Dahler Design and Technik creates convertible version of the BMW M2

Article by Christian A., on December 15, 2016

Do you want to drive or ride in a BMW M2 Convertible? Well, even if you want to, you couldn’t, simply because the German carmaker has no convertible version of the M2. While a 2-Series convertible does exist, an M2 droptop doesn’t. As the performance version of the BMW 2-Series coupe, the M2 coupe could be too good just to be converted into a droptop model.

But now, a convertible version of the M2 has been sighted, but not at the production site of BMW. This M2 Convertible was sighted at the yard of tuner Dahler Design and Technik GmbH in Switzerland. Yes. Since BMW wouldn’t build an M2 convertible, Dahler said it would and it could. Eventually, plans pushed through and that led to the creation of this customized M2 convertible, providing that Dahler is good enough to undertake a project that even BMW wouldn’t venture into.

Considering that there is a real demand for a droptop version of the M2, Dahler went on and created a convertible from a coupe. More than that, Dahler even improved the performance of the model. This was achieved by increasing the output and torque of its turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine, installing a stainless steel exhaust system and a coil-over suspension system. The M2 convertible by Dahler also features a high-performance brake unit, new wheels and tires, several aerodynamic enhancements and a new interior fitting of a convertible.

Dahler offers two levels of performance upgrade for the M2 convertible. As it is, the M TwinPower Turbo engine in the BMW M2 coupe delivers 365 hp (272 kW) of max output and 343 lb-ft (465 Nm) of peak torque, with short overboost torque of 369 lb-ft (500 Nm). When Level 1 is availed, this engine generates up to 402 hp (300 kW) of output and up to 428 lb-ft (580 Nm) of torque, allowing the M2 convertible to accelerate from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 4 seconds and achieve a top speed of 180 mph (290 kph).

When the Level 2 upgrade is applied, the M TwinPower Turbo engine would deliver high levels of power at 419 hp (313 kW) of output and 610 ft-lb of torque. This should allow the M2 convertible to be quicker in the sprint while reaching a top speed of nearly 186 mph (300 km/h). The power of this upgrade is made known to the world through the sound emanating from the M2 convertible’s dark-tipped stainless steel exhaust system from Dahler.

Braking power is provided for by Dahler’s 8-piston high-performance brake-system with 400 mm brake discs. The convertible’s aerodynamics is enhanced by a spoiler lip with lateral flaps. While the interior of the M2 convertible remains mostly stock except for MID-display-unit in the cockpit, Dahler is offering interior customization packages that clients could avail for their droptops.

Press Release

The first BMW M2 Convertible!

Dähler Design & Technik GmbH in Belp near Bern in Switzerland made the dream come true
by introducing its own build up M2 Convertible «dÄHLer competition line». This vehicle is unique and demonstrates the innovation and technical competence of the enterprise in a very impressive way. It's just BMW-individualization at its highest level.

Not just an idea. But reality and a specific product!
During the year Dähler planned a complete M2 series. Now they have finished it with the exclusive M2 Convertible «dÄHLer competition line». And the result is very respectable (and of course ready to drive!). The familiar «dÄHLer-Touch» comes with the usual technical-harmonious and provable manner.

M2 Convertible «dÄHLer competition line»
Technical competence and elegance – the pure pleasure of fresh air!

The setup and specific individualization for the M2 Convertible «dÄHLer competition line» includes a performance increase of the N55 engine from 408 up to 425 PS, a coil-over suspension system, a high-performance brake unit, a stainless steel exhaust system, wheels/tires, aerodynamics and style as well as the interior.

It is not just about the performance why Dähler Design & Technik GmbH improved the power of the basis aggregates (370 HP/465 ft-lb of torque plus 35 ft-lb of torque overboost). As a matter of fact, the main focus for Christoph Dähler and his team is the smooth interaction of many different parts as well as the harmonious totality of the M2 convertible project. Finally, the drive-ability decides the individual alignment of each vehicle. The completely new constructed and individualized vehicle has to be reliable and verifiable. Altogether the M2 convertible «dÄHLer competition line» presents the logical continuation of the entire Dähler M2 series. Because of their decades-long experience, the experts in Belp near Bern understands these complex interactions of all components very well.

The core is the performance update, available on two different levels:

Level 1 already fires up the in-line six-cylinder M TwinPowerTurbo with 2.979 cubic capacity to 408 PS (= 300 kW) and increases the maximum torque up to 580 ft-lb of torque. That's enough to go from 0 up to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and to reach a maximum speed of around 290 km/h.

And level 2 is even more promising: 425 PS (= 312 kW) are supporting the installed N55 engine and provides 610 ft-lb of torque. The maximum speed amounts to almost 300 km/h.
With the EU-/CH permission all variants accomplish the Euro-6-norm. The emission performance remains the same as the original series.

The stainless steel exhaust system - also «built by dÄHLer» - completes the performance increase packages excellence by providing a distinctive acoustic and the typical sporty-sonorous dÄHLer sound – but without being intrusive or affecting the outstanding original emission values. For the M2 Convertible various parts are available as well: stainless steel rear silencer, arbitrarily extendable up to a complete (stainless steel) system with a special catalytic converter system.

Performance suspension coil-over system for the M2 Convertible
In order to reach an additional and striking increase of agility, a perfectly aligned performance coil-over suspension system «built by dÄHLer» is used. The sporty-tight (but never hard!) suspension system offers a lowering and a 16 level rebound and compression stage (each level can be adjusted separately and independently of one another). As it offers almost countless different adjustments, the M2 Convertible can be optimally adjusted to any road condition(s) and to the personal preferences of the driver.

High-performance brake system, aerodynamic, MID, interior
Upon request we install our well-proven 8-pistons-high-performance-brake-system «built by dÄHLer» with massive 400 millimeter brake discs. In order to improve the aerodynamics, a spoiler lip with lateral flaps goes into action. The MID-display-unit in the cockpit provides additional information and adds the perfect touch to the performance related individualized program.
Following the customer's request, the interior can receive an according makeover with the certain «dÄHLer-Touch».

«dÄHLer CDC1» – the wheel developed and manufactured by Dähler
Of course, the M2 Convertible stands on «dÄHLer CDC1»-wheels. For the M2 in the dimensions 9 x 20 (FA/front axle) and 10,5 x 20 (RA/rear axle) or 9 x 21 (FA) and 10,5 x 21 (RA)!

And – last, but not least
We would be delighted to implant an M4-engine (S55) in our M2 Convertible, just in case the pure enjoyment of fresh air in combination with even more understatement is desired...

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