Bugatti Chiron with Forgiato Tecnica alloy wheels is hard to come by

Article by Christian A., on November 8, 2017

With so many rims available in the market today, it’s quite the challenge to tell which one would look best on your car. How much more if you plan to match them to a Bugatti Chiron? Many owners of these 1500 hp monsters would usually prefer the manufacturer-supplied wheels over those that come from the aftermarket specialists. To some, the many choices out there can make the task overwhelming.

It’s good to know there exists a handful of Bugatti Chiron owners who are brave enough to take the less traveled road. Take for example, the owner of this Bugatti who decided to find a new set of Forgiato Tecnica rims instead of settling for the Chiron’s stock alloy wheels.

We have no way of knowing what the size of these wheels really are, but let’s just say they fit those tires that already came with the Chiron from scratch. The stock Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are made especially for the Chiron’s powerful road potentials so keeping it stable under any road condition is imperative to its performance. In case the owner preferred another set of high performance tires, then we have to assume these must be the better ones. The stock comes in the sizes of 11x20 for the front and 14x21 for the rear.

Interestingly, a brand new Bugatti Chiron sells for a base price of 22.4 million euros or approximately 3 million USD. But that doesn’t mean to say a former Bugatti Chiron owner can’t sell it for a much higher price. Very recently, a used Chiron was posted at Romans International (a UK dealership) with an astonishing $4.78 million price tag. The dealer stands to earn a profit of more than one million if we consider its actual unit cost.

Either way, opting for an aftermarket set of wheels and changing its look could be the last thing on your mind if you’re worried about compromising a Bugatti Chiron’s performance. The Chiron packs 1500 hp on tap with the power to travel at more than 260 miles per hour or run a zero to 60 miles per hour in only 2.3 seconds. At speeds like that, the tires have to be durable enough to cope up with the stress load running on its surface.

Going back to this Chiron’s new set of alloys, the Forgiato Tecnica Tec 2.4 from the Tecnica Performance Series is featuring black colored rims with brushed spokes to match the hypercar’s black exterior. The result is more than exceptional especially since opting for aftermarket wheels for a Bugatti is something that doesn’t come along very frequently. If you’re contemplating a new set of wheels for your Chiron, we have to say, this one’s truly worth checking out.

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