Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible gets 1,001 hp from Mansory

Article by Christian A., on September 17, 2015

When it comes to a luxury chassis and refining super sports cars, the expert that first comes to mind is MANSORY. The company presented the result of its efforts with the Bentley GTC and its newly-designed chassis. What is amazing with this car is that MANSORY not only updated its look but also upgraded the engine as well with its own turbo technology. Power is now at 1,001 HP.

The interior meanwhile gives the appearance of a premium class car. As expected, MANSORY has managed to change the interior to a highly functional control center that displays both novel design and top quality. MANSORY also made sure that when it comes to ensuring comfort, the interior only uses the most exquisite of materials.

The leather for example is hand-crafted making it resilient yet impressively soft. The airbag that is in the steering wheel has been redesigned, giving it that extra flair through the special grain and superior craftsmanship of the embroidery and stitching.

The center console and dashboard panels give it a unique three-dimensional structure, a first not just for MANSORY but in the industry.

The next and final update is with the engines. Power has obviously been increased but other components experienced respective upgrades as well. In addition to the engine, the transmission management system has been upgraded.

Other components include: sport air filter and optimized air passage, camshaft, high-power exhaust system, intercooler, and the piston and piston rods. The different upgrades result in a power output of 1.001 HP/736 kW at 6,000 RPM compared to the standard power of the Bentley GTC of 635 HP/467 kW at 6,000 RPM.

Maximum torque has been increased as well from the standard 800 Nm at 2,000 RPM to the new 1,200 Nm torque at 2,100 RPM. MANSORY’s modification has also resulted in a top speed of 330 km/h with 0 to 100 km/h acceleration of 3.9 seconds. The updated Bentley GTC by MANSORY was unveiled during the IAA 2015 held in Frankfurt, Germany.

Exterior Design

One clear change is its use of 22-inch and ultra-light aluminum alloy wheels. The wheel and tire combination is sized 10 x 22 inch while the Vredestein ULTRAC VORTI R tires are sized 295/30ZR22.

In addition to reducing the weight of the vehicle, the center of gravity is also lower by 30 mm due to MASONRY’s own suspension lowering system. This also makes the rims become more distinctive.

Exterior-wise, the design is more aerodynamic with every element that contributes to it getting a carbon fiber surface finish and perfectly incorporated to the car. Starting with the front portion, we see the striking skirt with air intakes that have been optimized to increase the ventilation especially on the front radiators.

This alone makes it clear that it is indeed done by MANSORY since not only does it improve performance but it looks appealing as well. There is also the A-pillar on the front end that has been coated with carbon fiber. Its new side skirts provide the needed visual link on the rear and front wings.

MASONRY however does not stop there and has mounted a powerful diffuser just beneath the rear spoiler thereby managing to increase the downforce of the car. The new design of the chassis is highlighted with the orange effect-coloured paintwork which gives it a distinct effect of depth.

Press Release

Mansory Bentley GTC Speed

MANSORY, the renowned expert when it comes to the refinement of super sports cars and luxury chassis, presents the Bentley GTC in a brand-new chassis design at the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. Not only has the appearance been refreshed; on request, the engine can be fitted with a power upgrade by integrating a MANSORY turbo technology and increasing the power to an amazing 1,001 HP. Ultra-light, 22 inch aluminium wheels and an absolutely premium class interior complete the comprehensive redesign.

In addition to more power and a sharper appearance, the vehicle’s weight, in particular, has been reduced. Every individual element of the aerodynamic design has been made in to a perfect surface finish using carbon fibre and incorporated beautifully into the car. The new front with a striking skirt and optimised air intakes to improve the ventilation of the front radiators is an absolute head-turner. Along with the new bonnet, MANSORY achieves not only an aggressive look, but also generates additional power.

The carbon fibre coated A-pillar rounds off the MANSORY refinements to the front end. The new side skirts act as a visual link between the front and the rear wings. The refinement specialists have also come up with something special for the rear: MANSORY has mounted a powerful diffuser underneath the new rear spoiler. Together with the rear spoiler, it increases the car's downforce. MANSORY shows off its chassis design with orange effect-coloured paintwork that generates a unique depth effect.

The program also includes a mighty increase in power. Further components in the upgrade include a high-power exhaust system, new pistons and piston rods, camshaft, turbo-charger, intercooler, a new engine and transmission management system, and a sport air filter with the optimised air passage. The interplay of these components results in an output of about 1.001 HP/736 kW at 6,000 RPM (Standard: 635 HP/467 kW at 6,000 RPM). At the same time, the maximum torque rises to an impressive 1,200 Nm which is available at 2,100 RPM (Standard: 800 Nm at 2,000 RPM). After the modification, maximum speed is 330 km/h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h only takes 3.9 seconds.

All the wheel arches on the MANSORY Bentley GTC are filled with exclusive 22 inch alloy wheels with the designation V6. The wheel/tyre combination is size 10 x 22 inch with Vredestein ULTRAC VORTI R tyres size 295/30ZR22. Thanks to the MANSORY suspension lowering system, the centre of gravity of the convertible is now 30 mm lower than the basic model, bringing the exclusive rims even more into their own.

As usual, MANSORY has converted the interior into a highly functional control centre with unsurpassed quality and innovative design. Only the most exquisite materials find their way into the car's interior, ensuring the greatest sense of comfort. The hand-crafted leather used is extremely resilient, but still tremendously soft. This characteristic natural product, with its very special grain and perfect craftsmanship of its stitching and embroidery, conveys extravagant flair all around the re-designed airbag sports steering wheel. MANSORY also displays a world’s first with the dashboard panels and centre console, giving the surfaces a unique 3D structure by means of a new processing technique, rounding off the overall impression of luxury in the MANSORY Bentley GTC.

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