DMC wraps Lamborghini Huracan in new Cairo package

Article by Anita Panait, on November 10, 2016

Many agree that the Huracan from Lamborghini has an exterior designed to show its aggressiveness. However for DMC this is not enough as the tuner is bringing to the table a new design pattern that can be installed as a wrap. This is not the first time DMC is modifying the Huracan as the company has already been well received for their rather flashy approach in putting in additional bits to the Huracan.

This time, DMC is making the appearance even fiercer to complement the aero kit. This is the kit that comes with a customized full lip spoiler with side flaps on the front, diffuser and large wing in the rear, and side skirts to address downforce. For the wing itself, it can be adjusted in any of the three modes which are Fun, GT Tracy day, or city cruising.

To make sure that they would function effectively, each mode was tested in the wind tunnel individually. Meanwhile, fitted to the body are the 20x8.5-inch wheels in the front and the 21x12-inch wheels in the rear. On the inside, DMC gives customers a wide range of customization choices like putting in components made of carbon fiber or wrapping in rare leather like Stingray and Ostrich. For those who are curious about what the design pattern really is, the name is CAIRO and surprisingly is matches with the customized aero parts.

The first time DMC worked on the Huracan, the tuner revealed the results of its work during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. That time, DMC revealed how it managed to make the Huracan even more aggressive but without the need to put in a lot of accessories. Even then, the visible ones are anything but subtle. The large wing in the rear for instance, and the front splitter has side flaps added to it, bearing the same aggressiveness as that of the LP720 Anniversario but without looking awkward.

Back in October, DMC also showcased a modified Huracan and called it the LP1088 E-GT Spyder. While the name is indeed a mouthful, it gives clues to the increased performance of this supercar. While the standard version had an output of 602 hp (610 PS) with peak torque of 413 lb.-ft. (560 Nm), DMC’s version comes with a pair of turbochargers which upped the performance to offering output of 1,073 hp (1,088 PS) and torque at 737 lb.-ft. (1,000 Nm).

This allows this version to attain a top speed of 214 mph (345 km/h) with acceleration from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) attained in merely 2.69 seconds. With this level of performance, DMC made sure that it would have the visuals to go with it. To do so, the tuner had to come up with a body kit that has no boundaries. Since cost was never a problem, the kit included redesigned side skirts and put in a new diffuser. A bumper and splitter were installed on the front to give it a more poised look. The addition of the adjustable wing serves as tribute to the Countach.

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