Fostla does the Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI (W218)

Article by Christian A., on June 2, 2014

If you don’t find your Mercedes-Benz CLS too attractive then you better pay a visit to Fostla as they just unveiled their tuning programme for the well-known four-door coupe. According to the official press release, the car you see in the photos is a Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI W218 and it comes with a new Prior-Design PB550 Black Edition aerodynamic kit.

The new kit consists of a new front bumper, front fenders, side sills, a rear trunk lip and a new rear bumper with integrated air diffuser. In addition, there is a red applique on the front lip and diffuser bar. Moreover, there are tinted discs, headlights and the rear lights.

The vehicle can be lowered or raised thanks to a new lowering module controlled using the steering wheel. The engine was upgraded too with some help from PP-Performance and as a result, it delivers 310 hp (a 45 hp increase) and from 620 to 700 Nm of torque.

The design of the car is completed by the full foliation with PWF-foil in Bond-Gold-Matt-Metallic as well as by the 20-inch CVT wheels from Vossen, powder coated in matt gold.

Furthermore, there are four exhaust tailpipes taken from a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series. If you like this vehicle, you’d better know that the upgrade costs 16.000 euros.

The instrument panel support of the new Mercedes CLS and its “wrap-around effect” are truly eye-catching. Just as striking is the multifunction 3-spoke steering wheel which comes in a new design and that uses Nappa leather. Customers can choose between almond beige or black for the steering wheel. Offered as an option is the steering wheel with a wood-and-leather finish.

Optional as well is the AMG Sports package whose sporty steering wheel has on its lower region a flattened wreath. The brand did reveal that the two steering wheel options will have 12 multi-function keys to allow the driver to control the vehicle’s infotainment functions. The cockpit itself is stylish having two color displays and three round dials.

However, the new Mercedes CLS is not just about design. With the generous interior measurements, the body is able to pamper all of the occupants. Compared to the previous model, this new version has an additional 8 mm for its elbow room in the front and 21 mm for the back. The shoulder room of this four-door coupé is larger as well, by 21 mm on the front and 13 mm on the rear.

The main reason for this additional space is that the proportions of the body are greater than its predecessor. This new CLS is longer by 29 mm, wider by 8 mm, and higher by 13 mm. The wheelbase now measures 2,874 mm, an additional of 20 mm. Boot capacity meanwhile is measured to be 520 liters. Offered with this model is the EASY-PACK quickfold.

Thus it makes this new model the first CLS-Class vehicle from Mercedes-Benz to have such a feature. This additional feature is optional for the backrest of the rest seat, which itself can fold in a 1/3:2/3 proportion. With a maximum of 19 various areas around the car to secure and store objects, it becomes easy and quick to house smaller objects.

An optional extra as well is the EASY-PACK comfort box. This is placed on the boot and gives owners more stowage space. When needed, this box be pulled out and then folded down. When there is a need to keep, it is simply folded flat and then placed under the vehicle’s parcel shelf.

Because the base is flexible, the volume can vary from a low of 7 liters and all the way to 55 liters. In terms of weight, the boot can carry a maximum of 10 kilograms. Should full capacity be ever needed, the box, despite 530 mm wide, can be easily detached from the vehicle’s boot without ever needing any tools.

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