Bmw 5-Series GT gets pimped by Hamann

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

The BMW 5 Gran Turismo already features a dynamic look as a premium crossover. But HAMANN Motorsport thought it was enough so it decided to further evolve this GT unit into an exclusive multi-purpose premium vehicle that features an astounding dynamic appearance.

Aside from sporty styling modifications and an aerodynamics program, HAMANN is also offering to further improve the performance of the BMW 5 Gran Turismo. For the BMW 5 Gran Turismo, HAMANN developed specific components for its aerodynamics program – resulting to an astounding overall design with optimized airflow across the entire GT 5 series.

These components include a front spoiler mounted on the standard front spoiler of the GT 5 series, as well as specially made side skirts from HAMANN. Customers could choose between a subtly designed or a stunning rear spoiler – both able to reduce the lift force at the rear axle, thereby helping enhance the modified GT 5 series' driving dynamics.

Moreover, there is an available new rear apron that makes room for four stainless steel exhaust pipes from HAMANN, each measuring 90 mm in diameter and able to produce a matching vigorous sound. HAMANN also developed a lowering kit for the 530d, 535i and 550i models, featuring an air suspension that gives the GT 5 series a longer yet dynamic appearance.

Completing the dynamic exterior looks of the modified GT 5 series are 22-inch HAMANN ANNIVERSARY EVO designer wheels, which the refiner has developed to meet the demands of heavyweight vehicles. Of course, thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing processes and the use of special aluminum, HAMANN was able to develop tires that boast of maximum load capacities at low weight.

These designer wheels for the GT 5 series -- available in sizes 9.0 x 22 inches on the front and 10.5 x 22 inches at the back – are wrapped in wide-base tires (265/30ZR20 on the front and 295/25ZR20 at the back). On the other hand, the GT 5 series by HAMANN features an interior that is as elegant and dynamic as its exterior.

For instance, its features pedals and footrest in an aluminum design as well as black foot mats with a silver HAMANN inscription. Moreover, HAMANN is offering an array of high-quality products that customers could use to further modify the interior their GT 5 series.

HAMANN also tuned the engine of the GT 530d to increase its inherent power –optimizing the engine characteristics by reprogramming the series Motronic -- from 245 PS (180 kW) of max output to 275 PS (202 kW) and 540 Nm of peak torque to 620 Nm at 1,750 RPM. This power increase option is available for only a fraction of the surcharge due.

Press Release

HAMANN turns BMW 5 series Gran Turismo into top-class crossover between SUV and limousine

HAMANN Motorsport has given the current BMW 5 Gran Turismo a significantly more dynamic appearance and turned the crossover between a comfortably spacious SUV and an elegant limousine into one of the most exclusive multi-purpose vehicles in the luxury class. As a renowned specialist of exquisite modifications for BMW automobiles, HAMANN is offering powerful performance improvements, noteworthy sportiness when it comes to engine components and an aerodynamics programme with exciting styling for the Gran Turismo in the 5 series.

The high sitting position of a SUV, the versatility of a van and the exclusive feeling of spaciousness of a limousine: The BMW 5 series Gran Turismo developed specifically for the US market is already an unusual top-class, multi-purpose vehicle when it leaves the plant. HAMANN has topped this and has given the BMW, internally known as the F 07 series, a much more exclusive and sporty look. Sophisticated components have been developed for the HAMANN aerodynamics programme and processed with top-quality workmanship. The result: a breathtaking overall design with optimised airflow across the entire vehicle. A lowering kit for the models 530d, 535i and 550i including air suspension provides the multi-purpose limousine with a much longer and dynamic appearance, even in a standing position. Perfectly synergised body components complete the exclusive appearance of the GT 5 series by HAMANN. The product range includes a front spoiler to be mounted on the standard front spoiler of the series, side skirts and a rear spoiler in a subtle or striking design, as required. Both provide reduced lift force at the rear axle and thus considerably improve the driving dynamics. A new rear apron makes room for the HAMANN mufflers. The four impressive stainless steel exhaust pipes feature an imposing diameter of 90 mm and create an extraordinarily robust sound.

The HAMANN motor specialists have developed a powerful performance gain from 245 PS (180 kW) to 275 PS (202 kW) for the 5 series GT 530d. The torque, an even more important factor when it comes to driving pleasure, simultaneously increases from 540 Nm to an impressive 620 Nm at 1750 RPM. Thanks to HAMANN Motorsport, the 5 series Gran Turismo 530d, whose performance is enhanced due to optimisation of the engine characteristics by means of reprogramming of the series Motronic, boasts 20 Nm more torque than the standard 535d, and that for only a fraction of the surcharge actually due.

Befitting its image, the modified Gran Turismo boasts gigantic 22-inch tyres: The elegantly styled HAMANN alloy wheel ANNIVERSARY EVO has been specially developed for the requirements of heavyweight, truly massive vehicles. In line with HAMANN's philosophy on modifications, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and the use of special aluminium alloy ensure maximum load capacities at low weight. HAMANN ANNIVERSARY EVO designer wheels for the BMW 5 Gran Turismo are available in the sizes 9.0 x 22 for the front and 10.5 x 22 for the back. Wide-base tyres are fitted front (265/30ZR20) and back (295/25ZR20).

The HAMANN interior matches the grand feel of the exterior. Pedals and the footrest come in an aluminium design, and the black foot mats feature a silver HAMANN inscription for sporty emphasis. HAMANN Motorsport offers a high-quality, wide range of products for additional modification and individual tailoring of the interior of the BMW 5 series Gran Turismo.

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