Cosworth upgrades the Toyota GT 86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ

Article by Christian A., on June 1, 2014

Cosworth decided that it is time to offer an upgrade for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GT86. As a result, the company launched a series of Power Packages options for the FA20 engine platform.

The Stage 1 Power Package offers a power increase of up to 230 bhp and includes a Cosworth free flow sports exhaust system manufactured in partnership with Nameless Performance, a “Power by Cosworth” calibration kit, a new Cosworth vehicle badge and authentication plaque as well as a Cosworth performance filtration solution and a low temperature thermostat that works together with the exhaust and calibration kit.

Using the same approach as that of Formula One or sports car racing in general, Cosworth has come out with an offering that is guaranteed to excite professionals and enthusiasts alike. The Cosworth Power Packages offer power upgrades that no other than the company’s already legendary engineering team can deliver.

While the engine has been made more cost-effective, its performance solutions have been scaled. The engine originally comes with the standard 197bhp output but it has been increased to 325hp and hopefully to the higher race track configuration of 380hp. The success of these improvements is measured by the upgraded Stage, which uses and builds on the components from the previous Stage.

This approach is the only one of its kind in the Aftermarket. This particular approach also enables customers to have an affordable way to upgrade their vehicles. Cosworth Group’s Chief Executive Hal Reisiger stated the company has radically changed the way it approached the performance aftermarket.

The company is now able to deliver certified solutions guaranteeing performance and reliability as one system. This huge leap will allow the company to be a good partner for the many car manufacturers when it comes to performance upgrades.

Reisiger adds that they hope they will also be the choice for enthusiasts and tuning professionals worldwide. Cosworth Power Packages is available for three cars: the BRZ, GT86, and FR-S, plus the FA20 platform.

Reisiger reveals that Cosworth will continue to offer these power upgrade solutions that will hopefully help drivers in unlocking the full performance potential of their cars.

What makes this one unique is that the company was able to create its Power Packages by transferring knowledge gained from fifty years of experience that include motorsport engineering excellence and the company’s experience in Formula One. This is the reason why Cosworth remains to be the leader in setting the standard for the aftermarket products, Reisiger concludes.

Press Release

Cosworth announces shift in performance products strategy

Cosworth has today announced a notable step change in its supply of cutting edge performance aftermarket products with the launch of a series of Power Packages for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86.

In stark contrast to its previous aftermarket strategy, Cosworth has deliberately shifted its focus from individual components to the engineering and manufacture of complete packages. This approach enables Cosworth to guarantee reliability while supporting its business objective of becoming an approved upgrade partner for global car manufacturers.

Cosworth is uniquely positioned to offer fully validated packages as a result of its unrivalled heritage at the highest level of motorsport. The company has spent decades building up successful partnerships with car manufacturers so this shift in aftermarket products represents a natural, yet significant step.

The first result of this approach is a brand new range of Power Package options for the FA20 engine platform that drives the Toyota GT-86, Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. Cosworth Power Packages offer enthusiasts and motorsport professionals the ease and reliability of guaranteed power upgrades that only Cosworth's legendary engineering team can deliver.

Developed using the same methods employed in Formula One and sports car racing, Cosworth has engineered cost-effective and scalable performance solutions that can take the engine's power output from the standard 197bhp to a fully validated 325bhp and eventually on to a 380hp race track configuration. Each successive upgrade Stage builds upon and utilises components in the previous Stage making this approach unique in the Aftermarket. This staged approach allows customers an affordable path to upgrade their vehicles.

Hal Reisiger, Cosworth Group Chief Executive, commented: "Cosworth has significantly altered its approach to performance aftermarket. We are now able to supply completely validated solutions - as an entire system - to guarantee reliability and performance. This is a huge step change and one that will enable Cosworth to become the performance upgrade partner of choice for car manufacturers, as well as tuning professionals and enthusiasts around the world. As the first step in this new strategic approach, we are excited to unveil Cosworth Power Packages for the FA20 Platform, FR-S, BRZ and GT86 cars. We are delivering a series of power upgrade solutions that will allow drivers to unlock the real performance potential of their vehicles. Cosworth are absolutely unique in what we offer to the performance aftermarket - we are able to transfer the knowledge we have gained from over fifty years of motorsport engineering excellence, and our experience in Formula One, to create our Power Packages, so that our customers can benefit. That is why Cosworth continues to set the standard for aftermarket products."

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