fibre tuning, a body-lowering kit and a set of 23-inch Monostar S forged wheels. It also includes a sport exhaust system, a wide body kit and newly designed bumpers for the front and rear. Aside from the new rear diffuser and grille inserts, Startech has also added more ventilation for the vehicle’s front brakes and radiators.

With the new springs installed, the Bentayga will be 25mm lower than the stock version. In Europe, the price for the lowering kit is at €790 while the sports exhaust can be bought at €5,850. The carbon mirror casings, rear spoiler lip, side sills and rear wings are individually priced at €1,820, €2,650 €3,800 and €2,200, respectively. Add to that the €8,500 for Startech’s widebody kit.

While a stock Bentley Bentayga already boasts up to 608 PS and 663 pound feet of torque, the tuning company can still improve the current output of the SUV’s 6.0 litre Twinturbo W12 engine. But as it always goes, it all depends with the owner.

Meanwhile, customers can also avail the exclusive carbon package for the rear bumper at €12,400 and €10,350 for the front. Should they want to dress it up with the gorgeous Monostar S wheels, then they have to shell out an extra €2,750. The total? A little over €51,110. This figure does not include the interior modifications as well as the 295/35 ZR 23 Continental SportContact 6 new set of Tyres.

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