DMC Toro or how to enhance styling, performance of Lamborghini Gallardo

Article by Anita Panait, on May 16, 2012

German tuner DMC is adding another Lamborghini vehicle to its collection of tuned luxury cars, the latest being the Lamborghini Gallardo. DMC is now offering its latest styling and performance package especially customized for the Gallardo. DMC is offering a new body kit made of pure carbon fiber. The carbon fiber body kit includes a front lip spoiler that stretches the Gallardo, giving the vehicle an aggressive look while supporting downforce on the front axle.

The carbon fiber body kit also includes side panels and side diffusers that render the car wider, making the Gallardo more stable on the road. The kit also includes a carbon fiber rear spoiler wing on the top, and a larger carbon fiber rear diffuser on the bottom. The rear spoiler and diffuser work to improve the Gallrdo aerodynamics.

A set of 20-inch forged rims that come with a special coating give the Lamborghini Gallardo a stunning look that matches its carbon fiber body. These very light yet very strong wheels are available in sizes 9,5Jx20 (235/30ZR20) at the front axle and 13J20 (325/25ZR20) at the rear. Done with the looks and body works, DMC also made sure that the tuned Lamborghini Gallardo will perform much better than the production version.

The German tuner installed an electronically upgraded DMC Toro engine that offers up to 427 kW / 580 PS inn output and up to 575 NM torque. The upgraded DMC engine also now offers a top speed of 330 km/h.

The engine is coupled with a new sport titanium exhaust system that creates a brutal new sound and adds 20 PS to power. DMC tuned the Lamborghini Gallardo into a car that epitomizes power, stability and style. The tuned Gallardo follows the 2011GT Murcielago and the Molto Veloce Aventador as some of Lamborghini models that were modified by DMC.

A Lamborghini will always be a super efficient sports car. Its superb sensuality is built on performance, accuracy and spontaneous functionality. A Lamborghini's style is of purist, stark strength. This identity of the Lamborghini is being constantly improved by the Centro Stile in each new vehicle. Therefore the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 shows the accurate lines and neat surface edges in its particularly minimalist style.

The development of new form consistently follows the needs of functionality: the latest design of the LP 560-4's front keeps it very stable to the ground which adds to the efficiency of the car in terms of aerodynamics. The bigger and clearly pristine cooling intakes meet the requirements of the augmented power of the engine therefore increasing the circulation of air which is important to a car that is as strong as this. The spoiler, situated between the air intakes, makes for better aerodynamic efficiency and performance at top speeds.

Characteristic LED - Daytime running light

The latest headlights have a distinct 'daytime' running light connected to the Bi-Xenon lamps: 15 LED lights have been installed in a Y structure. The same style can be seen also in the tail lights at the rear. The design of the brake and stop lights has been derived from the Miura Concept, the Reventón and the Murciélago LP640 and displays the Y structure three times.

The totally reinvented back of the car gives the vehicle an identity which is powerful yet elegant with air cooling vents, rear lights, diffuser and bumper positioned strategically on the exterior of the car. These make the LP560-4 look really wide and low as if hooked on the road. To add to those, the streamlined covers the right and left of the engine hood, emphasizing the strong shoulders and elongated lines of the latest Gallardo.

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