Carbonfiber Dynamics boosts output of BMW M4R to 700hp

Article by Christian A., on December 2, 2016

For those who already own a high capable car, changes are often unnecessary. However it appears that for Carbonfiber Dynamics (CFD), there will always be room for improvement especially with the BMW M4R. The name is not the only new thing as the model indeed underwent many upgrades. One could say that the BMW M4R is a good example of a car with not only carbon-fiber sculpted parts but also contains high-end aftermarket components.

In terms of design, the M4R has a carbon-fiber suit made in Japan and is composed of a diffuser, Varis side skirts, MTC Design bonnet, and front bumper sporting a 3D design.

A rear wing has been added which can help provide that needed downforce especially when running at high speeds. Rounding off the design package is the Revowrap GT4-style wrapping and the 56°NORD carbon roof box. The former of which has been tested running at speeds going as high as 300 km/h.

Going to the power unit under the hood, CFD made sure to put in a pair of TTE 6XX Turbochargers with boost pressure of 2.3 bars. It also has Burger Motorsport JB4 tune and a methanol injection allowing the engine to have output of at least 700 hp with peak torque of 800 Nm.

With this, acceleration from 100 km/h all the way to 200 km/h is possible is merely 5.9 seconds. This is not all as the engine has been tuned to allow it to have different power levels available by the simple press of a button. Excellent performance is ensured as well with the Akrapovic Downpipe and the Eventuri Carbon/Kevlar Intake.

Of course, it goes without saying that even with all this power, nothing matters if there is no control. Providing support to the performance is the Bilstein B16 EDC suspension system. There is also the Mov’it-signed braking system that has 6-piston calipers with 392 mm discs on the front while the rear has 4-piston calipers with the 380 mm discs. Then there is also the Dodson Motorsport clutch that can aid with managing that extra grunt.

The M4 is part of BMW’s 4 Series and serves as a replacement for the M3 Convertible and the M3 Coupe. Some of the upgrades involved in the 4 Series when compared to the 3 Series include having a twin turbocharged engine that was responsive and powerful.

Braking system, suspension, and handling were all improved with the body experiencing improvements on aerodynamics. Both the interior and the exterior are highlighted with the tri-color M badge. Weight has been reduced as well, partly due to the extensive use of parts with carbon fiber like the roof. The chassis meanwhile was made stiffer.

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