G-Power Hurricane CS based on the Bmw M6

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

When G-POWER engineers began designing the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS, the goal was to build what would be BMW’s greatest car. To get this particular project under way, the engineers chose the BMW M6 to form the foundation considering that it is presently the brand’s most exclusive model.

Combining this with the advanced products offered by G-POWER, they were able to make an excellent sports car. Powering the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS is the twin-supercharger V10 SK III RS engine that can deliver 750 hp / 552 kW. With this, it is able to reach a 367,4 km/h maximum speed, ensuring this car’s spot in the super car group.

Other features include a Carbon-Ceramic break system, a suspension kit that can be adjusted individually, and the multipart widebody kit. There is of course the G-POWER 21-inch wheels that come with the MICHELIN tyres. In order to develop the M6 HURRICANE CS, G-POWER also used the M5 HURRICANE RS as a basis considering that it holds the world record for being the fastest sedan.

As such, not only was the V10 used but the twin supercharger system was even redesigned. Most standard systems for example use the ASA T1-313 superchargers, both of which are belt-driven and provide a rush of air for each cylinder bank. For the M6 HURRICANE CS however, the ASA T1-316 models, which are larger, were used.

The benefit is that it increases the volume of the air by as much as 25% and only using a fraction of the engine. The air volume that the chargers offer could hypothetically be enough for more than 900 hp of power output. The superchargers have pre-compressed air that has been cooled to have optimum power yield through a water-to-air dualflow intercooler painted with the G-POWER orange.

In addition, this particular feature replaced the stock airbox that is usually seen above the engine. Since this cast-aluminum part is close to the engine, it creates an immediate throttle response similar to that of a production engine with the exception that it offers more torque. The mechanism of this four-valve ten-cylinder engine has been optimized by using the forged Mahle highperformance pistons that help lower compression.

Furthermore, they have been matched for weight and are even stronger compared to the production versions. Even the piston rods and pins seen in production models have been replaced as well with special parts that are able to handle the higher forces present.

By augmenting how the engine electronics are mapped, it increases the 750 hp / 552 kW power which is available from 7,500 rpm to 8,000 rpm. Maximum torque delivered by the engine is 800 Nm at 5,000 rpm. In addition to having 370 km/h of maximum speed, the acceleration of the almost two-ton G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS is also at the top of its segment.

It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in under 4.4 seconds and it takes only 9.6 seconds to get from 0 to 200 km/h. From standstill to 300 km/h, it takes 26 seconds. With a 370 km/h top speed and a weight of two tons, it is expected that the tires experience tremendous demands.

To support this pressure, the M6 HURRICANE CS has the light-alloy G-POWER wheels with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires sized 255/35 ZR 19 for the front and 305/30 ZR 19 for its rear. These are the only tires that can handle this amount of stress. However when used for everyday driving, there is the option to use the Silverstone Diamond 21-inch wheels.

The front tires meanwhile are sized 255/30 ZR 21 while the rear tires measure 295/25 ZR 21. The reason for this is that under this scenario, the maximum speed of the M6 HURRICANE CS has been limited to 340 km/h. This street-legal BMW has the aerodynamic properties aside from being equipped with what may be the brand’s most powerful engine.

As such, the body kit has to be able to cope with this power. For instance, it has to have enough down force in order to make sure that the M6 HURRICANE CS can exceed 300 km/h and transform the BMW M6 to a super sports car. This is also the reason why the wide body kit is composed purely of carbon fiber.

With this, it can provide more cooling air aside from creating the needed downforce. The wide body kit has a bonnet with vents, front apron, rear aprons with diffusor, wheel arch attachments, rear spoiler wings, and rocker panels. While it improves performance, the G-POWER also made sure that the BMW M6 was lightweight.

The biggest reduction in the weight was the decision to have the exhaust system composed of titan. The result is that the exhaust system is 24 kilograms lighter compared to the standard ones in addition to lowering the back pressure.

The interior was modified as well with the usual front seats replaced with the carbon fiber racing seats. This provides the driver with the support needed against centrifugal forces. Similar to the exhaust system, these seats are lighter and save the M6 HURRICANE CS 24 kilograms.

Press Release

World record: G-POWER introduces fastest BMW Coupe with a top speed of 370 km/h

Creating the ultimate BMW, nothing less was the set target for the G-POWER engineers when they started to designe the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS.

The starting basis for this project is the currently most exclusive model in the BMW product range, the BMW M6. Due to the combination of this fantastic basis with the technical innovative products of G-POWER, it was able to create a sports car of superlatives.

Powered by a V10 SK III RS twin-supercharger engine with 750 hp / 552 kW, which enabled the G-POWER world record car to achieve a top speed of 367,4 km/h, the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS has got what it takes to be a member of the super car league.

Further characteristics of the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS is the multipart widebody kit, the high performance Carbon-Ceramic break system, the individually adjustable suspension kit and last but not least the nifty 21 inch G-POWER wheels with MICHELIN tyres.

After the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS broke the world record for the fastest sedan, G-POWER developed this idea to use this potential to build the world's fastest BMW coupe, the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS.

For this project, the redesigned twin supercharger system of the world record car for the fastrevving V10 was used. Compared to the standard system, both belt-driven ASA T1-313 superchargers, each providing charge air for one cylinder bank, were replaced by larger ASA T1-316 models. They have the capacity to increase the volume of charge air by up to 25 percent but only a fraction of that was utilized in this engine. The air volume these chargers are capable of would theoretically be sufficient for a rated power output in excess of 900 hp.

The pre-compressed air from both superchargers is cooled for maximum power yield in a dualflow water-to-air intercooler painted G-POWER orange. This sophisticated cast-aluminum component replaces the stock airbox above the engine. Because of its close proximity to the engine it produces the same instant throttle response as the production engine, albeit with considerably more torque.

The inner workings of the ten-cylinder four-valve engine are optimized with forged highperformance pistons from Mahle that reduce compression. They have been precisely matched for weight and are much stronger than their production counterparts. The production piston rods and pins also had to make way for special components that can handle the much higher forces.

Further optimized mapping of the engine electronics also contributes to the increased power output of 750 hp / 552 kW, available between 7,500 and 8,000 rpm. The engine delivers its peak torque of 800 Nm at 5,000 rpm.

The G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS sets new performance records not just for top speed with more than 370 km/h. With sprint times of less than 4.4 seconds from rest to 100 km/h, 9.6 seconds to 200 km/h and 26 seconds to 300 km/h the nearly two-ton coupe is at the head of the pack in these categories as well.

Two tons and a top speed of 370 km/h naturally place extreme demands on the tires, which were mounted on G-POWER light-alloy wheels. Technology partner Michelin provided highperformance Pilot Sport PS2 tires in sizes 255/35 ZR 19 in front and 305/30 ZR 19 on the rear axle.

These tires were the only ones capable of handling the extreme stress. In everyday driving the GPOWER M6 HURRICANE CS runs on 21-inch Silverstone Diamond wheels with size 255/30 ZR 21 and 295/25 ZR 21 tires, due to the capacity of the tires the top speed has to be limited to 340 km/h, than.

In addition to the most powerful BMW engine ever to power a street-legal BMW, favorable aerodynamic properties were of elementary importance. The needed body kit has to fulfill to function at once. First of all it has to generate enough down force to keep the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS on the ground at speeds of more than 300 km/h and secondly it responsible for transform the standard BMW M6 into a super sports car.

That is why G-POWER designed a unique widebodykit made entirely from carbon fibre. In addition to producing the desired downforce it is also designed to supply much more cooling air. It consists of front apron, bonnet with vents, rocker panels, wheel arche attachments, rear aprons with diffusor and a rear spoiler wing.

At the same time G-POWER puts the BMW M6 on a diet and makes it lose weight bit by bit. The biggest share is taken by the G-POWER complete exhaust system made entirely form titan which lets the dynamic back pressure drop just like the weight. 24 kg are saved compared to the standard exhaust system.

In the vehicle interior G-POWER switches the standard front seats against racing seats made from carbon fibre, which ensure a perfect support for the drive in its fight against the centrifugal forces. Of course these seats are lighter than the standard seats as well and again the M6 has lost 24 kg.

Weight neutral, but not without effects is the G-POWER suspension package CLUBSPORT. It optimizes the road handling of the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS to perfection and is consisting of the continuously height-adjustable G-POWER coil-over RS suspension with nine selectable settings each for bound and rebound and the G-POWER anit-roll-bar kit for front and rear axle.

The option list of the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS ends with a true highlight: a Carbon-Ceramic break system with 6-piston calibres and brake discs with 380 mm in diameter. This heavy duty brake system delivers declaration rates beyond the gravity on a constant rate and at the same time are 50% lighter than the standard brakes.

The standout cockpit of the G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS features a speedometer with 400-km/h scale, clear-coated carbon-fiber panels for dash, center console and doors, as well as an ergonomically shaped G-POWER sport steering wheel with especially pleasant perforated Kjerba Nappa leather.

The G-POWER M6 HURRICANE CS can be ordered as a complete car starting at 360.000 Euros.

G-POWER was founded in 1983 and concentrates exclusively on the tuning of BMW automobiles.

The company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008. Today it is among the most reputable brands in the global tuning market. G-POWER sets itself apart from the competition with the most powerful important BMW engines developed in-house.

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