G-Power does the 2011 Bmw M3 GTS

Article by Christian A., on May 23, 2011

Everyone has high expectations for what the tuning specialists of G-Power have prepared for BMW’s M3 GTS. The base car of the M3 GTS has a lightweight body and delivers up to 450hp, making it comparable to some Porsches. The stock model could be considered one of the best 3-Series models of the present generation. It’s believed that three units of this model were taken in by G-Power.

By installing the “Sporty Drive” supercharger system, the model’s performance received a boost from 450 hp to 635 hp and 630 Nm of torque, due to the ASA supercharger that was featured in the ALPINA B5S, B6S and B7S models as well as in the ALPINA B6 GT3. G-Power also made use of lightweight, all-titanium exhaust system, which significantly reduced the exhaust back pressure.

To adjust to the supercharged setup, the ECU system also needed to be reworked. BMW had already reduced the weight of the M3 GTS drastically but G-Power was able to lower it further by using a carbon-fiber airbox. G-Power boasts that its package includes a loud exhaust and it also ensures that it has an output of 635hp.

This allows the G-Power M3 GTS to sprint from a standstill to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.2 seconds and from 0-200 km/h (124 mph) in 11.9 seconds. It boasts of reaching a top speed of 323 km/h (200.7 mph).

The German car journal “sport auto” clocked these figures when it tested the G-POWER M3 GTS. These data were published on May 20. The 635 hp G-POWER SK II supercharger system is priced at EUR23,500 (exclusive of taxes and installation costs).

The all new BMW M3 GTS is an appealing contender for the attention of motorsport lovers. The BMW M3 GTS is being manufactured in a unique way so that the car delivers extreme power and performance. The car has received plenty of refinements on its drivetrain, suspension, body of the car and interior design. One of the most outstanding benefits of acquiring a BMW vehicle is that the customer can work with talented automobile mechanics to create the car’s design. The BMW M3 GTS, which is based on the BMW M3 Coupé, will have its market launch in the Spring of 2010. The new car is an embodiment of the tradition of the former generation of BMW M3. It keeps its racing car identity but it also comes with many modernized features to ensure that the user gets a great and a comfortable driving experience, with a touch of luxury. Nevertheless, its sports potential has been upgraded. The modifications enhance both the performance of the car and the safety of the passenger.

Consistent Lightweight Technology

One of the most outstanding elements of the BMW M3 GTS is the use of a lightweight technology in manufacturing the car. Making it ideal for Clubsport racing are its flexible aerodynamic units, bigger engine size, and the higher output from its V8 high speed power unit. Along with the suspension technology, the car becomes a product with high efficiency and durability.

As per the DIN standards, the unladen weight is less than 1500kg (3,300 lb). In addition to that, this fine body is manufactured with six point seat belts and a roll cage fixed behind the B-pillar. The BMW M3 GTS has a unique design, top performance, high-quality and lightweight materials and a range of exclusive equipment, providing an authentic racing experience. The carbon-fibre roof is a standard feature in the BMW M3 GTS. The performance of the car is being boosted by the titanium silencers and the centre console of the car is very light. In addition, this model is improved with its special door linings, absence of rear seats, its use of air conditioning and audio system. It even has customized sound insulation exclusively built for this model.

Press Release

G-Power BMW M3 GTS

The strongest BMW M3 GTS is now even stronger and more efficient – improved G-POWER GTS SK II GTS „Sporty Drive“ TU supercharger system with now 650 hp. Similar to the BMW AG G-POWER, the number one in supercharging, has performed a complex program for the G-POWER M3 supercharger systems to increase its efficiency. The result shows the long-standing experience and the technical expertise of the G-POWER engineering department. Next to the three supercharger systems SK I, SK II and SK II CS for the standard BMW M3, the system for the BMW M3 GTS has now been modified in the course of the GPOWER „Efficiency Program“.

G-POWER M3 GTS with GTS SK II „Sporty Drive“ TU supercharger system

• 650 hp / 478 kW at 7.800 rpm (+ 200 PS / 147 kW)

• 630 Nm 3.900 rpm + 190 Nm

• V-max: 323 km/h

• 0-100 km/h: 4,1s

• 0-200 km/h: 11,8s

• G-POWER SK II „Sporty Drive“ TU supercharger system:

€ 23.500,00 Euro (net) plus installation

Nomen est omen. The “TU” in the name of the G-POWER SK II “Sporty Drive” TU supercharger systems is standing for “technical update” and it indicates that the well-known and proven G-POWER M3 supercharger systems are available with a technical optimized 2013 version. Following the systems for the standard BMW M3’s the system for the BMW M3 GTS has now been updated, too. The revisions have been made in order to enhance the power output, to simplify the system’s installation and are the results of a continuous quality improvement process.

The product launch has been preceded by extensive CAD engineering, complemented with virtual computational fluid dynamics analysis (CFD analysis) and intensive test driving. All components of the air intake and the fuel supply system have been developed from scratch or extensively revised based on our many years of experience. The modified air intake is now housing a larger racing air filter that provides for an enlarged air mass flow and at the same time is more durable and dust resistant. The additional air mass, that is provided by the new air intake, allows the use of the ASA T1-523 supercharger compared to the ASA T1-522 supercharger used until now. An additional fuel pump system with ECU for a map controlled activation completes the modification of the hardware. Moreover, thanks to the complete redevelopment of the air intake, its overall part count has been optimized, further simplifying the installation of the M3 “Sporty Drive” TU supercharger system. The modification of the standard ECU software to the new parameters of the forced induction has been completely reworked and optimized in the course of the upgrade process and is now based on the latest software version of BMW.

In the end the output is now increased by an additional 15 hp compared to the existing output enhancement. More important to the customer than the naked figures, however, is the power delivery – i.e. the experience generated by the additional output. The key here is the term “Sporty Drive”. In the specification for every tuning program undertaken by G-POWER, this aspect is afforded the same priority as the target power increase itself. The very first thing you notice behind the wheel of a BMW M3 GTS with a G-POWER “Sporty Drive” TU supercharger system is the extremely sporty throttle response. Every input from the gas pedal is translated immediately into forward propulsion, without the lag usually associated even with modern turbocharged engines. The driver’s command is proportionally and instantaneously implemented. One further characteristic of mechanical supercharging using the ASA radial supercharger is the outstanding torque in the middle of the rev range, which is particularly impressive during overtaking manoeuvres. This lively response from midrange revs increases continuously until engine speed peaks, which is also where maximum boost pressure is achieved. The acceleration experience is akin to being fired from a catapult.

In sheer numbers: the standard sprints from 0-100 km/h and 0-200 km/h are completed in 4.1s and 11.8s. Even more impressive: from 100 km/h to 200 km/h it takes the G-POWER M3 GTS 2.2s less than the standard M3 GTS. Top speed is 323 km/h. Of course the negative acceleration is in the focus of G-POWER, as well. The G-POWER braking system with six respectively four brake pistons bytes into mighty up to 396 mm in diameter Ceramic-Carbon brake discs. The high performance braking system for the G-POWER M3 GTS has been exclusively designed together with Mov’it according to the specifications of G-POWER in order to match the performance and top speed of the G-POWER M3 GTS. With this set-up, the G-POWER braking system always provides maximum brake force and the braking point remains precise in any case. In addition the G-POWER ceramic braking system reduces the unsprung mass by 50% percent, compared to a system with steel brake discs. Accordingly the cornering and road handling is improved significantly.

In order to ensure that this extra power is delivered safely to the road, G-POWER recommends a combination of the G-POWER 20-inch SILVERSTONE CS wheel set with Michelin tyres measuring 255/30 ZR 20 on the front and 295/25 ZR 20 on the rear axle. Further modifications to the series-production suspension of the BMW M3 GTS were not undertaken, as the standard M-GmbH setup already guarantees perfect balance and raceready handling. It was only the shortage of power that was preventing faster lap times. With 650 hp, the hunt for lap time records is now on.

The price for the 650 hp strong G-POWER GTS SK II „Sporty Drive“ TU supercharger system for the BMW M3 GTS is € 23.500,00 (net) plus installation. The G-POWER 20 inch SILVERSTONE CS forged wheel set is € 7.437,00 (net) and the G-POWER ceramic breaking system for the front axle is € 14.460,00 (net), respectively € 11.778,00 (net) for the rear axle.

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